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Forest management of the Dominican order in the Mimoň region
Nejedlý, Ondřej ; Foltýn, Dušan (advisor) ; Hnilica, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the forest management of the Dominican Order in Mimoň area. Specifically, it focuses mainly on the area of Hamr nad Jezerem, in the years 1931-1938 and the last years of the active duty of the Directorate of the Dominican forest management in 1945-1950. The emphasis of the thesis is based on the description of the previously uncharted historical chapter of the Dominican order in this area, especially with regard to the economic activity of the forest administration in this given period and legal aspects of the whole issue with the acquisition, loss and subsequent efforts to return these properties. The Fund no. 37 in the Archive of the Dominican order, deposited in the 1st Department of the National archive in Prague, was used as the main source, subsequently supplemented by specialized and professional literature, an interview with the legal representative of the Dominican order in Prague in the case of restitution and also by few internet resources. KEYWORDS Dominicans, forestry, Hamr, Restitution, Hospitaller Order of Saint John, count Hartig, hunting, hunting area, logging, the first Czechoslovak Republic. Karl Waldstein, pine, spruce, lumbermill, Ministry of Agriculture, Military training area Ralsko, land reform, land reform review..
Logging with ELK stack
Berger, Jan ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Rucký, Přemysl (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to a logging management in an environment of frequently visited web applications with high availability. The goal is to show the limitations associated with classic text-only logs, propose a better approach and to offer an evaluation of benefits. The topic is presented on a case study project of centralized logging management for the company Fortuna which the author of the thesis participated in. The technologies selected for this study were Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, which, used together, are called ELK stack.
Vliv fragmentace a ztráty habitatu na primáty
Sniegon, Arthur F. ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pluháček, Jan (referee)
Anthropogenic activities and human encroachment may cause profound and often irrevocable changes in an environment. This may result in challenges for most of the wildlife, including our closest extant relatives, non-human primates. Worldwide, primates may be particularly susceptible to human-induced habitat alterations owing to their large body size, social way of life, slow reproduction, large home-ranges, naturally low population densities and often strong dependence on forest cover. Three main phenomena have been described as major threats for primates: loss of the natural habitat and its conversion to human-dominated landscape, fragmentation of the remaining patches of suitable habitat, and commercial bushmeat hunting. Here I review the first two processes. If primates survive the initial disturbance, they are forced to adjust their demographic, behavioural and dietary traits. However, this may not be enough for their persistence in a long term as their genetic diversity might be compromised. Moreover, also parasitic infections may impact severely the disrupted populations. In this thesis, I reviewed the current knowledge in primates demography, population genetics, dietary changes and parasite interactions in altered habitats. Most of the studies examined the African continent and Latin America, a...
User tools to support automated functional testing of prototypes in product development
Grabovský, Štěpán ; Macháček, Jiří (referee) ; Svoboda, Radomír (advisor)
This work deals with develop of PC application to support automated testing of prototypes, which are developing in Honeywell International, Inc., ACS division in Brno. There was created a PC software witch executes testing process based on input script files. For select script files and specify other necessary information was designed a graphic user interface. Testing information are being presented in a program information control in real-time as the same as results of tests. The application also allow to users save the log file. The program has been realized in C# programing language.
Middleware for HW/SW Co-Design
Hons, Petr ; Husár, Adam (referee) ; Masařík, Karel (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and implementation of new version of Middleware server and communication library. New version uses design pattern Reactor to handle multiple requests from different sources. Thesis describes platform-independent solution of logging, executing and controlling processes, storage of filesystem paths and design of plugin architecture to enhance server flexibility. Communication library described in this thesis allows network communication using XML protocol, SSL encryption using OpenSSL library and encapsulation of messages from users. This library is used by other projects, which communicates with Middleware server. There was created an implementation according to design. Implementation was tested by Lissom team and is now used actively.
Message Logging System
Vrzal, Miroslav ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Zendulka, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master's thesis in the first part describes the AS/400 and its message system and concentrates especially on the following areas: predefinition of messages and their storing, types of messages and levels of their importance, work with variables included in message text and ways of sending messages. On the basis of AS/400 message system is designed and implemented message log system for the application loggin for Aegis. s.r.o. The analysis of the message log systems is also a part of the work. The syslog and syslog-ngused in UNIX systems are described, concerning types of messages, importance of messages and filtering and storing of messages. It further describes possibilities of application logging based on Java in the specific case of the Log4jutility. In the second part thesis describes own log message systems design and implementation.
Battery powered datalogger with CPU
Andrýs, Jiří ; Beran, Jan (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
In this design are mentioned processes of power consumption reduction of battery-powered devices.Execution of a project is software SPI for MMC card and file system FAT16 without extension of VFAT (Virtual File Allocation Table) – LFN (Long File Names). Hardware design consists of boost power supply, linear stabilizer, external RTC (Real Time Clock), IRQ low power modul, interface for MMC (Multi Media Card) and circuits for RS-232, RS-485. There is either a design of analog measuring interface.
Logging from an application written in the Java programming language
Hanzel, Matej ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Černý, Michael (referee)
This bachelor's thesis explores problems of logging from an application written in the Java programming language. The introduction expressed the idea of the necessity of obtaining relevant data directly from an entity which represents the originator of a problematic situation solved later through various thinking operations. The thesis describes not only the inclusion of the concept of term logging in the general context of term process, but is particularly devoted to the logging architecture in object-oriented programming languages. The greatest attention is paid to the description of logging facades Simple Logging Facade for Java and Apache Commons Logging, and the logging libraries Java Util Logging, Log4J and LOGBack, further complemented by the practical implementation of their use in Java applications. The author of this thesis holds the view that it is not possible to express a clear and generalized opinion on using one specific logging library exclusively despite the absence of significant differences between them. It is important to carefully consider the requirements demanded and select the most appropriate solution that best suits each situation.
Vliv hospodářských zásahů na změnu v biologické rozmanitosti ve zvláště chráněných územích: Management porostů s akátem a jeho výsledky v podmínkách CHKO Český kras
Správa CHKO Český kras ; Rivola, Milan
Během této etapy byla věnována pozornost rámcovému syntaxonomickému postavení akátových porostů, byl zpracován historický přehled zásahů proti akátu, realizovaných v CHKO Český kras, souborně byl zpracován přehled o podobných aktivitách v jiných územích s vyhodnocením zkušeností, byla podána charakteristika ROUNDUPU - všeobecně užívaného herbicidu při potlačení akátu a charakteristika současného stavu vybraných ploch, na nichž byly aktivity proti akátu v minulosti Správou CHKO Český kras realizovány. Z rozboru všeobecných zkušeností a posledně uvedeného porovnání pak vyplynuly závěry a předpoklady, které vyústily v založení terénního pokusu na lokalitě Šanův kout.
Vliv hospodářských zásahů na změnu v biologické rozmanitosti ve zvláště chráněných územích: Sukcese na xerotermních stanovištích v NPP Dunajovické kopce po odstranění křovin
Němec, Jiří ; Otýpková, Zdenka
V roce 2000 byl založen pokus, jehož cílem je sledovat změny ve vývoji vegetace na xerotermních stanovištích v NPP Dunajovické kopce po vykácení křovin. Na počátku bylo vytyčeno 5 trvalých ploch - 3 pokusné a 2 kontrolní. Kontrolou je v tomto pokusu vegetace bez vlivu křovin. V roce 2001 byl experiment rozšířen o další sérii pěti trvalých ploch.

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