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Medium of doubt
Pištorová, Petra ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Gravlejs, Ivars (advisor)
Within the textual part, I was trying to describe the character of my project and explain both my working style and work essentials using particular examples. I have given a description of the initial points and the interconnection between individual parts and the base thoughts of this project.
ECOVAST method for identification of the Netolicko landscape and the comparison with other landscapes evaluated by this method in the southern Bohemia
The diploma thesis comprehensively presents the South Bohemian landscape, its geography, typology, geology, climate, historical specifics and landscape character and other characteristics. The South Bohemian landscape is briefly compared with the landscape of Austria. The main part of the work is the introduction of landscape of Netolicko and the evaluation of the landscape by the Ecovast method. In exercise of the subject "Landscape ecology and landscape care" the author synthesized the results of students and used for comparation of different landscapes by Ecovast method.
Průzkumové práce na zvoleném katastrálním území jako podklad pro pozemkové úpravy
HLÍZOVÁ, Natálie
This thesis is focused on exploration work which can be used as a source for a land consolidation. The field research is made within the cadastral area Zborov, České Budějovice district. The first part of this thesis deals with the literary research. The land consolidation, plan of common equipment, detailed field research and its evaluation are also described in the first part. The individual terms within the chosen area are described in the second part of this thesis. The first aim of this thesis was to elaborate and evaluate the field research according to valid methodical instruction of the land consolidation. The second aim was to get all information about the current condition of the landscape and farming in the landscape. And finally to profound the arrangement which can improve the whole condition of the landscape and environment.
Revitalizace městské zeleně v podobě jedlého komunitního sadu
This thesis deals with the public greenery, its division, forms, function, protection and revitalization. Public green is displayed, in this thesis, as an integral part of our everyday life, which is necessary to protect and avoid its destruction due to any development and which is necessary to preserve, maintaine and rebuilt as much as possible. The aim of this thesis is to design a revitalisation study of public greenery in Blatná. For this purpose, were used findings from all various literature sources and also knowledge about the town and the location which is solved in this thesis. Thanks to this work it was possible to gather information about the history and present state of the territory and suggest revitalization based on this knowledge. The designed revitalization of the selected locality is designed so that the area integrates and fulfils the requirements of the local community, both in terms of necessary parking and preservation of greenery. The revitalized area reflects the modern concept of the natural creation of public greenery with its functional use in the form of edible trees and herbs.
Dřeviny vhodné pro prvky plánu společných zařízení v komplexní pozemkové úpravě
PILSKÁ, Nikola
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to create an overview of woody plants which are the most suitable for planting in complex land consolidation, while planning individual parts of the common facilities plan. First, the thesis defines the general landscape protection using legislation of the Czech Republic. Next, it describes the common facilities plan with emphasis on parts where woody plants are usually located. The thesis also presents the definition of woody plants growing outside forests (scattered greenery) and the division of woody plants according to geobiocoenological landscape typology. The most important part of the thesis is the woody plants classification which presents woody plants appropriate for parts of the common facilities plan while designing complex land consolidation according to the location. The final part of the thesis presents planting and woody plants care.
Zmapování liniové zeleně ve vybraném území a posouzení z hlediska druhového zastoupení dřevin
UHLÍŘ, Matěj
The main aims of this Bachelor thesis are research of literary references and obtaining essential information concerning functions and types of linear greenery. This work focuses on mapping linear greenery in the municipality of Vidov and its cadastral area. The work contains a list of all elements of linear greenery which are described according to tree species composition, function and area. The end of this work contains outcomes of the existing situation drawn into the map and a draft of tree-planting in this area.
Zmapování rozptýlené zeleně v zemědělské krajině a návrh dosadby
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the scattered greenery in the cadastral area of Dlouhá Lhota u Tábora, to find out the problematic places, to suggest the planting of greenery for the given area and to draw all these elements into the map. The practical part describes individual elements of scattered green both from a functional point of view and from a species point of view and the health status of a given element is also captured. The second part of this bachelor thesis is a search, which serves for explanation and approximation of terms, which need to be known. Scattered greenery has been a part of the landscape for centuries and has various functions. In many cases, these are soil-protective and water-protective functions, where they have an erosion challenge. Their next function is aesthetic, where they create landscape dominants or help orient animals in the landscape. Some of them have a historical function when they arose in connection with an event.
Návrh na doplnění územního systému ekologické stability ve vybraném území
This thesis is focused on the theme of territorial system of ecological stability. In the first part the elements which are connected to landscape and the system of ecological stability are characterized. In the second part the individual syntactical elements of USES are described for selected cadastral territory. These elements are described further on and their actual state has been evaluated. Subsequently was suggested the adjustment of already existing elements and creation of new elements destined to support current USES.
Návrh na doplnění územního systému ekologické stability ve vybraném území
This bachelor thesis is focused on territorial system of ecological stability. For the sloved area are described all the individual parts of the territorial system of ecological stability with the characterictics of actual condition. New elements have been proposed, to strenghten the environmental stability.
Mapování památných stromů ve vybraném území a návrh na vyhlášení nového památného stromu
VÁVRA, Daniel
The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to map memorable trees in Strakonice district and to introduce a proposal to announce a new memorable tree. The first part of the thesis presents a literary review which was elaborated from available literature and it deals with the protection of memorable trees, their registration and tree care. The following chapters contain the description of a territory according to climatological, geological, pedological characteristics and the detailed methodology. The last part introduces the complete list of memorable trees in this territory and presents detailed information about individual woody plants - for example their history, localization and health condition. The thesis also presents photographs of selected specimen. The memorable trees were remeasured and later compared with already measured figures recorded in the register of nature conservation.

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