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Development of a Small Family Business
Mádr, David ; Chalupský, Vladimír (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
Topic of this Bachelor`s thesis Development a small family business is focused on development company Mama marketing, s. r. o. mainly on online shopping part. In my work I will research every aspects conected with creating an online E-shop. I will deal with development of company and financing their own place to storage wines including connected issues.
Welcome in our shop of future.
Hoangová, Nikol ; Strouhal, Jonáš (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
In my diploma work I am dealing with topic of work in one of the world's largest global retailer on the internet - Amazon. In 2015 Amazon opened a new fullfilment centre in Dobrovíz near Prague. Through the statement of one of ex-employee I discovered what it means to work for one of the richest man in the world (2019) - Jeff Bezos. These working conditions I've decided to demonstrate on platform AmazonExperience which consists from e-shop that contains artworks - that apeears as products. They are mostly inspired by company's slogans, stereotypes of work, experiences of Amazon's system and strict or unwritten rules.
Research of using Lean Production in companies
KUTHANOVÁ, Vladimíra
This dissertation is focused on a research of using methods of Lean Production in working environment of selected companies in the Czech Republic. In the introduction the author mentioned theoretic facts about Lean Production, which is originally from Japan. The rest of dissertation also included characteristics of selected companies and description of situations in companies before and after using Lean Production methods. At the end of each part we can find conclusion and suggestion of specific new steps for these companies. A company, called Linde Pohony s.r.o. Český Krumlov, have been using these methods: TPM, 5S and visual management. In a company Rohde & Schwarz, which is located in Vimperk, have been using the methods of Lean Production. : Kanban and also visual management. And a company ČSAT a.s. Praha have been testing methods of Lean Production: MUDA, 5S, Kaizen with a diagram of Ishikawa. In conclusion of the dissertation assumptions were evaluated. The overall summary of exercising Lean Production in companies - Linde Pohony s.r.o. Český Krumlov, ČSAT a.s. Praha a Rhode & Schwarz - Vimperk, were mentioned as well. Outcomes of the dissertation can be used for companies, which had been analyzing or for other companies with similar specializations. The dissertation provides the analysis of utilization selected Japanese principles of Lean Production in Czech companies.
The Study of Supply Logistics in Selected Company
Rinnová, Kristýna ; Nevřela, Tomáš (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis focuses on changing the internal supply logistic. The first part provides theoretical knowledge, then is indtroduces the production company and analysis of the current state of current management inventory status. Based on the analysis I have proposed measures which are more efficient inventory management. Conditions needed for the implementation of these proposals are proposed as well. The analysis part offers quantified benefits of each proposal.
The optimalization of logistical system in chosen company
PETRŮ, Adéla
This bachelor thesis is aimed of optimalization of logistics system in chosen company. It was selected the company HTP, s. r. o. resident in Žirovnice. At first the company is characterize and following the actual logistics system is describe. The logistics system is describe from receipt of material to expedition of final products. In the second part are characterize the critical factors of actual logistics system and following is their optimalization. They was chosen these critical factors: storage of materials in expeditions hall, reception and movement of wares, the bad flooring in expeditions hall, locations of department of controll and the small capacity of storage of final products. The optimalization lead to reduction of costs, to synoptic in warehouses, to bigger efficiency and to satisfaction of customers.
The Study Logistics Management Concept with Focus on Continuous Material Flows
Procházková, Eliška ; Kaválek,, Ondřej (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the study of the management of the logistics concept with focus on continuous material flows in the manufacturing company IFE-CR, a.s.. The thesis analyses the logistics a material flows during the process of the order in the firm. Based on the findings of deficiencies and bottlenecks at the analysis a solution will be suggested, which should effectively solve problems, ensure a flowing process of the order and satisfaction of the customer.
The Study Course Selected Orders in Selected Company
Vaculková, Petra ; Důrek, Milan (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis analyzes the process of activities in ordering in the SICO RUBENA Ltd., which deals with manufacturing and supplying components from silicone rubbers. This thesis is divided into three parts. the theoretical part describes the correct way of order processing. the analytical part contains an analysis of the current status of activities, which are entering in the course of orders in the selected company and its results. The last part lists consequent improvement of order processing.
Analysis of Manufacturing Processes within The Company for the Purpose of their Optimization
Šilon, Dávid ; Stromko, Pavel (referee) ; Klčová, Hana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with optimization of production processes in the company, its information and also material flows conducted in planned production. The first part focuses on the theoretical description and background of the issue. In the second, practical part, this work will discuss and then analyze the production process of selected company. According drafted analyzes and theoretical basis, this thesis determine the problems and shortcomings of the process. In the last phase it provides suggestions to improve founded shortcomings and their implementation into production.
Rationalization of Production Processes in the Company
Novakov, Ivan ; Pilka, Jan (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on rationalization of manufacturing processes in company Honeywell Safety Products Partizanske s.r.o.. Main target is to track actual state of processes, which are connected to manufacturing activity, search for reasons of collisions and try to minimize or eliminate them. By designing of multiple optimization solutions, evaluating of data and after applying best-fitted solution can be collision eliminated on purpose. These solutions are exposed to economic analyse and possible share with Company. Economic perspective can help to easier identify which of solution could have bigger impact after implementation to support prosperity of mentioned company.
The Study of Logistics Processes Management in Bosch Diesel, s. r. o.
Pavlišinová, Šárka ; Vítková, Hana (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focusing on the proposal of changes of control process in logistic with information systems, specifically the control of material flow, which is created by Kanban method, in the Bosch Diesel, s. r. o. Jihlava. These changes will lead to increase control efficiency and potential savings. This bachelor thesis contain a comparison of the original control of material flow and the possible change of control.

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