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The End of the War, Litoměřice in 1945
Bursíková, Barbora ; Beneš, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eva (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on year 1945 and events in Litoměřice town. Especially events in the town itself in spring the same year, upcoming revolt in the nearby village Žitenice, situation both the German and the Czech population, their reaction to the forthcomig end of the war and last efforts of occupiers to hold the town. There will be briefly mentioned also the history of the Nazi occupation of Litoměřice. Special attention will be paid to the concentration camp Litoměřice. Here I will build on my previous barchelor thesis, in which I mentioned the liberation of the concentration camp in one chapter. I will complete and extend aforementioned events. Attention will be paid, among other things, also to the way how the end of the war enrolled to lives of prisoners themselves. I will try to reconstruct all from archival materials and literature and mainly from memories of civilians and prisoners of the concentration camp in a similar way as in my previous bachelor thesis.
Czech schools in the Protectorate
Vaněček, Michal ; Syřiště, Ivo (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee) ; Prokop, Jiří (referee)
of English I chose the topic "Czech school in the Protectorate" for my Doctoral thesis. The history of the Second world war bellongs to my long interest. My goal was to create a popular - educational publication for student teachers. I never met with this part of history of our school in the Faculty of Education and in the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. I hope it's very important to remind this part of history - dificult situation of teachers and students during the Nazi era to current students. This sadly topic could raise future teachers to love the profession and could raise the prestige of teachers in our country. My wish would be after reading this work to increase patriotism, love and respect fot the history of our school. I described individual school protectorate years with the introductional into the Protectorate Education. At the beginning of each school year I described the basic historical milestones. I wanted to capture the humiliation of our education system during the Protectorate compared to the high level of pre - war years, dishonor Czech teachers, pupils, students and progressive germanizacion. I took advantage memories of witnesses for readability and catchiness readers. I tried to create text with elements of experiential learning. I believe that experiential...
The image of displacement of Germans in the region of Vrchlabí in regional periodicals from the years 1945-1948
Feistauerová, Jana ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the picture of removing German citizens from the region of Vrchlabí in regional newspapers. Its main goal is to characterise the district of Vrchlabí, which ceased to exist in 1961, and the conditions of German citizens and the Czech minority and to depict the reflection of events succeeding World War II, as the regional periodicals presented it. The author also focuses on conditions for regional periodicals to come into existence and on the actual periodicals focusing on the region of Vrchlabí and on the events succeeding the war in Vrchlabí and its surrounding area, as well as on the authors writing for these periodicals. Powered by TCPDF (
Negritude and a new poetic language, originated from colonial history
Šarše, Vojtěch ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Pohorský, Aleš (referee)
This work deals with Aimé Césaire's book Cahier d'un retour au pays natal, its function a value for author himself and for reader. At first, the paper explains, using linguistic and semantic analysis of chosen passages of this book, the liberation of author from the literary conventions and forms of his time, the quest of authentic style and his own poetic language. In the first part, the influence of french literature on Césaire's creation, precisely of Lautréamont, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, is explained. Afterwards, the work focuses on the emancipation tendencies which consist in the organic incorporation of the surrealistic practices and of creole influence into his poetry. In the second part, the paper attempts to give a description of author's determination to liberate the oppressed people, by the society, and his seeking of a new identity, based on omitted history of this people, on his ancestors and mainly on his forgotten roots. In the first place, indirect influence of the colonialism: his cruelty, enslavement, Triangular trade on Césaire's literary creation is described. The aim is to show the attitude of the author to the suffering of slaves and how he describes it to the reader and how he uses his heroes to accuse the colonialism of his cruel and usually atrocious practices to regain proud for his people.
Feminism and Mythopoetics in Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories and Nights at the Circus
Klepáčková, Michaela ; Chalupský, Petr (advisor) ; Higgins, Bernadette (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to present the specific notion of feminism and mythopoetics in the selected works of Angela Carter and demonstrate them on two selected works of Carter's, namely on the collection of re-visited traditional fairy tales The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories and the novel Nights at the Circus. The thesis also deals with chosen features of postmodernism these two works contain. In the first, theoretical part the author and her oeuvre is introduced, followed by the concept of postmodernism and its selected features. The second, practical part is focused on both books' analysis which attempts to establish whether and how the selected works show the features of postmodernism and to which extent it is possible to trace the notions of Carter's feminism and mythopoetics in them.
The Jews of Czechoslovakia after WWII
Sušilová, Radana ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Kocian, Jiří (referee)
The thesis Jews in Czechoslovakia after WWII deals with the situation of the Czech and Moravian Jews after the WWII. It looks into the problems of the Jews liberated in the concentration camps and their process of repatriation and the problems, which were connected with their's adaptation to the society in Czechoslovakia. It follows the work of the Czech repatriation authorities and foreign Jewish organizations, which helped the Jews to adapt into the Czechoslovakia society. The thesis puts emphasizes on the differences between the behavior of the Jewish community in Prague and the Czech bureaus, which were obvious in the period of the return of the Jews to Czechoslovakia after the WWII. It also deals with the situation of the Jews from Carpathian Ruthenia and the Jews with German nationality, whose conditions where much more difficult.
End of War World II in Polička
Chadimová, Jana ; Foltýn, Dušan (advisor) ; Míšková, Alena (referee)
The aim of the bachelor work "The End of War World II in Polička" is to describe the period of the first half of the year 1945 in Polička from the thematic and chronological point of view with the use of selected historical methods. The first part of the work concentrates on the events till May 1945, its second part on the stay of Soviet troops and the town command of the Czechoslovak Army in Polička. The final part deals with persons who were tried by the Extraordinary People's Court, speaks about Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev stay in Polička and the transfer of Germans from the town.
Foreign Policy after Liberation in 1945. (16. 5. - 31. 12. 1945)
Němeček, Jan ; Kuklík, J. ; Jedličková, Blanka ; Němečková, D.
First volume of new, third series of the project on Documents on Czechoslovak Foreign Policy contains documents from May to December 1945. The documents concentrate mainly the restoration of postwar-Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak-Soviet relations (mainly cession of Subcarpathian Ruthenia), Czechoslovak-Polish conflict on Teschen, relief of UNRRA and another question. Documents are published including historical and editorial introduction, list of documents, English summaries of documents and name index.
Life in the border area of Domažlice during the World War II.
This thesis deals with the life in the border area of Domažlice during the World War II. The aim of this thesis is to show the complete view of events and life in Domažlice, to intercept the key moments, people´s life and some of their destinies. The memories of people who have lived through these events can create the picture how their personal life has been influenced by this period.

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