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Development Activities of Town of Lomnice nad Lužnicí
The theme of my diploma thesis is Development Activities of Town of Lomnice nad Lužnicí. The main gain of my thesis is to evaluate activities of the selected period and to elaborate the development activities for the future according the variability of financial resources. I choose the period between 2011- 2018. Conclusions of this diploma thesis can also serve the current management of the town. It could provide them with an overview of the town´s economics situation and its development.
Hidden Parties in the Czech Local Politics
Brýdl, Matěj ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
This thesis describes the parties, which stand for the local elections under another name, then is an actual name of the political party. However, there is not definition yet, in the Czech Republic this topic is not even included in a literature. Those parties, which can be called as hidden parties, do not appear only in the Czech Republic, but they can be found in other countries as well. This thesis describes the problematic of the hidden parties also in England, Belgium, Estonia, Croatia, and Poland. The main part of this thesis is devoted to the hidden parties in the Czech local elections. Beside the definition of what parties can be considered as hidden parties, this thesis includes comparison with other forms of candidacy and the development of frequency of these parties in individual years. There are also compared two forms of candidacy, which under certain circumstances can be considered as hidden parties. The biggest part of this thesis is devoted to the success of these parties and to which parties most often hide their names. Several specific hidden parties are then further analyzed to determine the historical development of parties in a particular city and the degree of connection of candidates and the political party.
Participation of Vietnamese National Minority in Czech Local Politics
Vitovská, Hana ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Kubátová, Hana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the participation of the Vietnamese national minority in the Czech Republic, especially at the level of local politics. The main objective of the thesis is to analyze and critically reflect on the motivations, attitudes, and views of the Vietnamese national minority on political and civic participation with an emphasis the local politics. At the same time, the work explores the forms of participation of the Vietnamese community and the factors that influence them. Because the target group of this work is a Vietnamese national minority, the national minority policy is first analyzed at the international level, followed by analysis at the national level. The reason for this approach is that the international environment plays a vital role in examining national minority politics and ethnic minorities. Selected instruments and institutions of national minority politics in the Czech environment are then further analyzed and compared with the German counterpart where minorities, and in particular the Vietnamese minority, have long been a significant part of society. The research part of the thesis is designed as qualitative research, using document analysis and semi- structured interviews as data acquisition techniques. This is a key part of the whole work where the...
The Former Military District Libavá: the Establishment of the New Municipal Political System
Václavíková, Michaela ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Čopík, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on optimization of military estates in the Czech Republic that is connected both to establishment of new municipalities and transition from military administration to local administration. The thesis tries to describe the process itself being finished by setting settlement units aside from military estates, reduction of their borders and dissolution of the Brdy military estate. A case study of the Libavá Town is also a part of the thesis. The study is trying to monitor the impact of the transition mentioned above on civil population and on the newly established local administration. Three methods were used to collect the data - namely half structured interviews with chief participants, a survey amongst Libavá inhabitants and media monitoring. A part of the theoretical part is also an analysis of military estates in Europe whose characteristics and differences are also presented.
Nonpluralistic Political Systems: the Case of Czech Municipalities
Hofman, Štěpán ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Bubeníček, Václav (referee)
This thesis Nonpluralistic political systems: the case of czech municipalities target problematic and occurrence of nonpluralistic political systems. Nonpluralistic political systems is little researched phenomenon and It cannot be reflected by any researche focusing mainly on this issue. Autors focusing on local politic in western systems don't deal with given problematic. My research in this work focuses on proving existence and relevance of nonpluralistic political systems on a case of czech municipalities. Research is not done on the whole Czech Republic, but only on sample of five czech districts, choosen according to municipal structure, demographic characteristic and socio-economic characteristic. Second part of my research focuses on analysis of participants of those systems, on nature of their candidacy and also on the fact, if participants of pluralistic and nonpluralistic systems are any different.
