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Reform of mental healthcare in Czech Republic
Šilhanová, Andrea ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Mlejnková, Kristýna (referee)
In the thesis I examine current legislative anchoring of healthcare and social care of mental health. In the second chapter of theoretical part I write about classification of mental illnesses. Third chapter, which is very important from my point of view, describe transformation of healthcare and social care in the foreign countries. Practical part contains pilot survey for the Ministry of Health. The purpose was to find out the satisfaction of the clients with social and health services, which are part of the treatment of mental health. Satisfaction was detected by questionnaires, which patients had available with their ambulant psychiatrist. Those questionnaires were created at round tables by experts, patients and service providers in a hospital. Social care and healthcare do not connect. Experts do not communicate with each other. Tragical finding was that ambulant psychiatrist has in average thirteen minutes for examination of a client. Definitely Czech Republic need Centre for Mental Healthcare for complex care of the patient.
Hand hygiene of healthcare workers providing care in a medical facility
Hájková, Iveta ; Kordulová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kulířová, Veronika (referee)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is focused on issues related to hand hygiene in health care workers, in the provision of care in the health facility. Even though this topic is often mentioned, it is in practice less understood or misinterpreted. Sometimes, it is neglected or downplayed by health workers. The theoretical part is divided into 7 chapters. Here is anatomy and physiology of the skin, microbiological and epidemiological situation, measures aimed at eliminating the source and avoiding the route of transmission, effective methods of disinfection, sterilization, elimination of microorganisms and their transmission, in the health facility. Hand hygiene and its techniques, proper use of personal protective equipment, nail hygiene and, last but not least, skin care. Explaining the concept of hospital infection, which increases morbidity and mortality of patients, increases both diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and generally aggravates the quality of care provided with prolonging the period of hospitalization. I have worked on a search for relevant resources on the subject. The sources I drew mainly from WHO guidelines, CDC, Decree No. 306/2012 Coll. and on the basis of a literature search from the National Medical Library. I received the consent to perform the action research from...
Nurse education as one of the aspects of providing quality care
The theoretical bachelor thesis called Education of nurse as one of the aspects of provided care quality has informational character. The goal is to introduce the education of nurse as one of the aspects of provided care quality. The thesis should deal with the present situation of nurses' education in the Czech Republic. It is focused on education and educating related to change of provided nursing care quality in the first place. The bachelor thesis deals with education itself and also for providing a valuable nursing. The thesis consists of history facts, knowledge from practical lessons, public and expert opinion etc. It is based on the change of the Act no.96/2004 Sb. and focuses on the Act no.201/2017 Sb. in detail. It was necessary to study local and foreign literature to finish the bachelor thesis. The majority of the writing contains articles from professional journals and printed publications or internet resources. The technique of analysis, synthesis, comparing and evaluation were applied. The coherent informational material evaluating and conducting a survey of the present situation of nurses' education in the interaction with provided care quality was created. Due to a change of a law, Ministry of Health enabled the lower general nurses' education, increased the competency of secondary educated nurses and abolished the credit system of lifelong education. It is necessary to create proper working conditions and appropriate salary assessment. Education is necessary to maintain and develop the provided care quality. The contribution of this thesis should extend reader's knowledge of nurses' opinions about education and understanding the need of education and educating for improving provided nursing care quality. Based on the historical milestones and opinions of experts it is possible to conclude the education of nurse is an aspect of provided care quality and it changes with achieving a different level of education.
Palliative care from the perspective of hospice caring professional
Kýhosová, Petra ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
(in English): The thesis Palliative care from the perspective of hospice caring professional concerns the hospice palliative care, the attitudes of caring professional towards death and dying and an effect of the values and needs on the quality of hospice care. The theoretical part defines the specifics of the palliative care and stressful situations of the staff. The practical part focuses on the hospice palliative care issues through the qualitative research from the perspective of hospice staff.
