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Population development and current migration tendencies of rural municipalities of South Bohemia
Edelmanová, Denisa ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee)
Transformation of Czech society after 1989 caused changes in spatial migration patterns. After strong socialist urbanization and during post-socialist suburbanization, people also began to move from towns to more remote rural areas. The subject of the thesis is the evaluation of the rural area of South Bohemia in terms of changes in its population and migration development in 1992-2017. Firstly, the thesis briefly analyzes the long-term population development of individual municipalities with extended power of South Bohemia in the context of the whole Czechia and then analyzes the types (positional and size) of rural municipalities of South Bohemia when solving their population growth, stagnation or depopulation and reveals the role of natural currency and migration balance in this population development. The main part of the thesis is an analysis of the internal migration of municipalities of South Bohemia in 1992-2017, namely migration flows between rural municipalities (semi-peripheral and peripheral) on the one hand and urban regions, including core towns (important and less important) and surrounding suburban municipalities, on the second hand. The main aim of the thesis is research the counterurbanization of South Bohemia based on the above mentioned migration flows. Especially after 1997,...
Communication of České Budějovice and the lower nobility at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries
GAJDOŠ, Patrik
This diploma thesis deals with the research of communication between the town council of České Budějovice and representatives of the lower nobility between 1581 and 1584 and later with the interruption from 1602 to 1604. Its aim is to describe the content of mutual correspondence and interpret it in the context of the history of the South Bohemian region. It presents a typology of correspondence in order to identify the most common topics that occurred in the mutual communication of the city council and representatives of the lower nobility. The specific arguments used by the councilors of České Budějovice also became the subject of interest. This approach helped to clarify the identity that the burghers represented through the documents of the city office. Finally, it examines the settlement of representatives of the lower nobility. It was reconstructed using data from correspondence and tax registers. In conclusion, the thesis summarizes the findings and offers possible directions that could be followed in future research.
ECOVAST method for identification of the Netolicko landscape and the comparison with other landscapes evaluated by this method in the southern Bohemia
The diploma thesis comprehensively presents the South Bohemian landscape, its geography, typology, geology, climate, historical specifics and landscape character and other characteristics. The South Bohemian landscape is briefly compared with the landscape of Austria. The main part of the work is the introduction of landscape of Netolicko and the evaluation of the landscape by the Ecovast method. In exercise of the subject "Landscape ecology and landscape care" the author synthesized the results of students and used for comparation of different landscapes by Ecovast method.
The German Training College in České Budějovice in 1870-1920
This thesis deals with the historically unexplored topic of the development of the first teaching institute in South Bohemia, which was founded in the 1850´s. Until the establishment of the Czech Training college in Soběslav in the 1970´s, pedagogy was the only secondary school to educate future teachers of municipal and primary schools. First, the teaching institute was open to both nationalities living in the city of České Budějovice, i.e. German and Czech students, but after the establishment of the Czech pedagogium in Soběslav, it became a purely German school. The history of the German Training College was elaborated on the basis of a study of literature and a detailed analysis of the sources stored in the State District Archive in České Budějovice. The text of the thesis is divided into four main chapters and a series of subchapters. The work includes a set of text, image and table attachments. The diploma thesis summarizes the history of education in South Bohemia with a focus on the German pedagogium and general teaching at the turn of the 19th and 20th century and thus contributes to the history of South Bohemian teacher education.
Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in South Bohemia
BOUČKOVÁ, Miroslava
The main aim of this thesis is to apply the principles of sustainability and responsibility in the South Bohemian region as a tourism destination in relation to Chinese clients and related problems with the subsequent use of modern methods and trends for the development of tourism destination with regard to sustainable and responsible tourism.
Význam místního periodického tisku při prezentaci hlavních etap vývoje ledního hokeje v jihočeském regionu (se zaměřením na České Budějovice a Písek)
This bachelor thesis is focused on development of ice hockey in South Bohemia. Ice hockey is very popular sport in our country and in recent decades, this sport changes lives. This thesis is primary focused on history of ice hockey in cities Czech Budweis and Pisek. Captures not only development of clubs, but also events that made history. The goal is to demonstrate how were those events of clubs in South Bohemia presented in periodicals and in other types of modern media.
