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Skechers company's strategy of marketing communication for the Czech market
Nováková, Michaela ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Strategy of marketing communication for Skechers on the Czech market Goals: The main objective of my thesis is to create a marketing strategy of communication for the Skechcers brand on the Czech market. This goal is based on identifying the biggest weaknesses of the brand. An important aspect of my thesis is also the comparison and inspiration of selected competitors, which are Nike and Under Armour. The target group of the communication strategy will be Generation Y in the Czech Republic. Methods: The practical part of my thesis, thus qualitative marketing research, was done in the form of an interview with two representatives from Skechers and Under Armour. The interview was centered around a previously prepared questionnaire, which was almost the same for both respondents - the only change was the name of the firm which the respondent represented. During the interview we focused on seven sections, which I discribe more in my thesis. A second method was used for the analysis of electronical documents and materials about existing marketing communications of Skechers and selected competitors. Results: The analytical part of the thesis is consisted of undertaken interviews with the representatives of Skechers and Under Armour. The results showed that Generation Y exclusively uses Under...
The role of the perioperative nurse in the multidisciplinary team
Working in the operating room is challenging and high demands are placed on all members of the operating team, both in terms of professional qualifications and personalities. An integral part of the team is a perioperative nurse who, as a member, plays an irreplaceable role in the team and, together with other team members, strives to achieve a common goal. This bachelor thesis describes the work of a perioperative nurse in a multidisciplinary team in the operating room. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part is divided into several areas. The thesis begins with the characteristics of the individual periods of perioperative care and describes the role of the perioperative nurse in each of these periods. Furthermore, this thesis describes the operating room environment and the preparation of the operating group. It informs about qualification and specialization education that is needed to perform the profession of perioperative nurse. The theoretical part concludes with an area that deals with the composition of a multidisciplinary team and communication between its members. The empirical part of this thesis consists of a research investigation. The aim of this work was to determine the role of perioperative nurse in multidisciplinary team. Three research questions have been set to achieve the goal: 1. What are the perioperative nurses' competencies? 2. What are the training opportunities for perioperative nurses? 3. What is the role of a perioperative nurse in a multidisciplinary team? The research was carried out by a qualitative method. Research data were obtained in the form of semi-structured interviews with ten perioperative nurses working in the operating room. The interview contained thirteen pre-prepared questions and other questions were supplemented according to the situation during the interview. The questions were divided into three areas. The first area of questions concerned identification data and education of perioperative nurses, the second area of questions was concerned with activities performed by perioperative nurses in the operating room and the third area focused on interpersonal relationships and team communication. All data obtained was analyzed and divided into categories and subcategories. The research suggests that the main job of the perioperative nurse depends on whether the nurse currently holds the role of an assistant nurse of the so-called orbiting nurse. Both of these roles are specific, especially during the surgery, and work closely together during the surgery. In order for a nurse to become a perioperative nurse and be able to work without supervision, a specialized course is required. These results indicate that nurses are interested in continuing their education in order to perform the work of a perioperative nurse. Patients are at the forefront of the operations team, and although friendly and warm relationships are not always present among the members during surgery, most members respect each other. Survey results can help students and nurses interested in perioperative care. The planned outcome of this work is the publication of the results obtained in a professional periodical.
Hearing disordes by geriatric pacients as a nursing problem
The main purpose of this work is to map the specifics of access and communication in providing nursing care to geriatric patients with hearing impairment. Following this purpose, three research questions were identified: What problems in daily life in geriatric patients are caused by hearing impairment?; What needs do geriatric patients with hearing impairment have in relation to the nursing staff?; What mistakes in geriatric patients with hearing impairment are encountered by nursing staff? The empirical part of the work was processed by methods of qualitative research, which was carried out in the form of semi-structured interview. The whole interview contained a total of 15 questions. Some of them were supplemented by sub-questions. The research sample consisted of 7 informants over 60 years of age suffering from hearing impairment of varying degrees. The interviews were recorded on a mobile phone using the Answering Machine application and subsequently processed into a written form or recorded in writing during the interview. The obtained results were subsequently processed by the open coding method, using the "pencil paper" technique. The results are divided into three categories: adaptation, communication and specific care. In general, it has become clear that informants are relatively reconciled with their hearing impairment. Hearing loss of varying degrees is above all compensated by hearing aids, which makes the most users satisfied. Frequently asked questions on the evaluation of the quality of provided nursing care mainly showed patient satisfaction. Most of the requests were focused on the specifics of communication, in which staff commits occasional errors. Errors and deficiencies may subsequently complicate patient-staff collaboration. The work brings a comprehensive view of the problems of hearing loss in the geriatric age and its impact on the everyday life of all who suffer from it. The results can serve nurses in practice, as well as medical and non-medical students, and anyone who wants to learn more about life with hearing impairment in old age.