Magnet hospitals
Klokočková, Šárka ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Zvoníčková, Marie (referee)
Summary: The aim of thi disertation was to enlighten the term magnet hospital. Introduction of this thesis describes personnel situation in health care systém in the Czech republic and globaly. It also shows predictions of the future critical nurse staff shortage on labour market all around the world and it's possible impact on quality of care. Magnet hospitals as the kind of organization that creates work enviroment which increases nurses work satisfaction, quality of care and patients outcomes, sees the author as one of the possible solution of nursing shortage in the Czech republic. Second part of this theses, rpresents the results of the qualitative and quantitative research, participant were 16 nurses at the management positions (structured intewies) and 250 nurses (questionare NWI-R autor's own translation). Results: It was obvious that still prevails the traditional hierarchy and medical model of care delivery. Also there is streotypical view of the role and position of the nurses in health care teams, nurses do not feel like they are involved in management of the hospital. According to the findings we cannot describe those organizations as magnet hospital. It's also clear that the nursing care managers play the key role in creating the good work environment. We should pay more attention to their...
Legal aspects and their application in the real work of nurses standardized nursing procedures
Jánská, Lucie ; Rožnovská, Ludmila (advisor) ; Vaňková, Dana (referee)
Author: Lucie Jánská Institution: Institute of social medicine Faculty of medicine in Hradec Title: Legal aspects and their fair application in the work of the sister with standardized nursing procedures Supervisor: JUDr. Ludmila Rožnovská Count of pages: 78 Count of attached pages: 1 Year of completion: 2016 Keywords: standardized nursing procedures, the quality of care, kompetence, legal responsibility The thesis is made up of two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part are clarified the knowledge regarding the quality of nursing care, evaluation of this quality and brings the analysis of standardization. It deals with the komplete of General nurses and thein legal responisibilities. The practical paet of the reports on the researcg, which took place in a large hospitál with participation of the 91 respondets. Reports on thein awareness, knowledge, competences and legal awareness. Discussion and conclusion of the summary ot the results obtained are served.
Patient safety in the operating theatre
Fejglová, Pavla ; Holečková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Milfaitová, Vlasta (referee)
Author: Pavla Fejglová Institution: Department of Social Medicine, Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Nursing Care Title of the thesis: Patient safety in the operating theatre Supervisor: Ing. Zuzana Holečková Number of pages: 133 Number of attachments : 8 Year of defence: 2014 Key words: perioperative care, safety, quality of care, adverse events This bachelor thesis deals with one of the crucial roles of the medical staff in the operating theater - the issue of ensuring patient safety and quality of nursing care during the perioperative period on central operating theaters of the University Hospital in Hradec Králové and Liberec Regional Hospital from the perioperative nurses point of view. The core of the empirical part consists of quantitative research in the area of compliance with the measures to ensure the safety of patients during their stay in the operating room. Research data were obtained thanks to the understanding of perioperative nurses from operating theatres of the above mentioned hospitals. Based on the data, analysis was conducted with interpretation of results and several measures aimed mainly to improve the safety of patients during the perioperative period and the prevention of adverse events are proposed.
Needs and Experience of Families with Child Suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Current Situation and Challenges for Social and Health Care System in Czech Republic
Schagererová, Iveta ; Štegmannová, Ingrid (advisor) ; Tichá, Růžena (referee)
Situation of families in which a child with spinal muscular atrophy was born, is the topic of this thesis. This rare genetic disease affects neuromuscular system of children and shortens their lives. In most severe cases the failure of respiratory functions comes in the first year of child's life. This thesis is focused on support that Czech system of social and medical services provides to families with this disease. Next, it looks into needs of these families and examine the extent to which the system is able to saturate them. Very important point in this research is also families' perception of quality of care. The research was implemented with use of qualitative methods, mostly by semi-structured interviews which followed families' journey through the system of social and medical services. Then there is a comparison of experience of families with theories, policy and other normative framework and suggestion of steps that should be taken to improve families' satisfaction with services they receive concerning the child's disease. Key words: spinal muscular atrophy, rare diseases, patient's autonomy, patient- centered care, patient journey, quality of care.

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