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RaspberryPI camera checker
Bubeník, Martin ; Janáková, Ilona (referee) ; Honec, Peter (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the industrial inspection of correctly made connectors based on computer recognition, and the detection and recognition application is implemented in Python on the Raspberry Pi platform.The work uses empirically known OpenCV library for recognition. The work also deals with the selection of suitable hardware devices, which are a camera with a lens and an illuminator, from which is created one compact device together with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The compact device is further mounted on the designed mechanical structure under which is created inspection zone. Finally, Raspberry Pi has a web-based user interface to check the inspection and the interface to write the data to the database.
Problems from mechanics for electronic collection of solved problems
Šenar, Jakub ; Mandíková, Dana (advisor) ; Drozd, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: Problems from mechanics for electronic collection of solved problems Author: Jakub Šenar Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Dana Mandíková, CSc., Department of Physics Education Abstract: The assignment of the bachelor work was to create tasks from mechanics for an electronic collection of solved problems. The thematic field is deformation of continuum and elasticity from the point of view of a secondary school and the academic introductory course for physics teachers. 16 structured tasks were created. Eleven of them are on undergraduate difficulty level, three on advanced upper secondary school level and two on upper secondary school level. Each of the tasks includes an assignment, an analysis, structured hints, detailed commented solution and an answer. The work also includes a defining of the issues, an aim of the work and its structure. There is no absent of an overview of curriculum which is discussed in the given topic at a secondary school and a university course for physics teachers at MFF UK, and a brief introduction of the electronic collection of solved problems. Theoretical introduction to deformation of continuum is also included. A conclusion will prove what was achieved in the work. A part of the work is also a supplement in the form of a CD with all created...
Mechanical/Physical Simulation of Solid Objects
Bureš, Jaroslav ; Maršík, Lukáš (referee) ; Široký, Adam (advisor)
This work deals with simulation of launching a golf ball. Here are described simulation techniques which can be used for computer simulations. In addition, physical laws are discussed, that need to be understood to create a valid golf ball launch model. These include aerodynamic laws for calculating ball's flight trajectory, as well as events occurring while ball moves on the ground. After this is analyzed implementation of the program using C++ and OpenGL graphics library. The work is completed with comparison of measured simulation results with analytical solution and values of other applications.
Kinetic object
In this bachelor thesis the kinetic art is introduced. It is split into two parts one is theoretical and the other one is practical. There is an analysis of the kinetic art in the theoretical part where the origins of this art are described and are followed by its development through ages. After that the European point of view and a list of the most significant artists who influenced this movement the most is given. This thesis focuses on Vratislav Karel Novák, a famous czech artist, who contributed to the development of kinetic sculptures in the Czech Republic. In the practical part a 3D object built from exchangeable parts is presented as well as sketches of those parts.
Students' problem solving strategies explored by eye-tracking method
Jakubská, Iva ; Kekule, Martina (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on exploring students' problem solving strategies. The tasks used in the research included tasks from the R-FCI test. 35 students participated in the research that was based on the eye-tracking method. Students' eye movements were tracked by camera Tobii TX300 during the problem solving periods. Qualitative analysis was then performed based on the data obtained by the research. Comparison between students who provided the correct and incorrect answers was carried out. Correctly answering students solved tasks faster than incorrectly answering students. Also they focused on relevant information in the tasks and the choice of correct answers was easier for them. Another step of the research was to analyze some students' problem solving strategies in depth. All materials that were used for the analysis were generated by the program Tobii Studio 3.2., and are enclosed in the appendix.
Solved problems in mechanics
Jungová, Michaela ; Mandíková, Dana (advisor) ; Kácovský, Petr (referee)
Title: Solved problems in mechanics Author: Michaela Jungová Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Dana Mandíková, CSc., Department of Physics Education Abstract: A set of tasks presented in this thesis is related to fluid mechanics and gravity field. The tasks were created for the electronic collection of solved problems in physics. Overall, fifteen tasks were created and are available on the website: The tasks include detailed structured solutions inclusive of images and help. Problems, aims, and structure are defined in the introduction. An overview of the curriculum, which discusses the topic of the elementary, middle and high school, is presented in the second chapter. The third chapter is devoted to several collections of tasks concerning the discussed issue. A brief general characteristic of the electronic collection, description of technical solution of tasks and the own contribution are contained in the fourth chapter. To this chapter, an appendix with examples of five tasks is attached. The results are summarized in the conclusion. The work is supplemented with a CD, which contains all the created tasks and the text of the thesis. Keywords: fluid mechanics, gravity field, electronic collection of tasks
Mutual interaction of multiple cracks growing in the particulate composite with brittle matrix under conditions of sub-critical crack growth
Slávik, Ondrej ; Ševeček, Oldřich (referee) ; Majer, Zdeněk (advisor)
In the first part of the submitted diploma thesis, the knowledge in the sphere of the fracture mechanics, related to the practice part of this thesis are summarized. In that the 2D parametrical numerical model of the particle composite with multiple cracks was created, using the finite elements method. Thanks to this model it is possible to find specific configurations which are showing the existance of multiple mutual interactions between these cracks, just by simple manipulation of the input data. In the calculations the influence of the residual stresses was considered which are formed during production of the material. The effect of the subcritical crack growth was taken into account as well in this thesis.
Solved problems in mechanics
Soukup, Marek ; Mandíková, Dana (advisor) ; Žák, Vojtěch (referee)
: In terms of the thesis an electronic collection of solved problems was created. The solved problems embrace the mechanics of solid object theme. There are total 17 of solved problems in the collection. The problems cover the level from secondary school to introductory university lectures on classical mechanics. The problems are selected from existing collection and publications. Every problem contains an assigment, a structured help. a detailed solution and a result. In the first part of the thesis a problem and an aim of the thesis are specified. Next, the overview of the subject matter which is teached in primary schools, secondary schools and at university follows. The common schoolbooks are also described. The last part of the thesis describes the characteristics, the technical solution, the structure and the content of the electronic collection of solved problems. In the conclusion the results of work and the future perspective are summerized. An attachment includes 5 solved problems. All solved problems and the text of the thesis are included in the electronic form on the enclosed CD.
Modeling of Elastic Mechanisms
Slaný, Jan ; Keršner, Zbyněk (referee) ; Frantík, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with constructing and solving a discrete mechanical model from the point of view of dynamics. As an example of a real-world problem which can be approximated in this way, the dynamical behaviour of a bow and arrow during loose have been chosen. In order to solve this particular type of model, a specialized piece of software has been developed. This method and software have been deployed to simulate shooting a straight bow of specific parametres. Two variants for the shape of the bowstaff have been evaluated.

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