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The specifics of pedagogue's work with children with social disadvantages during the process of school club integration.
Pokorná, Daniela ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The thesis is focused on the specifics of work of pedagogical worker with socially disadvantaged children during the process of their integration into the out of school care environment. The thesis is trying to find out how the pedagogical workers detect such disadvantage and furthermore how are they handling this problem. The research part is based on qualitative research strategy using the methods of observation, casuistry and open interviews.
The role of supervisors in social service facilities from the perspective of executives
This bachelor thesis deals with the expected role of the supervisor in the social services facility. The aim of this thesis was to map the expected role of supervisor from the perspective of senior social service workers with registered services of special regime homes in South Bohemia. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a research part. The first chapter introduces the context of providing social services in accordance with the current legislation. Special space is dedicated to the social service - "home with a special regime" and its target group. Furthermore, the term "helping professions" and their application in social services are discussed. The second chapter of the theoretical part deals with supervision and its conception in social work. In the section on supervision, this process is defined, goals and functions or types and forms are mentioned, the supervisory contract is also added. The section devoted to the supervisor discusses his / her professional competence and personality assumptions. The last third chapter of the theoretical part presents in detail the evaluation criteria of the supervisor in terms of personality qualities, negotiating a supervision contract, ethical and moral aspects, education and professional assumptions, direct management and supervision management, documentation and communication of acquired knowledge. The empirical part examines the expected role of supervisor from the perspective of executives. The main research question was: "What is the expected role of the supervisor in terms of executives?" The following four research questions have been set to answer the main research question: What personality assumptions influence the quality of the supervisor? What qualities should a supervisor meet professionally in terms of education? What do the formalities of supervision optimally look like? What should supervision output look like? The research was carried out by means of a qualitative research stratégy. To collect data, there was chosen the technique of semi-structured interview with senior social service workers with registered services of special regime homes in the South Bohemian Region. The research was conducted in two phases. The first phase was pre-research and the second phase was the research itself. The research sample was compiled using quota selection and consisted of ten informants. The research showed that the communication skills and the ability to empathize with others are positively evaluated in personality assumptions. On the contrary, arrogance, authoritarianism, ridicule, self-centered or impulsive behaviour is undesirable. A male supervisor who has at least a middle age is better accepted. The supervisor should be aware of the fact that he / she has power of supervising and should not deliberately abuse it. In addition, research suggests that if a supervisor is expected to have a proper education, then it should be in the form of a university degree in psychology, social work, andragogy or sociology. Supervisory training is intended to serve the supervisor for higher professionalism and psychotherapeutic training to help him / her work more professionally. It was also found that most of the facilities has a supervisory contract for a period of one year and then mostly prolongs it. In particular, he / she specifies payment terms and confidentiality Furthermore, from the obtained data it can be stated that supervision should be performed every three months in the form of a combination of individual and group supervision. The topics should be primarily working topics, especially at the level of inter-institutional relations. The facility evaluates only the process of supervision and its impact, not the supervisor. The interviews were recorded on a dictaphone, then literally transcribed and processed by the clusthering method. The clusters were then encoded and divided into more general categories.
Professional Training in the Canine Therapy
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the training (possibilities of education, professional competence, knowledge, skills, competence) in the field of canine therapy in the Czech Republic and to propose requirements for the performance of the profession of canine therapist in social services. The first partial aim is to find out what are the current requirements for education and training in the field of canine therapy, which is provided in social services. The second partial aim is to define the profession of canine therapist and propose qualification requirements, requirements for education and supervision for the performance of the profession of canine therapist.The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the practical one. The theoretical part contains two main chapters. The first chapter defines the concepts of canine therapy and requirements for providing canine therapy in social services. The second chapter of this section contains requirements for education and training in canine therapy. In the practical part there are two main research questions defined and two main research questions are defined for each main research question. The research was realized by qualitative research strategy, questioning method and semi-controlled interview technique. For the interviews there was prepared record sheet with questions divided into 4 circuits. The interviews were conducted with 10 canine therapists who provide canine therapy in social services. As the results of the research confirmed, the training of canine therapy teams is still fragmented. Various canine therapy associations have different requirements for training and testing canine therapeutic teams. Communication partners most often mentioned the requirement for a canine therapist's education to study the humanities. Most often canine therapists participate in supervision either in the canine therapy association or in the supervision within their profession. The results also showed that the canine therapist should be empathetic, flexible, adaptable and creative. From the skills, the canine therapists most often defined excellent communication skills, cynological skills and the ability to devise a program for the clients that will interest them. For the performance of canine therapy, the most frequently defined knowledge was in the field of social work, knowledge of the target group and its specific needs and perfectly know your dog. Canine therapists have also agreed on the need for experience from the helping profession. They believe that an umbrella organization could help to unify the rules. The bachelor thesis can be used for both the professional and general public. The results can be used for non-governmental non-profit organizations that are currently seeking to include a canine therapist between the profession and the occupation of the labour market.