Communication Techniques for Deafblind Persons with Multiple Disabilities
The main aim of this bachelor thesis was to find communication techniques which could be used for communication on a selected person with deafblindness with fine and gross motor disorder and propose a way of communication with this person. The bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part we deal with the theoretical starting points for the given topic. First, we focus on the development of deafblindness and on the definition of this concept including the division of deafblindness. In the next chapter we deal with communication in general and also closer on people with disabilities. This is followed by the chapter of alternative and augmentative communication, where these terms are explained. There is also a list of examples of alternative and augmentative communication, which is subsequently narrowed to the techniques of communication of people with total deafblindness with associated affection of fine and gross motor skills. The individual techniques are explained and supplemented by visual display. In the last charter of the theoretical part we deal with the issue of associated disability to deafblindness, there is a list of syndromes and diseases causing deafblindness. To achieve the aim, we used a qualitative approach in the empirical part. In the form of a case study, we concentreted on a specific selected person with total deafblindness with associated affection of fine and gross motor skills with preserved verbal communication ability. The aim was to find out which of the selected techniques of alternative and augmentative communication can be used to communicate with a selected person with disabilities. The surprising result was that none of the available communication techniques were sufficient to communicate with the selected person. It was a reason to create a new individual communication technique created directly for the needs of a person with total deafblindness with associated disability of fine and gross motor skills and preserved verbal communication.
The problems of communication between nurse and patients with dementia
This bachelor thesis deals with the problems of communication between nurses and patients with dementia. Aims of the Thesis: To find out what barriers there are in communication among nurses and patients suffering from dementia - mental, physical, and duration difficulties. To map out nurses´ experience in communicating with patients suffering from dementia. To find out how nurses communicate with patients suffering from dementia. Methodology and Research File: To reach goals set, three research questions have been posed. What barriers are there in nurses´ communication with patients suffering from dementia? What is nurses´ experience with communicating with patients suffering from dementia? How do nurses communicate with patients suffering from dementia while nursing? To carry out the survey, a qualitative approach was chosen, using a semi-structured interview as the data collection method. The semi-structured interview was accompanied by a long-term direct observation carried out in the after-care department. The research file consisted of 11 nurses from three departments of a chosen South-Bohemian hospital. A deliberate choice of nurses was carried out, the main criterion of being included within the research file was minimal nursing practice of 3 years of working in the given department. The data was processed using the pen-and-paper method using open coding, and the data was subsequently categorized. 6 categories and 14 subcategories were set. Results: The survey has proven that nurses are experienced in communicating with patients suffering from dementia, they have theoretical knowledge, as well as proven methods for communication purposes. Some nurses do use these communication methods in practice. Other nurses have (theoretical) knowledge of how to communicate, however they do not use these communication techniques in practice. Practical Recommendations: We recommend to include self-experience courses in communication with patients suffering from dementia as part of nurse education, where the nurses would not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also be enabled to rehearse their communication with that specific group of patients in simulated model situations, getting a feedback.
Meaning of communication in the Lactation Counseling
The topic of this thesis is the importance of communication in lactation counseling. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a research section. At the beginning of the theoretical section, we describe breastfeeding and its importance for both mother and newborn, while other chapters describe lactation physiology, breast milk composition and lactation counseling. The most important part of the theoretical section is definitely the chapter named communication, which is discussed in greater detail. We cannot omit elements of communication, verbal and non-verbal communication and, last but not least, the chapter elements of communication between a healthcare professional and a patient, which emphasizes how to conduct a conversation with a patient to be successful. In the theoretical section, great emphasis is placed on education in lactation counseling and on complications that may occur during breastfeeding. Of course, we cannot leave out proper breastfeeding positions and correct techniques that are necessary for the next stage of breastfeeding, that every lactation advisor should know. Two goals have been set for the research section. The first aim of the work was to map the satisfaction of mothers of sucklings up to one year with lactation counseling. The second goal was to map the level of knowledge and communication lactation counselors have in the field of lactation counseling. According to the first goal the hypothesis was constructed so that there are differences in the satisfaction of mothers with lactation counseling depending on the level of their communication skills. A research question was assigned to the second goal and it focuses on the level of knowledge and communication lactation counselors have in the field of lactation counseling. The research was carried out using qualitative and quantitative research, whereby individual semi-structured and in-depth interviews were used in the qualitative survey. These were conducted with five lactation advisors. The lactation counselors were acquainted with the topic of the bachelor thesis and were assured of maintaining anonymity. Based on data analysis, three main categories with subcategories were set. The results of qualitative research have shown that lactation consultanst have 7 communication skills in lactation counseling at a very good level. The responses of the lactation counselors were matching, independent of each other. Quantitative research was conducted using an anonymous questionnaire whereby we were most interested in the satisfaction of mothers with the lactation counselor. A total of 126 questionnaires were filled in, which were completed electronically between February 2019 and March 2019. A zero hypothesis was chosen and later confirmed by reaserch. It is clear from the results of the quantitative research that more than half of the interviewed mothers would use the services of a lactation advisor in the future. Lactation counselors were also evaluated by mothers who used lactation counseling during pregnancy or after birth. The evaluation of lactation counselors was rather positive than negative, as more than half of the mothers evaluated the lactation consultants positively. The results of the research can be used as material for a better awarness among lactation counselors, as well as for the general public, especially for expectant mothers, but also as a study material for schools.
