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Veřejně dostupné mapové zdroje a jejich využití pro výuku na základních školách v prostředí ArcGIS
BĚLE, Šimon
The diploma thesis deals with online map sources and the ability of using them in the Geography education on the 2nd grade of primary schools. The main goal is to create two map applications in the ArcGIS and worksheets and the possibility of applying them into the Geaography education in primary schools. The theoretical parts deals mainly with the issue of teaching Geography in primary schools and making of didactic tools, with focus on digital ones. In the practical part the author focuses on map applications, creating worksheets and their integration into the educational process. The practical part includes also a brief analysis of free accesible map sources and their usage in the educational process. At the end, there is an evaluation of the ability of using the ArcGIS applications in the education.
Cestou necestou po mapách a moderních navigačních technologiích (výukový materiál pro výuku zeměpisu na 2. stupni základní školy)
The diploma thesis deals with teaching mapping skills and geographical fieldwork using maps and modern navigation technologies on the 2nd grade of the primary school. The main goal of the thesis is to make learning activities and worksheets for teaching Geography in the 6th grade. The theoretical part deals with setting the topic into the Framework Educational Programme for Primary Education and teaching of mapping skills and geographical fieldwork on the 2nd grade of the primary school. The practical part includes evaluation of textbooks of Geography with authorising clause of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports valid in 2019. Finally, the practical part offers learning activities dealing with teaching mapping skills and geographical fieldwork.
Teacher's personal teaching conception as a crucial factor of geography lessons
Štorková, Kateřina ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Vrhel, Matěj (referee)
Teacher's personal teaching conception as a crucial factor of geography lessons Abstract This bachelor thesis examines a teachers' personal approaches of teaching geography, teaching styles and other selected aspects of the learning process. The main task of this work was to determine the content and the way of teaching of modern geography teachers, as well as the most important aspects of geography to be taught and what the teachers primarily want to teach their students. Beside this, a very important goal was to create a research tool (particularly a survey) to determine a teacher's teaching method and its impact on the learning process. Basic terminology, such as teacher's personal approach of teaching and teaching styles are defined in the theoretical part. Methodology and practical part follow afterwards. The practical part is consisted of results of the survey. The survey was prepared and piloted based on the theoretical-methodological balance sheet and the literature discussion. The results show that this survey was usable in practice and that the teacher's personal approach significantly influences the teaching process of geography. Respondents were found to place emphasis on teaching general worldview, logical reasoning, map and space orientation, and activities that are practical for life. The...
Applications of Computers in Fishing Ship
Březina, Zdeněk ; Kolář, Martin (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the problematics of embedded systems for boat fishing and analyzing the existing solutions. The main goal is to design author's own complex solution. The author's solution consists of a mutually communicating Android application and an Arduino-based platform with the necessary sensors. 
Emotional Cartography
Rygálová, Monika ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
The work aims to artistically compile perception of maps as a fact, what let us think about The world - how we know it from the map. I work with data, which I gain by displaying technology – eye tracking, which helps me to record track of moving eyes during watching any kind of picture. The observations will be people from different places such a place of stay etc. Gained data I am going to use as a study, which I will componate to maps and different vizualizations of world, countries etc. "Where i have not ever been before, it does not exist" – is idea of percepting world, wich I also work with on that project. Study will contain all aspect of perceiving maps and systematicly shown world related to the person, his memories to that place, fyzical contact and his impact in his scale person versus a the world.
Usage of New Technologies for Development of a Tourism Destination
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with themes of modern technologies usable in tourism, management and development of a tourism destination and geographical information systems. The practical part of the thesis is concerned with a concept of less visited monument from four categories (castle, chateau, monastery, town and town wall) in the area of the South Bohemian region, the Vysočina region and the region Waldviertel in Lower Austria, whose target is increasing the attendance and publicizing the chosen monuments. The target of the diploma thesis is to characterize a manner of usage ICT for the management and development of the tourism destination, to identify opportunities due to situational analysis and to propose application of chosen technology for increasing competitiveness of South Bohemia as a tourism destination. Through the geographical information systems as a chosen technology the usage of maps for the management and development of the tourism destination is shown. The outcome is a proposal of several geographic and thematic products (routes).
Historical analysis of the evolution of land use in the selected territory.
KOLÁŘ, Miroslav
The goal of this thesis is a historical analysis of the evolution of land use in the selected territory. As interest location was chosen cadastral territory of Boletice. The first part of the work is devoted to a literature review, which deals with the history of landscapes in our territory and classification systems of land use used in the Czech Republic. The other half of the work consists of a practical part. For the needs of analysis three time periods were selected and subsequently evaluated . These were the maps II. military survey, black and white aerial shot from the 50s of the 20th century, and the current status on the basis of the colour orthophoto. All work with the map documents were carried out in the program ArcMap. The following evaluation in the program Microsoft Excel. The results are graphical and tabular outputs, which are captured by the individual changes in land use in the monitored periods of time.
Visualization of communication routes in the energetics
Pečeňa, Vít ; Šťastný, Ladislav (referee) ; Franek, Lešek (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of an application to view the positions electrometers communicating over Power Line (PLC). Applications should find the main use in the field of project Smart Grids. Furthermore, the work resolves selection of libraries required for creation of applications and the proposal itself.
Development of "Turistický Atlas" Web Pages
Sedlmajer, Kamil ; Szőke, Igor (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the process of creating new version of tourist website and on its design, implementation and evaluation of further adjustments leading to the developmentof the project. The new website is written in PHP with use of Nette framework and is optimized for PC and mobile devices. The thesis further deals with creation and testing of user interface, the SEO optimization and evaluation of achieved results.
Web Application for Editation and Visualization of Borders
Hypeš, Tomáš ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis is about design and creation of an application for visualization of village borders and other territorial units and borders of areas, which are defined with them. First, transfer of borders options from OSM database and transfer from register RÚIAN are described. Then the thesis describe the application for visualization and editation this borders with ability to define own areas.

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