Teaching assistants and their role in integration of children with autistic spectrum disorder at elementary school
KOTRLA, Daniel
This Bachelor thesis is dealing with the teaching assistant position in relation to integration of children with the autistic spectrum disorder at common public school in Prague. The thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is divided into five chapters that briefly describes the kinds of the autistic spectrum disorders. This part also defines the integration and inclusion terms applied in terms of the teaching assistant position and also describes the position and competencies of each teaching assistant. The practical part consists of the quantitative research built on the basis of exploratory method and it was applied on five public school in Prague that integrates children with autistic spectrum disorder. The enquiry was designed for teaching assistants only and with pre-defined answers combined with questions with opened answers. The enquiry outcomes are processed in graphs based on the answers frequency. The foundations of this research are also the part of this thesis conclusion as well as the propositions for changes in the sphere of the education, practice and competencies of the teaching assistants involved in the process of the children with autistic spectrum disorder integration within common public schools.
Comparative analysis of the Czech and French legislation regulating territorial organization of the state and analysis of the relevant French legal terminology with a glossary
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of the structure of the territorial organisation in the Czech republic and France and comparison of the position and authority of the territorial self-governement in these two countries. The introduction of the thesis outlines the historical development and changes in the territorial structure. The next part is dedicated to self-government, its definition and enshrining in the Constitution. The difference between state administration and self-government will be shortly mentioned as well. The body of the thesis consists of the analysis of the functionning of the territorial units, their competences, structure and instruments. This part is followed by the comparative analysis in which the systems of both countries are compared. The whole thesis is concluded with a brief language analysis concerning also French-Czech glossary.
The role of social educatior and teacher assistant in integration of pupils (children) from a socio-culturally different environment
This bachelor thesis deals with the general definition of the profession of social educator and teacher assistant, especially in relation to its competencies and areas of application in working with children from the social-culturally disadvantaged environment. It deals with the activities of social educators and teachers' assistants who assist in solving everyday problems of children and pupils not only at school but also in adapting to a new environment. The practical part of the thesis is based on the findings of the theoretical part. In the framework of the research questions were raised for the social educator and the assistant of the teacher which were presented in the form of interviews to selected informants who actually perform these professions. From obtained of the data through a qualitative research survey - open encoding methods from individual addressed informants that social educators and teacher assistants are absolutely necessary and indispensable, and their contribution to the educational process of including pupils with special educational needs is very important especially at elementary school.
How do social workers work with the theories of social work
This diploma thesis is dealing with social work theories and their usage in practice of social workers. Theoretical part describes their historical evolution until actual crisis of social work. Afterwards it is aimed on specific model, task centred approach. This approach has in Czech environment exceptional position, because it shows parallels with Act on social services and Standards of social services quality. Conclusion of theoretical part is dedicated to relationship between how social workers use in their practice social work theories and how this state is reflected in their professionality. Practical part is processed in form of qualitative research in which ten social workers took part. Through half structured interview were mapped if and which way social workers are using in their practice social work theories, and their experiences with task centred approach. Results of research, which are more closely elaborated within final discussion showed suppressed importance of theories. Social workers usually in their practice are not using specific theory (nor task centred approach), but they more rely on "their own theories" or internal rules of organization where they work.
The literal story use for the pre-reading literacy in kindergarten
This bachelor thesis elaborates on the topic of reading literacy focusing on the activities able to support the pre-reading skills? development of preschool children. The theoretical part of this thesis defines the term reading literacy and it argues the importance of reading during the preschool period. Furthermore, it closely describes the methods of work with literal text leading to the fulfillment of expected results in relation to the framework educational programme. The practical part of the thesis brings the working approaches and proposals of activities regarding pre-reading prevention. The integrated thematical units rising out of the literary stories were used while working with children. Followingly, they were considered according to the evaluation plan.
Quality of a primary teacher from the parents and public perspective
Kolaříková, Alena ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
TITLE: QUALITY OF A PRIMARY TEACHER FROM THE PARENTS AND PUBLIC PERSPECTIVE Author Alena Kolaříková DAPARTEMENT Centre of school management SUPERVISOR PhDr. Jan Voda, Ph.D. ANNOTATION The role of a teacher in society and quality of education are quite often subject of a discussion these days. These discussions are linked with evaluation of quality of teachers, their way of teaching, and also with their approach to pupils and parents. The importance of teaching can be seen in two levels: firstly, the focus is on giving the knowledge, and secondly the focus is on personal development of the pupil, his/her competencies, and personal skills and respect. In this work I will describe various styles of teaching, personal prerequisites and further competencies, as necessary qualities a teacher should have. I will present five basic teaching styles with focus on their positives and risks. In analytical part, I will look up competitions rewarding good teachers and will describe criteria based on which selected teachers are rewarded. By the form of questionnaire, the practical part will try to identify what type of teacher of 1st level Primary school is preferred by the parents / legal representatives, and what type of personal and professional qualities they appreciate the most. KEYWORDS : Teachers' quality,...
School Board and its participation in School Management
Kubíček, David ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of setting up school councils in elementary schools. Respondents of empirical research were directors of complete primary schools in the Hradec Králové Region. In particular, the results of the survey can be used to find possibilities for cooperation between the principal and the school council, so that its activities can help to the overall development of the educational process in the given school. As a basis for reflection, it can serve all stakeholders, i.e. school management, pedagogical staff, founders, and last but not least parents. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to find out to what extent and in what areas the school council influences the management of the principal. The partial aim was to specify the problematic areas of the relationship from the point of view of the principal and to suggest how to mitigate or eliminate their effects. KEYWORDS School board, work performance, headmaster, school law, competence, Czech school inspection.

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