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Substantiation of Electronic Evidence
Krákorová, Simona ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
81 Thesis title Substantiation of Electronic Evidence Abstract Thesis deals with the substantiation of electronic evidence within the framework of criminal procedure. The importance of the issue of obtaining such a category of evidence further intensifies as the technology continues to develop. The various types of crime perpetrators simultaneously leave behind digital traces with regard to almost all cases. Therefore, the author focuses on the issue, whether is it possible to obtain such an evidence effectively. The author concurrently takes into account the question of whether the process of obtaining electronic evidence meet certain threshold of protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of an individual. Hence, the author analyses the characteristic of the individual relevant procedures. The issue of data retention, in other words the areal data collection and preservation in the light of recent case law as well as the possible adjustments to current legislation is subject to scrutiny. Attention is drawn, inter alia, to the novel procedure which enables preventive preservation of data important for the criminal proceedings. Furthermore, the author takes into account the issue of obtaining the content of the communication by means of electronic mail. Moreover, thesis deals with the partial...
Serious crime impaired
HLUŠKO, Oldřich
The aim of my bachelor work is to map the problems of crime related to the distribution and the use of drugs over the last eleven years. The problems of drug related crime involve many contradictory attitudes, opinions and conflicts in the field of academy, politics and medicine as well as the public opinion of citizens. That is why the aim is not to map this complicated phenomenon in a comprehensive way, but to use the form of a brief survey of chosen crimes that I consider to be serious offences under the influence of drugs and in connection with their use. My bachelor work should be in service of students alone or other readers as the source of data related to these wide-ranging problems. In my bachelor work I would like to map the relation between the distribution of drugs and the subsequent crimes, committed under their influence. An ordinary citizen has a relatively slight chance to get acquainted with the up-to-date drug statistics. He or she stays depended on the occasional and rather exceptional news in daily newspapers and magazines. The occurrence of drug related problems cannot be eliminated by education, within the widest meaning of the word, or prevention, or the most sophisticated legislative acts. However, precautions performed in a large number of social groups (family, school, sport and cultural offer, media, health institutions{\dots}) can reduce the number of users as well as the risks associated with the use. That is why I concentrated on the mapping of serious crime in connection with the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances. The work can serve as a survey for students as well as for lecturers teaching at universities so they could study the problems of drug related crime and subsequently design effective precautions either in the form of preventively training actions, or as a valuable piece of knowledge used in practice by the students of Faculty of Health and Social Studies, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. This work can also provide valuable material for evaluation of the present development of given area as well as the prediction of the future development. Quantitative research was selected as a method of work. Secondary data analysis served as a source of information, which was provided by CR Police-District Headquarters in Český Krumlov, the division of statistics, the Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. On the basis of findings presented in my bachelor work it is possible to expect another growth of drug related crime in the future. It could be said that the drug related crime will considerably influence the development of general crime, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of quantity.

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