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Disposition of land in Czech law and the law of Israel
Falteisková, Sabina ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee) ; Müllerová, Hana (referee)
Disposition of land in Czech law and the law of Israel Abstract The main goal of the thesis is to analyse and compare the legal regulation of disposition of land and its protection in the Czech Republic and the State of Israel and answer the question whether the Czech legislation and the State of Israel can benefit from such regulations. Protection of land from degradation is absolutely crucial task that in the light of climate change, accompanied by extreme drought along with social and economic development becomes very actual. The thesis deals with the land and its peculiarities in the legal sense, which together with other factors significantly affect the relationship to land. The introduction to the issue is given by a part of the work devoted to the history and geography of both countries, focusing on the current state and major environmental problems. Emphasis is placed on the legal development over the last hundred years in relation to land-legal relations. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on defining current ownership relations and on the context of land disposition in both countries. Both the private-law structure and the public-law organization of these relations, which are significantly different in both countries, are described in detail. In this respect, much of the attention is focused on the...
Legal principle of superficies solo cedit and its significance in land law
Humenná, Katarína ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Žákovská, Karolina (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the legal principle superficies solo cedit and its return into the Czech law. The main aim of this thesis was to give a comprehensive view of this issue, especially how the return of the principle has changed land law relations. The first part of the thesis describe the division of the law to private law and public law. The first part is followed by the historical excursion which describes how the principle originated and how and whether it was part of the legal order in the past. The next chapters of the thesis are the main part of the work and describes the principle in todays law. Firstly the incorporation of the principle into the Civil Code is described and then individual paragraphs governing the principle follows. The definition of the basic terms as land, construction and temporary construction which are used by Civil Code but not described in it are the topic of next chapter. Next, relatively extensive chapter named line constructions describes exceptions to the principle. The basic definition of exceptions can be found in the Civil Code but more detailed regulation is contained in public acts, therefore private and public law is intertwined in this area. Easements to real estate, historical development of its legislation and today's legislation in this...
Investing in a Residental Housing Development Project
Kuděla, Jan ; Brauner, Roman (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on investment in a residential housing development project.Describes the individual steps of the development project. The result of the thesis is its ownproposal to invest in a development project in the field of residential housing, specificallyin the Mokrá-Horákov area, Brno-venkov district.
Structure-Space-City "Urban block completion"
Langnerová, Karolina ; Zadražilová, Miroslava (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
This work seeks to verify the possible construction of a kindergarten in very confined conditions in the courtyard so that children can take dignified first steps in educational facilities and at the same time to economically use the land in the city center.
Restrictions of the land ownership
Trčková, Michaela ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Žákovská, Karolina (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the legal regulation of individual institutes which mean the restriction of disposal of subject of the right of ownership. For the purpose of this diploma thesis the subject of the right of ownership means the land, respectively the plot within the intention of the Act No. 256/2013 Coll. on Land Register. The plot is an individualized part of earth surface which is determined by a boundary. In accordance with the above it is presumed that where the author uses "land", she means the plot. The aim of the diploma thesis is to present the detailed analysis of individual legal regulations which manage restrictions of plot ownership. It is clear that the topic of the diploma thesis is quite comprehensive, so the author has decided to present the basic concepts at first. The basic concepts are a land, real estate, plot and parcel and right of ownership. The author has build on the part of right of ownership the chapter two, which is about the restrictions of right of ownership that are laid down in the constitutional order and Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code. Chapter two reflects the reasons behind the enactment of the restrictions of right of ownership in the legal order. The flagship part of the thesis is in the chapter three and four. This section is an analysis...
Long-term field experiments and their contribution to environmentally balanced agriculture: Abstract proceedings of the international colloquium and of the workshop Unbalanced potassium plant nutrition: causes, consequences and threats
Madaras, Mikuláš ; Stehlíková, Iva ; Teplá, Daniela
Proceedings of the scientific conference on long-term field experiments and their contribution to environmentally balanced agriculture with focus on unbalanced potassium nutrition.
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Methodical practice of taking samples fertilizers, plants and soil for determination of risk elements in agro-ecosystems and other parameters of soil fertility: applied methodology with certification
Kunzová, Eva ; Menšík, Ladislav ; Hejcman, Michal ; Dostál, Jiří
The methodology is describing latest findings on methods of sampling of barnyard manure, organic and organomineral fertilizers, samplings of vegetable material and soil for determination of risk elements content. As a part of the methodology there is description of laboratory methods for determination of dry matter content, pH, content of essential nutrients and risk elements in samples (of farmyard manure, organic and organomineral fertilizers, vegetable material and soil). Methodology is describing methods of characterization of quality of soil organic matter (SOM) and most important limit valuables of risk elements in fertilisers, substrates and soils. The application of methodology will be in the corporation farming on arable soil, grassland, classical and also ecological agriculture. It will be used also by accredited laboratories, agricultural consultant and in advisory framework of Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic etc. Methodology can be used by civil servants, students and teachers in secondary schools and agricultural universities etc.
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Detection of Network Attacks Using Tshark
Dudek, Jindřich ; Ryšavý, Ondřej (referee) ; Holkovič, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and implementation of a tool for network attack detection from a captured network communication. It utilises the tshark packet analyser, the meaning of which is to convert the input file with the captured communications to the PDML format. The objective of this conversion being, increasing the flexibility of input data processing. When designing the tool, emphasis has been placed on the ability to expand it to detect new network attacks and on integrating these additions with ease. For this reason, the thesis also includes the design of a complex declarative descriptions for network attacks in the YAML serialization format. This allows us to specify the key properties of the network attacks and the conditions for their detection. The resulting tool acts as an interpreter of proposed declarative descriptions allowing it to be expanded with new types of attacks.
Production buildings VW Autocenter
Nováková, Eva ; Žák, Libor (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
A goal of this thesis is elaborating of a project documentation which is consisted of a building permit documentation in a scale 1:100 and a construction documentation in a scale 1:50. This thesis is based on architectural study elaborated within the course AG35. A subject matter of the Bachelor thesis is a design of a newbuilding of the showroom of a Car-centre Volkswagen Group in Brno - Zábrdovice on Cejl street. The part of the design is the architectural object itself and its surroundings. The original idea was to create a large view area for the people passing or driving by to have a good view of exposed cars. To this purpose a circular floor plan has provided the best viewings inside the building from several points of view. A form of the showroom is a cylinder which is partially covered by white fabric shades. The whole structural system of the showroom is formed by steel columns with a reinforced concrete wall. A roof construction is made up by steel trusses.
The methodology of the proper way of manure storing on agricultural land: 2nd edition; Certified methodology for practice
Svoboda, Pavel ; Wollnerová, Jana ; Kozlovská, Lada ; Klír, Jan
The proposed methodology describes a complete manual to the correct storage of farmyard manure on agricultural land before its application. Special attention is paid to measures for storage of farmyard manure in vulnerable zones identified in the action program of the Nitrates Directive. For selecting a suitable place to storing farmyard manure are available in the methodology detailed instructions, with the help of data in the registry of soil LPIS at web site Portál farmáře. The model of the required emergency plan or supplement of the plan is also given in the methodology. The second updated edition responds to changes in legislation in 2016, in particular the amendment to the Government Regulation no. 262/2012 Coll., On determining the vulnerable areas and Action Programme, which was issued under No. 235/2016 Coll.
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