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Satisfaction of volunteers at running and badminton contests
Starzewski, Viktor ; Pecinová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Satisfaction of volunteers at running and badminton contests Objectives: The main goal of this work is to find out what are levels of volunteer satisfaction in selected marathon and badminton competitions. The methodology of acquiring volunteers and their cooperation with organizers is described before, during and after events. Based on data obtained from multiple forms of questionnaires, the characteristics of volunteering within organizing coordinators are defined. Secondary task of the work is to develop a recommendation based on research, which would help the organizers to increase efficiency of cooperation with volunteers. Methods: In this work is used quantitative method through electronic questionnaire and qualitative in a form of interview. The method of analysis is applied in case of theoretical background. Results: The research results point out to clear differences between volunteers in large and small projects. On the other hand, mutually common features may be also found. Comparing the results of both researches is discussed and described in an analytical part, which includes the formulation of recommendations for both subjects. Keywords: volunteering, volunteer, running, marathon, badminton, sports events
Analysis of the performance in the men's marathon run from 1945 to the present in the Czech Republic
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the development of the performance of Czech competitors on the marathon track. The aim of the thesis was to find out how the performance of our marathon runners evolved over time and whether the marathon time scale was rather shortened or extended. In the analytical part, there were first described the basic characteristics of the marathon, such as its history, long-run runner assumptions, training developments, the effect of altitude on performance, or, for example, how the state supports marathon runners and sport. The synthetic part of the thesis contains graphs and tables, obtained from data analysis, which were obtained in tables and in athletics yearbooks. These are very important indicators of marathon performance development. Most of the graphs shows that performance has risen since the start of the period under review until the 1990s. In the first half of the period under review, Czech athletes were most supported by the state and the way for their success was more supported by the state than in the second half. The loss of support after the fall of the Communist Party was one of the reasons why we do not currently have a marathon runner who is approaching a new Czech record. In conclusion, it is worthwhile to support a broader base of athletes, where a strong individual sportman can occur who will succeed on the international scene.
Evaluation of the most frequent injuries of marathon runners
Junová, Hana ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Title: Evaluation of the most frequent injuries of marathon runners Objectives: The main objective of this research is to evaluate the most common injuries in marathon runners. The research is focused on amateur long-distance runners of both sexes from 23 years of age. Another goal is to analyze the possible causes and factors that influence injuries. Methods: In the diploma thesis, the method of literary research and the method of questioning is used. Theoretical knowledge is drawn from both domestic and foreign literature. Data for analytical evaluation are obtained using a non-standardized questionnaire filled in running races - Libouchecky ultramaraton and Jirkovsky crossmaraton. Total of 156 questionnaires were obtained, 122, of which 61 % were included for analytical evaluation. The IBM SPSS analytics program and Microsoft Excel 2016 is used for data analysis. Results: Study showed that 61 out of the total 122 runners were injured, which is 50 % of respondents. Of these were 23 women and 38 men. Research confirmed two hypotheses out of five. The statistically significant relationship between the cause of the injury and the sex has been confirmed. It has also been confirmed that the distance runners of both sexes and age categories are most susceptible to knee injury injuries. The most common...
Sale support of adidas products
Štáhlová, Zuzana ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Omcirk, Vilém (referee)
Title: Sale support of adidas products Goal: The aim of the bachelor thesis is the analysis of sales support adidas products, which takes place in the two largest and most important running races by RunCzech project. The second aim is to create proposal for sale support in 2015. Methods: In this thesis was used the qualitative analysis - form of case study. All information about sales and registered runners were obtained by analysing documents. The dependence between results on sales and participants was determined by correlation analysis. Results: The result of this bachelor work is new and modified proposal of sale support in 2015, which is based on the knowledge and results of sale support in 2014. Analysis of sales support in 2014 revealed its target groups, marketability of goods, resulting sales and failings as well. These reveals were used for adjust of sales support in 2015. The major changes will be in adding more attractive forms of sales support and changes in selling products range. Key words: event marketing, promotion, analysis, marathon.
Endurance Training Individualization in Marathon Preparation
Kadeřábek, Bronislav ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Horčic, Josef (referee)
SUMMARY: Title: Endurance Training Individualization in Marathon Preparation Aim: To compile, compare and summarize present knowledge of endurance training; to apply the gained knowledge to marathon distance; to inform about procedures which can be used to individualize, analyze and lead endurance training to reach the highest possible effectiveness; to confirm the validity of theoretical knowledge in practice; to achieve the required performance in a race. Methods: Literature research based on study of available documents; gathering findings from public experts, articles, publications, written and digital resources; laboratory measurements aimed at finding the initial level, creating individual training programme and carrying out continuous assessment. Results: The thesis results in creating individual training programme to achieve the time 3:30:00 in the first city marathon. Partial results of the thesis have the form of protocols from continuous tests carried out in the Laboratory of Sport Motor Activity at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and a training diary. The main result is to achieve the time 3:29:48 in the race. Key words: endurance training, marathon, training management, development, individualization
Communication activities of Prague International Marathon in 2010
Kuzmiak, Michal ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Kopecký, Ladislav (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Communication activities of Prague International Marathon in 2010" focuses on marketing communication of Prague International Marathon between January-December 2010. The purpose of this thesis is to describe and analyze individual tools of communication mix and its use in sport marketing. Thesis also evaluates use of sponsorship, foreign promotion and media feedback.
Marathon tourism
Serafinová, Šárka ; Petrů, Zdenka (advisor) ; Voříšková, Barbora (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the marathon tourism, which gets into the subconscious the Czech runners. The main aim is to assess the growing importance of marathon tourism for the tourism industry and to verify the hypothesis that participants in marathon races provide all the services individually. The theoretical part explains the basic approaches in the field of sports tourism. This part also characterizes the marathon tourism and finds the existence of specialized travel agency. The practical part includes the creation of offers for participation in the marathon race, which is based on the statistical data and survey.
Circumstances reflecting marathon runner´s performance\\
This dissertation focuses on the composition, examination and comparation of the endurance runner's one year training plan. This includes a runner, who competes in a 3.000m to 10.000m run and a half marathon. The dissertation is divided into three parts. The first, theoretical part, is about the history of the marathon, general patterns in endurance training and the factors, that affect the endurance runner's performance. There is also an analysis of the literature used in this disseration regarding endurance run. The second, research part, is aimed at the practical creation of one year training plan. The third part examinates and checks this plan on the basis of its accomplishment and shows the results of the control heats, tests, their graphs and evaluates them.
Analysis of the the running races benefits organized by Prague International Marathon for tourism
Marková, Jana ; Herget, Jan (advisor) ; Sogel, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with the assessment of the sporting events impact. The main aim is to assess the impact of the running races organized by Prague International Marathon objectively and to verify the hypothesis that organizing sporting events can have a positive impact on tourism of the country. The theoretical part explains the basic approaches of sport tourism and deals with the typology of the sporting events. The practical part analyses the impact of the PIM running races on tourism. The aim is to quantify the number of participants, to examine their structure, to calculate the economic impact, to examine media coverage and the social impact of the events.
Marketing analysis of Prague International Marathon races
Mazal, Jan ; Koudelka, Jan (advisor) ; Nečásek, Jiří (referee)
Diploma thesis describes sports marketing in general and the analysis of PIM races and spectator's expectations and satisfaction. It includes analysis of university student segment marketing potential as well.

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