National political parties in Czechia and their involvement in local politics
Michetschläger, Lukáš ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to analyze political involvement of national political parties in local politics in Czechia or, more specifically, how successful are these parties in the municipal elections. The main theoretical background of this thesis is divided into two chapters. The first part contains of general definitions of political parties, functions and objectives of political parties, typology of political parties, and development of the party system in Czechia as well as basic characteristics of the different national political parties. The second chapter deals with studies of voting behavior in Czechia, the municipalities themselves and their councils. The second chapter also presents municipal elections. The practical part of this thesis is summarized in one large chapter, which is further divided into smaller subsections. In the first phase the success of parties in drawing up lists of candidates for municipal elections is studied, followed by multiple regression analysis aimed at exploring of relationship between national politics and the success of the political parties at the local level. It also describes other variables which affect that relationship. The third phase of practical part consist of LISA analysis, which is used to determine the local level of spatial...
Analysis of the impacts of political relations on local budget: Case study of municipality Kamenický Šenov
Bouchalová, Nikola ; Masopustová, Ilona (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is the analysis of political influences on a municipal budget in municipality Kamenický Šenov. Thanks to solving problems of municipal budgets, it is possible to analyze relationship of political decisions and municipal budget. Most of political science's dissertations focus on elections, voting systems or mayor's election, but the question of influence of political relationship on municipal budget is not in public interest. This topic is very important, but unfortunately neglected. This diploma thesis is divided into four chapters. The first three chapters theoretically embed this work. The first chapter introduces the horizontal typology of the municipal systems, public administration, fiscal federalism, incomes and expenses of municipalities and formation of the municipal budget in France and Sweden. The third chapter is dedicated to the Czech Republic and it proceeds from the structure of the first chapter. The fourth chapter of this work is arranged as the unique case study of municipality Kamenický Šenov. The municipality Kamencký Šenov has been ruled by a coalition of KSČM and ČSSD from 1998 to 2009; in 2002 a new member SNK Naše město joined this coalition. This coalition stood up for investment policy, which is represented by the construction of the...
Municipal Secessions after 1989 in District of Česká Lípa
Jogheeová, Eva ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Masopustová, Ilona (referee)
Diploma thesis Municipal Secessions after 1989 in District of Česká Lípa deals with a wave of disintegration of municipalities which took place immediately after a restoration of democracy in the Czech Republic. The thesis discusses the following subjects: the development of municipal administration in the Czech lands, the current position and function of municipality, basic aspects of democratization on a local level, territorial fragmentation, local development, the concept of secession, and legislative conditions for the foundation of new municipalities in the Czech Republic and administrative development in the district of Česká Lípa on which is this paper focused. The work aims to answer the main research question: What are the political aspects of the process of municipal seccesions after 1989 in the district of Česká Lípa? The principal motives of this secession, the major players in the process, how public opinion was measured, the existence of cross- cutting cleavages in public opinion, the present-day situation assessment, a real change of the level of development and formal aspects of the process will be studied. The aim will be achieved through the use of content analysis of historical documents from the district Record Office, and direct interactions with the major players of the...
The Factors of Voluntary Municipal Amalgamations: the Case of the Czech Republic in European Comparison
Heřmánek, Jan ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Masopustová, Ilona (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes the issues of voluntary consolidation of municipal structures in the European countries. The period between the 1990 and 2013 was chosen as the time frame for the thesis because of the possibility to incorporate the countries of the former Soviet bloc to comparison. The text is divided into two main parts, where different perspectives are used. The first part is mainly theoretical using the top-down, state-focused perspective. The European countries are distributed into different categories according to the type and degree of voluntariness in the consolidation process. The cases of the countries are individually analyzed to illustrate the tools and factors that influenced success or failure of the municipal merger processes. The second part of the text, using the bottom-up perspective, is focused on the individual cases of the municipal amalgamation in the Czech Republic. It describes every case alone and analyzes assumptions and factors affecting decisions of small municipalities to merge. The combination of the two perspectives allows creating a basic set of strategies and instructions which, under certain circumstances, may convince small municipalities to merge.

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