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The Role of Media in Criminal Proceeding
Šudrychová, Šarlota ; Pelc, Vladimír (advisor) ; Heranová, Simona (referee)
1 The role of media in criminal proceeding Abstract The thesis deals, as the name implies, with the role of the media in criminal proceedings, both theoretically and practically. The work contains a lot of examples primarily through the case-law presented. Chapter one is titled "Power of Media". It deals with the emergence of this concept and the history of the media in our country. It also focuses on the potential threat to media power, through purchasing of mass media, and murder of journalists and media workers. The second chapter deals first with one of the basic principles of criminal proceedings, namely the principle of the public; the second part deals with the principle of the presumption of innocence. The third chapter briefly focuses on the media's access to proceedings. The conclusion of the chapter is devoted to the controversy over online reports from the courtroom and their possible regulation by judges. The fourth chapter deals with providing information on criminal proceedings. Apart from legislation, it also offers a view of the case law of the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court and the principles of the European Court of Human Rights. The fifth chapter deals with the editorial secret, with particular emphasis on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. The...
Dětští mediální hrdinové
This bachelor thesis focuses on children's media heroes. Semi-structured interviews with selected children from ages six to twelve from elementary school in Kardašova Řečice were used for the research. Twenty one children participated in the research were answering questions about favorite heroes, watching TV, reading books or playing computer games. The primary purpose of this thesis was to determine what media heroes children choose, for what reason and where the heroes come from. The secondary purpose are the topics arising from the interviews with children, media consumption by children in general, its possible risk, pertinent regulation by parents and so on.
Učitelé a mediální výchova
This thesis deals with the issue of media education and teachers who teach the class. The first part of the thesis is devoted to a theoretical definition of the cross-curricular theme of media education, its historical development and the gradual establishment of the topic in Czech curriculum and the subsequent introduction into schools in the form of a cross-sectional topic that concerns grammar schools and not only them. Attention is paid to textbooks, publications and Internet links and courses available to teachers. Part of the attention is devoted to the latest research on this topic. The research part of the thesis presents the results of my qualitative research, which outlines patterns of approaches, opinions and attitudes of media education teachers at selected grammar schools in South Bohemia. The thesis deals with the question of who are the teachers, who teach media education, whether they are already prepared for this topic from the university, or whether they had to educate themselves and what are their most frequent approvals. Only recent university graduates, unlike their older colleagues, have had the opportunity to become acquainted with media education in their higher education. Their older colleagues did not have it so easy and had to deal with this task and topic during their teaching. There are different views on media education among young and senior teachers. As a rule, every young teacher is enthusiastic and positively perceives the importance of media education.
Sport addiction
This thesis is dedicated to the issue of addiction to sport and physical activities. The theoretical part includes introducing and highlights of this problem and the circumstances associated with it (the reasons for healthy lifestyle, relaxation, the influence of social networks and the media to human beings). Then I described the signs of addiction to addictive substances and adapted them to addiction to sport (also focused to treatment and prevention). The last chapter of this thesis was the ethical issue of this topic. The practical part had the main goal (using the poll) to find out whether it is possible to create addiction on sport and physical activities and whether it is characterized by the same signs as addiction to addictive substances. I also try to find out the athletes' expectations and the reasons why they are exercising - health reasons, beautiful body or just to be fit.
Developement of storytelling skills in preschoolers with the use of short film
Engaging and attractive media content is being exposed to young children since an early age. However, the impact of the media on their development is questionable. There are certain ways how to use media in order to have a positive impact on child's development If reasonable ways of handling media are found. Bachelor thesis addresses the use of digital media, film, in a nursery and aims to develop storytelling skills in preschoolers via the use of a short film. The study concludes, that there can be detected some improvements in storytelling skills of preschoolers by means of the program with the use of short films.
