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Generating text descriptions of journeys in a map
Svobodová, Zuzana ; Rosa, Rudolf (advisor) ; Mareček, David (referee)
This thesis aims to present the key aspects of a program developed for the purpose of improving orientation in maps by generating text description of routes. Even though such tools are already available and integrated within the most widely used internet map engines (e.g. and, they are not particularly user-friendly, as they rely on directions and distances. People are, on the other hand, more inclined to use landmarks such as significant buildings for orientation and synthetize simple information into more complex one. The program presented in this thesis addresses this issue and offers more intuitive route descriptions enabling its user to reach his/her destination potentially faster and more reliably.
Application for Efficient Drone Control Using Augmented Virtuality
Hubinák, Róbert ; Bambušek, Daniel (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to identify problematic situations that may occur when piloting a drone and based on them design elements of the user interface that would eliminate these problems. The proposed elements were implemented in an existing drone control application. The resulting solution uses the technology of augmented virtuality and augmented reality, where supporting visualization elements are inserted directly into the 3D scene and real data from the drone. In my work, I created a system that allows the pilot to define clues in the scene in the form of a mission, extends the application with a navigation system to these points and adds to the application elements that show the pilot the direction and distance of approaching obstacles.
Webová aplikace „Drásov v mapách“
Olšar, Jakub
Olšar, Web application "Drásov in maps". Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel university in Brno 2018. Bachelor thesis is dealing with proposal and implementation of web appli-cation for visitors of web pages of city Drásov. Application offers to every user a map for searching the objects in are of city Drásov. After user's log in into admin-istration section, the report of application is displayed. Finished report is divided into literal research, methodics, development environment, analysis, proposal, im-plementation with results and testing of user.
Mobile App for Notifying about Reaching a Location
Ungrová, Klára ; Szőke, Igor (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a simple Android application which will be able to send notifications when entering or exiting a zone of user's interest and will overall ease the process of informing other people. Detection of entering/exiting zone is based on the principles of geofencing. SQLite database is used to save user's zones of interest (and details about them) persistently. When crossing the boundaries of a zone of interest, a user receives a notification - by clicking on it a user has the opportunity to send the message to other person. The message to be sent can be preset for every zone (both for entering and exiting). It is possible to activate/deactivate the monitoring of any zone any time. A user can display zones on the map. There is a possibility to send a trial explanatory notification for user to better understand its functionality. The foreground service which takes care of retrieving up-to-date location is running even if the app is swiped away from running applications. To kill the application, the switch off button in the app needs to be pressed. The main focus of this work is design, implementation and testing of the mobile application. The final version has been published to Google Play store.
Cave maps and their symbols in publications Speleo and Speleofórum
Benešová, Karolína ; Kratochvíl, Radim (referee) ; Weigel, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to tackle the problem of map symbols used in maps of caves, cave systems and similar naturally created landforms. Two publications dealing with this issue were analyzed, namely the anthology Speleo and Speleofórum. For the Speleo magazine, it was 74 issues published between 1990–2019 and for the Speleofórum magazine 23 issues published in the years 1989–2019. In total, more than 1,000 maps and their map symbols were recorded. I total it was 264 and 340 symbols for the Speleo anthology and the Speleoforum respectively. Subsequently, the symbols were sorted into categories and digitalized. Only a fraction of the maps included a legend, and therefore the meaning of used symbols had to be identified in the text the respective article. Maps with key have become more common in the last five years, thanks to more affordable digital technologies such as Therion, which automatically provides a unified legend.
Open data and personal data
Cu, Lukáš ; Loutocký, Pavel (referee) ; Míšek, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of open data and its legal collision with rights for privacy and protection of personal data. It’s purpose is to familiarize the reader with some essential terms regarding this topic and their place in Czech legislation. Practical part of this work is an application working with multiple data sets provided as open data. These data sets contain information about the number of Czech people under distraint and the ratio of people based on their education. These data sets are analyzed in the second chapter.
Orienteering at 1st level of primary school
Příhodová, Barbora ; Přibyl, Ivan (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
Title: Orienteering at 1st level of primary school Author: Bc. Barbora Příhodová Department: Department of Physical Education Supervisor: PaedDr. Ivan Přibyl Objectives: The aim of this work is to design an educational model of orienteering for young children of pre-scholar age in lenght of 20 hours and to find out how many percent of children of pre-scholar age are able to make the final orienteering race successfully after they pass the training in spare-time activities of orienteering. Another aim of this work is to find out if girls will be more successful than boys or how many children will have a problem with more difficult checkpoint in the race. And finaly, to find out the interest of children of pre-scholar age about this kind of sport. Methods: An educational model of orienteering was made out by learnt literature and own experiences. An affectivity of this model was evaluated by the results of final race. The next aims were answered by the questuonaire, watching children and talking with them. Results: The results of final race of orienteering showed that all pupils of fourth nad fifth class successfully finished this race in identified time limit. Girls were more successful than boys. Almost ¾ of children had troubles with more difficult checkpoint in the race. All children showed the...
Smart City Brno - Researches
Witassek, Pavel ; Kula, Michal (referee) ; Nosko, Svetozár (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create the solution for the City of Brno, which will enable the collection of ideas and information about individual areas from the inhabitants of the city. The provided implementation is composed from two parts, the first one is the server with the API interface and the second one is the web application with the map. The mental map is used for the records of the opinions of the inhabitants of the City of Brno, where the responders mark the points. The City of Brno gets the feedback from its citizens and more important, the city gets the possibility to define its own survey and the city does not have to use costly solutions, which would anyway have to be adopted to the city needs.
Augmented Reality on Android - Displaying of Map Features in Terrain
Halás, Timotej ; Kapinus, Michal (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create an application of augmented reality for Android operating system. Based on the preview from the camera, map data and the location of the device determined by the GPS module, a scene is created showing additional tourist information in the field. As a source of information and altitude data, the OpenStreetMap map and the Google Elevation API are used. The position in the Cartesian coordinate system is determined by geographic location using the WGS84 geodetic system. LibGDX game framework is used for rendering. The resulting application was tested in the field and it is useful in getting to know the surrounding landscape. It has also helped to navigate to points of interest by displaying their distance from the point of observation. The result of this thesis is an application suitable for exploring the observed environment.

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