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Power amplifier and its linearization using local feedbacks
Janic, Lukáš ; Musil, Vladislav (referee) ; Khateb, Fabian (advisor)
The thesis deals with the construction of a linear power amplifier. Theoretical analysis of the final work explains the function of the amplifier blocks, which is necessary to understand the functions of the whole construction. Thesis continues in simulation analysis of separate blocks or whole construction and at the end of the implementation of the complete power amplifier.
Linearity of light yield in JUNO neutrino experiment
Tměj, Tomáš ; Vorobel, Vít (advisor) ; Krtička, Milan (referee)
The aim of the work is measurement of linearity of liquid scintillator light yield. Knowledge of deviation from the light yield linearity is essential for interpretation of the data measured in the neutrino experiment JUNO. The method is based on use of Compton scattering in the tested scintillator and on precise spectroscopy of the scattered gamma radiation.
The influence of operational amplifier topology on audiosignal quality
Rozkopal, Tomáš ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (referee) ; Háze, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis describes different between any signal and audio signal from the used amplifier´s quality point of view. There are mentioned ways of origin of distortions and their effect on the audio signal quality. There is also described in detail the principal of operational amplifier, it´s circuit realization and ways to improve the circuit topology in order to reach the best qualities. Choice of parts used for discreet realization of operational amplifier is consulted. Last but not least the thesis contents the practical part, stating the reasons for realization of operational amplifiers from discreet parts and also describing two most commonly used topologies of operational amplifiers. Their discreet version is designed and there are compared the different between the manufacturer’s data and the data measured during the simulation.
The use of nanofibres strain gauges for construction of linear sensors
Kirchner, Jan ; Kůr, Jan (referee) ; Pernikář, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to determine the basic characteristics of behavior of nanofiber strain gauges and on the basis of experimental measurements to confirm the suitability of the design of the length sensors. There was a product designed with a swivel arm whose rotation burdens the nanofiber strain gauge affixed to the flat side of the cut. Some measurements were carried out to find out a suitable direction of the loading pressure and to reveal the area showing the linear behavior. This linear area is approximately between 44 ÷ 92 % of the range of the nanostrain gauge (0% maximum load tensile, 100% maximum load pressure). Other measurements dealt with temporal stability of the output value at each point. The outcome of these experiments was to determine the methodology and to propose the design of sensors for further tests, the aim of which was to develop a sensor for measuring small diameters (from 1 to 5 mm). K
Market price modelling by real estates with multiple linear regression
Studený, Marek ; Ulverová, Michaela (referee) ; Cupal, Martin (advisor)
The main subject of the diploma thesis is a market price modeling by real estates. As a tool for modeling, is used a multiple linear regression. As starting points, are used an econometrical theory and knowledge about real estate valuation. The main goal is to find optimal model for best capture in the time and place.
Analysis of process for production of small plates
Talanda, Jiří ; Fiala, Alois (referee) ; Koška, Petr (advisor)
Theme of the Master’s thesis is analysis of process for production of small plates. Main parts of the thesis are analysis of the production process, process mapping, data capture, analysis of the data by Pareto analysis and find causes of nonconformities. Causes analysis is based on data analysis and process observation. It is divided to chapters by factors which are influencing the process. Optimization measures are designed with regard to their simplicity of realization and system in organization.
Presentation of selected themes of BSIS in PPT-environment
Havlín, Radomil ; Šebesta, Vladimír (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
The bachelors thesis occupy by topics of the course BSIS, which can be presented by the multimedia and animation techniques in the presentation. In the introduction, these topics are given a different method of processing. In most cases, provides a modular solution by demonstration and argued spectrum signal. The chapters describe the operation with one, two signals at the time, the properties of Fourier transform with illustrative demonstration, the correlation with convolution, kvaziperiodické signals and the last chapter the spectrum of selective signals.
Determination of chlorides in pharmaceutical substances
Čutová, Michaela ; Pharm.Dr.Tomáš Schenk (referee) ; Omelková, Jiřina (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor work is a validation of the method for „Determination of chlorides in pharmaceutical substance“ is made in a form of validation of an analythical method. This titration method with potentiometric indication was developed in a company Sicor and it is used for determination of the residual chlorides volume in the substance called Pemetrexed. Validation is a process which assess suitability of a given analythic system for gaining relevant data (results). Validation constists of four tests: precision, reproducibility, lineraity and test of solution stability, although the test of reproducibility was realized in other laboratory (QC). For determnination of the chlorides was applyed titrator 716 DMS Titrino with argent combined electrode. For a data evaluation were used software tiamo 1.1 and MS Excel.
Formální kompozice v soudobém zahradním umění
Horký, Martin
The focus of the bachelor thesis is clear from the name. The main focus is therefore the formal presentation of the composition, it's general principles, the nature of the basic compositional elements and its development. The first stage is processed in the form of a literature review deals with the general characteristic of formal composition and the form of basic compositional elements in it applied. There is also briefly introduced the development landscape design from antiquity to the present, focusing just on formal composition. There is also partially outlined the influence of other garden architectural styles to the composition of the major contributors. The next section is introduced five existing implementation, in which a formal composition is applied. For each of them discloses a composition, operation and technical nature and vegetation elements. This characteristic is accompanied by a description of the authors and the views of local users. Part of the project, which is located on the territory of the Czech Republic and part is located abroad. All of these realizations are public spaceses. Based on a literature review was created draft, using the principles of formal composition in the corresponding public space.

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