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The Chronicle of Town Cheb of Pancras Engelhard of Haselbach. Contribution to the historiography of towns in the early Modern Period.
Kovařík, Tadeáš ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The present thesis deals with city chronicles from the early Modern period with particular focus on the 1560 chronicle of the city of Cheb by Pancras Engelhard of Haselbach which is an important piece of work for the historiographical tradition of the city. The thesis first focuses on literature and other resources related to the topic. Scientific literature is used to define chronicles as genre with emphasis on city chronicles. There is a brief description of the development of chronicles of the Kingdom of Bohemia from the period before the battle of White Mountain and an overview of the history of chronicles of the town of Zhořelec. Another chapter presents the history of the city of Cheb, its economic background and political position within the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. Furthermore, the development of literature of the city of Cheb in the early Modern period is described. A section on the chronicles of the city of Cheb from the period before the battle of White Mountain follows. Particular attention is paid to the manuscript of the chronicle by Pancras Engelhard of Haselbach and to other manuscripts of this chronicle still in existence. A special chapter is devoted to the illuminations this chronicle contains. The edition of the chronicle by Heinrich Gradl is described, too....

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