Tendencies in the Usage of 'Anglicisms' in Contemporary Czech Media
Skálová, Zuzana ; Richterová, Jana (advisor) ; Ženíšek, Jakub (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the occurrence of anglicisms in articles published from 2009 to 2018 in the Czech newspaper, Lidové noviny. The main aim is to distinguish whether the amount of anglicisms used in these articles has increased over the years. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is focused on the explanation of the term anglicism, the history of its usage, its assimilation into the Czech language, and the usage of anglicisms in current communication. The introduction into the matter is executed by exploring the global influence of the English language by showing the extent of language borrowings from English. Other word-formation processes are listed alongside to illustrate the significance of lexical borrowing in terms of a language word-stock enrichment. The practical part is based on a research conducted by analyzing articles on the topic of politics in terms of their richness in anglicisms. The research was conducted using quantitative and qualitative methods. The aim of the analysis is also to determine whether the usage of a specific anglicism is necessary or whether it could be replaced by synonyms of other than English origin. The suitability of the anglicisms found in the articles is evaluated. A comparative analysis of the...
The United Kingdom Independence Party media representation in selected British media between the years 2014 and 2016
Rukavička, Tomáš ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
This thesis analyzes media representation of the United Kingdom Independence Party between the years 2014 and 2016 in selected British media where it follows keywords used by these medias in the articles about the party and whether these themes can be identified as key topics in the context of media-generated frame and where, based on these frames, place these medias the party in the political spectrum of the United Kingdom. Despite the brief history of the United Kingdom Independence Party, the work contains chapters about right-wing populism and Euroscepticism. This is followed by an analysis of selected British media based on four keywords. The media, which have been used for the analysis were The Guardian, The Telegraph and BBC News. The chosen keywords were - Euroscepticism, immigration, criticism of the political system (antiestablishment) and organizational change within the party. It examines the 50 most relevant articles with these keywords from 2014-2016 and the tendency of thir usage. The result is an analysis of the frequency of these topics, showing the development, with the result, that they have been identified as the basic themes that all the three media use in the articles about the party. Second result is an overview of what media frames of a party were created and where these...
Protection of personal rights and the name of an individual and protection of good reputation, trade name and privacy of legal entities in media including analysis of judgements
Rozmánková, Anna ; Křesťanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Holcová, Irena (referee)
Protection of personality rights of individuals and the protection of reputation, name and privacy of legal persons in media, including case law analysis Abstract The thesis deals with the issue of protection of personality rights of individuals as well as personal rights of legal persons in media. Current decision-making practice of the European Court of Human Rights and Czech courts shall be considered as integral to this thesis. The thesis analyses not only theoretical questions relating personality rights of individuals and personal rights of legal persons, but it also reflects practical repercussions on legal remedies. It focuses mainly on reasonable compensation, defamation as well as the right to reply and supplementary statement. With regard to theme's timeliness the thesis also reflects on legal framework of exemption from internet service provider's liability in so-called new media under the Act No. 480/2004 Sb., about Certain Services of Information Companies, as subsequently amended. The thesis is divided into seven chapters and thematically related subheadings, and its introduction and final part. The first chapter defines the essential terms relating personality rights, personal rights and media. The second chapter provides the overview of relevant sources of law. The third chapter defines...
Directing and control of regional media in Czechoslovakia in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century based on the example of media reflection of culture events in Pardubice district
Skalecká, Veronika ; Končelík, Jakub (advisor) ; Orság, Petr (referee) ; Felcman, Ondřej (referee)
This dissertation thesis addresses the history of public relations of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia in Pardubice district. It is focussed at the period of so-called normalization. Firstly, it discusses the historical context of the time for understanding the crisis of the system in 70s and 80s. The first chapters describe so-called Prague spring and military invasion in August 1968. Next chapters stress changes in politics and media after the election of Gustáv Husák to become First Secretary of the Communist Party in April, 1969. The second part of text is case study about Pardubice district. The main topic of dissertation thesis are newspaper of Pardubice district - Zář. But there are also chapters about radio, factory newspaper, regional Union of Czech Journalists or College in Pardubice and editors of student magazine. In the second part of case study attention is focussed on cultural section of newspaper Zář and its main topics - for example political anniversaries and the role of culture. In cultural section I analyze which information and how they were, or were not presented to public. Supervision and control over the media content was one of the main regime's tools to take over the culture area and its presentation.

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