Multidimensional view on the work of children's nurse in the emergency room of children's ward
The work of nurses in the outpatient department belongs between discussed topics. The interplay and cooperation of all members of the medical team are especially important. Correct communication between all team members and communication with children and their accompaniment are also a matter of course. The aim of this diploma thesis is to map the work of a nurse in a comprehensive view in the outpatient area of the children's ward, the satisfaction of children and parents in the outpatient area of the children's ward and to suggest possible improvements for the outpatient sphere of the children's ward of České Budějovice a.s. The diploma thesis is processed by qualitatively quantitative investigation using semi-structured interviews, questionnaires and observations. The research group consisted of nurses, doctors, paediatric patients and their accompaniment at the children's ward, paramedics and the general public as well. The interviews were categorized and processed by the method of pencil and paper. Questionnaires were processed statistically. The hidden participating observation was focused on the collaboration and communication of nurses from outpatient department with other nurses, doctors, paramedics, children and their accompaniment; and it was also focused on the satisfaction of the children or their accompaniment at the outpatient department. The results of the work showed that the view of the work of the paediatric nurse is distorted both from the health care professionals and the general public, which means that the nurse is seen mainly as a nursing care provider. The results also showed the necessity of proper communication and knowledge of foreign languages. At the same time, the thesis was used to identify shortcomings or suggestions for changes in the paediatric outpatient department of the České Budějovice Hospital, including the satisfaction of patients and their accompaniment during visiting the department that depends on the time spent in the waiting room. Suggestions for improvement were drawn up, drafted and handed over to the children's ward management.
Touha žít
The work deals with the problem of the pain and suffering of a young person that prevents him from developing his desire to live. The work is focused on the young person and it is based on the psychological introduction to the issue. It notices accompanying facts of suffer as fear and anxiety, but also its counterparts in the form of hope and joy. The work also seeks to search for the meaning of these negative facts and presents several knowledge from logo therapy. It further develops Christian perspectives that relate to the problem of the pain and suffering of a young person, especially on the basis of the Bible, the apostolic letter Salvifici Doloris. It offers a view of faith, hope and joy, but does not negate the possibility of doubt and dark nights. It further describes the value of prayer and seeks to find ways for the young man to accept his life also with suffering. It shows the Church as a community of love, especially according to the example of the merciful Samaritan. It points to the importance of communication - dialogue with a young person and authenticity of human acceptance that is a very important function of the relationship when the young person feels his value and importance. It also develops the qualitative function of the relationship based on providing help beyond the profession, thanks to which fact a young person can once again discover his desire to live despite the limiting factors in the form of pain and suffering. In the end, there are described several case studies in the work focused on the importance of personal relationships that can bring the necessary changes for young man and to discover the value of human life.
A patient with a mental disability on a standard hospital ward.
This bachelor thesis deals with specifics of nursing care of patient with mental disability on a standard hospital ward. The thesis is divided into theoretical part where the basic information about mental disability are described including nursing care. The analytical part is aimed on experiences and knowledge of nurses who are caring of this patients and the other aspects which influence nursing care. The aim of the bachelor thesis is find out possible problems which occur during the hospitalization. Qualitative research using semi-structured interviews was selected for the analytical part. It was supplemented by direct, hide, participant observation. Ten nurses working at different standard wards in different hospitals were intentionaly selected for the research. The given interviews were processed by the open coding technique using pencil and paper. 7 categories and some subcategories were created and were further elaborated according to their specialization. Observation was performed on the Internal Department in one South Bohemian hospital. Seven nurses were observed. The analysis of observation was made by describing the individual record sheets and the situations and their comparison. The research shows that nursing care of patients with mental disability is difficult and have to be individualized. The most common problems in these patients are impaired adaptability, self-care deficit, disturbed verbal communication, incontinence, the risk of a violence and impaired social interactions. Nurses encounter all degrees of mental disability. The grade of mental disability is one of the aspects that greatly affects nursing care. Quality communication and sufficient patient information are essential for proper nursing care. The results of this bachelor thesis could be used for nurses or nursing students. The results can serve as an information material for anyone who wants to learn more about mentally handicapped patients.
Communication like an implement of education
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to describe and analyze the elements of communication by which teachers try to make their teaching more effective. The bachelor thesis describes the variability of teacher's communication with pupils in individual lessons, depending on the school environment, teacher's experience, climate of the class and other aspects related to this topic. All this with regard to the relevant school - grammar school. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with basic theoretical knowledge concerning communication. First, from a general point of view, and then from a concrete point of view - communication at school (school environment) taking into account all the variables that influence such communication. The practical part then examines the pedagogical communication in lessons at lower and upper level of grammar school, specifically - Gymnázium Bohumila Hrabala v Nymburce.

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