Funeral components later La Tene period in South Bohemia
Presented work focuses on burial rite of the late La Tene Period, mainly in southern Bohemia. A latest catalog of burial components of the LTBLTC phases in the south Bohemian Region, which was consequently spatially analyzed. The results were compared with other contemporary components. The author also compares La Tene Period burial rite in southern Bohemia with different regions. The phenomenon of secondary burials in earlier burial mounds is then observed. Based on literature research, the up-to-date knowledge, possible interpretations, and a list of these sites was gathered and synthesized for the southern Bohemian Region. The final part of this work is dedicated to the shortage of burial districts at the end of the La Tene Period, and theoretical models on human remains treatment are presented here.
The life and work of the historian and educator František Bosák
The thesis willbeabout Mr. František Bosák, whowas a pedagogue, historian and camefromtheSouth Bohemian Region. A personality analysisdealswith his character, attitudes to life and familylife. Characterizationofthescientificwork show us not only a coherent list ofBosák'swork, but a viewintothetimewhen he was live, worked and engaged in historicworks as well. František Bosák worked on the University ofSouth Bohemia in České Budějovice for a long time, but he could not get a docent habilitation and publish his scientificworkbefore 1990 becauseofunfavorableofpoliticalscene. This thesis isthefirstessayaboutimportantpedagoguefromtheSouth Bohemia and his life.
Measurement of statistical dependence selected parameters of foreigners in South Bohemian Region in years 2000 - 2016
SAMKOVÁ, Jaroslava
This Master´s thesis examines structural links on the number of foreigner nationals legally staying in the territory of South Bohemia between 2000 and 2016. The following objectives have been defined: Objective 1: To acquire a comprehensive overview of the number of foreigners with long-term or permanent residence living in the territory of South Bohemia between 2000 and 2016 and to demonstrate the current trends Objective 2: To demonstrate the link between the annual approved long-term or permanent residence in the territory of South Bohemia between 2000 and 2016 Objective 3: To perform a comparison of the results achieved with the European trends Due to the results achieved by the applied quantitative research, the objectives of the thesis are considered to have been met. The theoretical part of the thesis covered the strategy of the migration policy of the Czech Republic. This part defines a concept of migration, in conjunction with the legislative aspect of the given case, the concept of a foreign national and categories of residential permits, as long-term and permanent residence, depending on their duration, including an analysis of different types of long-term and permanent residence. Initially, the purpose of the practical part consisted in the collection of statistical data necessary for the examination of a dependence in the form of the most important statistical indicators for the specified years, i.e. between 2000 and 2016. The tables and charts necessary for the regression analysis of long-term and permanent residence, and for the correlative research of a dependence between long-term and permanent residence needed to evaluate the objectives of this research, were created based on acquired data files. The aim of this Master´s thesis was to evaluate, confirm or refute the following hypotheses: H1 Hypothesis: The annual numbers of foreigner nationals with permanent residence can be expressed by a linear regression model, which shows an increasing trend. H2 Hypothesis: The annual numbers of foreigner nationals with long-term residence can be expressed by a linear regression model, which shows an increasing trend. H3 Hypothesis: The annual numbers of foreigner nationals with permanent and long-term residence positively correlate. The H1 hypothesis was verified by a linear regression model for approved permanent residence. The H2 hypothesis was verified for the first interval (the first 7 years with a rising linear regression) and partly for the second interval (the remaining years until 2016 with a decreasing linear regression). In general, the adoption of the H2 hypothesis should be assumed distantly (the economic crisis intervention, the role of the 5-year period). The H3 hypothesis is on the verge of rejection - the consequences of the economic crisis and the 5-year period reveal either a very weak positive correlation between permanent and long-term residence or an uncorrelated form. The findings provided in the Master´s thesis generate a number of other topics for follow-up research (a link to economic cycles, connection to the parameters of asylum procedures).

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