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Specialization of American football players in relation to their somatotype
Botek, Lukáš ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
This thesis Specialization of American football players in relation to their somatotype deals with the differences in somatotypes of American football players in the Czech Republic. Its main aim is to describe the somatotypes of American football players from the side of their player specialization and their participation in the 1st and 2nd league of American football in the Czech Republic. For successful achievement of the main aim are defined partial aims of the thesis, which are primarily to find out the somatotypes of players of all specializations and then to compare these somatotypes from different perspectives. The whole purpose of this description of somatotypes is mainly to identify the role of somatotype on differentiation of players in individual game positions. The sample of this work is made up of 70 probands located across all players' specializations in the 1st and 2nd league of American football in the Czech Republic. Somatic measurements of parameters necessary to determine their somatotypes were used on all subjects. The measured values were processed and statistically analyzed through calculations and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and through somatocharts. The results of this thesis show us somatotypes of players of all specializations, but also differences between somatotypes...
Measurement of (anti)immigration Attitudes from the Methodological Perspective. Quality of Measurement with the Special Focus on Measurement Equivalence
Šarapatková, Anna ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
Opportunities that we have in today's world are sharply evolving, and the world is changing all together with these changes. This development is noticeably observed within the topic of global movement of (not only) population, which has changed fundamentally, both economically, politically and socially. Today's so much diversified form of migration, which has lost its transparency it used to has, is a very up to date and debated topic currently almost all over the world. Because of high importance of the topic "migration" it is often subject of research and number of surveys. One of the most examined area within the topic migration is attitudes of people towards immigration and immigrant, oftentimes together with investigating cause leading to particular attitude. Due to the international reach of the topic, these attitudes are often subject of cross-national research or national research, which, however, use data from international surveys. There is a clear disparity across European states in these attitudes towards immigration and, above all, the immigrants themselves. Given this nature of cross-national surveys measuring attitudes towards immigrants, it is important to focus on the measurement quality, which is becoming increasingly complex in the perspective of international research. It is...
Research of lead-free solder alloys from the viewpoint of thermoelectric voltages
Fries, Lukáš ; Jankovský, Jaroslav (referee) ; Otáhal, Alexandr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the theoretical investigation of the thermoelectric tensions in lead-free solder. The theory introduces the reader to the formation and composition of solder joints, thermoelectric properties and behavior in circuits. Part of the thesis is the design and optimization of the measuring tool for lead-free solder and product samples with measuring.
Test Methods for Evaluation of Radiation Effects in High Precision Analog and Mixed-Signal Devices for Space Applications
Hofman, Jiří ; PhD, Slawosz Uznanski, (referee) ; PhD, Simon Platt, (referee) ; Háze, Jiří (advisor)
The traditional radiation testing of space electronics has been used for more than fifty years to support the radiation hardness assurance. Its typical goal is to ensure reliable operation of the spacecraft in the harsh environment of space. This PhD research looks into the radiation testing from a different perspective; the goal is to develop radiation testing methods that are focused not only on the reliability of the components but also on a continuous radiation-induced degradation of their performance. Such data are crucial for the understanding of the impact of radiation on the measurement uncertainty of data acquisition systems onboard research space missions.
Problems of measurement and evaluation of transient resistance in electrical engineering
Štěpanovský, Libor ; Cipín, Radoslav (referee) ; Veselka, František (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor Thesis is to introduce the revisions to electrical wirings and equipment, to get familiarized with the problems of transient resistance and with measurement of transient resistance in electrical engineering. The first part of the Thesis describes various types of revisions, the procedure to carry out revisions and the methodology that must be followed during the revision. The second part is dedicated to transient resistance. It mentions factors which influence the magnitude of transient resistance, methods used to determine the magnitude of transient resistance and a practical demonstration of a transient resistance measurement.
Measurement of photometric parameters of light sources for interactive panel
Vágner, Richard ; Štěpánek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Škoda, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with measurment of various photometric parameters of light sources designated for interactive board located in the Laboratory of Light VUT FEKT. There is described procedure and processing of photometric and electrical parameters of light sources (incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes and LED lamps). Also there is presented processing method of designing cards that will contain mentioned parameters.
Diagnostic and electric parameter measurement of solid dielectric materials for HV.
Czajtányi, Róbert ; Pelikán, Luděk (referee) ; Krbal, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to get acquainted with the solid dielectric materials and their electrical properties, which are used in the area of high voltage technology. Further aim was to describe the existing diagnostic methods according to the standards and to introduce the measuring workstation. Finally, the measurement of the electrical parameters was performed, and the results were evaluated.
Network tester
Haško, Juraj ; Fujdiak, Radek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The thesis deals with data network testing. The aim of the thesis is to design a methodology for the comprehensive measurement of network transmission parameters and design of the tester concept and realisation by helping to extend the existing JMeter program.
The introduction of metrological procedures for determining the eligibility of gauges in tribology
Rozlílková, Lada ; Harčarík, Matej (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with metrological procedures in determining the capability of measuring instruments in production in a company operating in the field of precision engineering. The main goal of each business is its competitiveness in the industry and the satisfaction of customer. Therefore in companies is a great deal of emphasis on modernizing and optimizing the production process, logistics, and reducing the enviromental impact. The customer's demands are constantly increasing and that is why the accuracy of the product is emphasized. So it is not only necessary to produce the product correctly and accurately, but also to check its quality, whether it fits within the given tolerances and meets the customer's requirements.
Experimental investigation of warm-up time of thermal manikin for thermal equilibrium with surrounding environment
Dočekal, Martin ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is focus on experimental investigation of warm-up time of Newton type thermal manikin for thermal equilibrium with surrounding environment. First chapter describes the theoretical introduction to heat transfer. The main part of the thesis is consisting of experimental measurement of manikin warm-up from various temperatures and additional cooling experiment. During the test stabilization time on the surface and inside the manikin is measured.

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