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Crime related to the use of new media by children
Kudrlová, Kateřina ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Musil, Jan (referee) ; Krupička, Jiří (referee)
Crime related to the use of new media by children Mgr. et Mgr. Kateřina Kudrlová Abstract: The thesis confirms two hypotheses: young people online are put at risk of crime and commit crime as well. It is based mostly on the study of documents and scientific literature and analyzing of statistical data. The predominantly criminological perspective sets out the specifics of cyberspace and mentions some of its technological, sociological, psychological and at last but not least legal aspects. Furthermore, the thesis demonstrates the use of cyberspace by young people and the risks that users face. It focuses specifically on internet technology, new media, communication and identity (not only) online, digital imprint, social networks, netholism, an avatar as a user's representation, legal framework and criminal law regulation of cyberspace, bitcoins, cybercrime in general, cybercrime research conducted by the Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention, sexual exploitation of children (focusing on child pornography, sexting and cyber grooming), cyber bullying, intolerance and finally prevention and cybercrime trends. The threat of online crime occurs from the early age of the child, starting with the possible misuse of the digital imprint created by others and encountering inappropriate content. During...
Influence of massmedia to upbringing of children
Jankovská, Tereza ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Pařízek, Michal (referee)
This thesis is about mass media and their influence on upbringing. Theoretical part of thesis is focused on problems of mass media and upbringing and influence of mass media on upbringing. There are describe types and functions of mass media, their influence on the society, furthermore individually upbringing categories and specifics of 21st century. Thesis is closer focused on description of influence on individually digital mass media for upbringing, also on personality of child, and child support for right using mass media at last. In practical are descriptions and results of research through questionnaire which was focused on survey influence mass media in particular cases and their comparison.
Phenomenon watching videos and photos with cats on internet in the light of memetics
Bessisso, Omar ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kopecký, Robin (referee)
Main theme of this bachelor's thesis is phenomenon of watching videos and photos with cats on the internet in the light of memetics, psychology and evolutionary psychology. Further discussion is focused on impacts of living with a cat and possibility of cats as social parasites. This thesis was created on the basis of current reasearch papers and data provided by various search engines. Pictures and videos of cats are one of the most viewed contents on the internet. Funny cat video can be captured by almost everyone. Procrastination is one of the concerns caused by aforementioned phenomenon. It shows that quick view of funny video may result in increased working morale and elevation of good mood. Cat videos are successful by the virtue of combining qualities of cuteness and humor. Intnernet memes featuring cats are successful as well, cats may be considered as the favorite animal of the internet, which is related to the fact, that cats are popular among introverted people. Introverted people spend more time on the internet. Cuteness of cats is possible (pre)adaptation for life in human society. Cats and kittens trigger cute response in same way toddlers do which may hinder parental instincts. The way cats look and act makes us crave to take care of them. Cats are likely social parasites. Cat...
Using social networks for teaching German as a foreigne language
Čermáková, Lucie ; Nečasová, Pavla (advisor) ; Švermová, Dagmar (referee)
The diploma thesis "Using social networks for teaching German as a foreign language" deals with the development of society in the theoretical part and how this development was influenced by technologies. There are also described the individual roles of the Internet and social networks in society and in education. The practical part deals with the use of modern technologies and social networks in education. There are individual examples and advices on how to integrate modern technologies and social networks into education throughout the year and also during one lesson. In conclusion, the work is supplemented with the results of a questionnaire survey, which was conducted in order to obtain information and on opinion of students about what they think of the involvement of social networks and modern technologies in teaching.
The Internet and copyright - modes of the use and scope of protection of the work (traditional usage, peer to peer networks, email ...)
Parezová, Andrea ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
This thesis is intended as a brief introduction to the issue of the specific aspects of use and protection of copyright works at the specific enviroment of the internet. The Internet is a growing phenomenon of modern age which significantly affects social interaction including use of copyright works. Due to this enormous development the using of copyright works is much easier and faster which changed the established business models. However, the Internet is also widely used for copyright infringement. The thesis consist of seven chapters. The first chapter is focused on defining the terms Internet and copyright law. The Internet is defined both from a technical and legal point of view and there is also a brief summary of the history of the Internet. Copyright law is also defined and further national, european and international law sources are assessed. The applicable law and subject-matter jurisdiction is briefly discussed too. The second chapter analyses the definition of a copyright work and its author in addition deals with copyright law exceptions and public domains. In the chapter three the author introduces the specific modes of use of the copyright works in the Internet environment and the various judgements of national courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Contractual and...
Internet and copyright
Horn, David ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
1 Internet and Copyright Abstract This master's thesis discusses the role and effect of copyright in the ever-changing Internet environment which (due to its specifics) requires special legislature providing for exploitation of creative works. The main aim of this thesis is to analyze relevant legal aspects of important ways of use of author's works in cyberspace, identify the problematic areas in currently effective legal framework and evaluate the possible outcomes of recently adopted EU copyright reform on a digital single market. The thesis is divided into five chapters where the first two serve as a general introduction to the topic while the following three are rather analytically descriptive or almost exclusively analytic. The first chapter focuses on Internet's technical background and thus forms the necessary basis for subsequent reading. Its content is not limited to terminology but also encompasses the description of Internet's main technical features which largely affect the boundaries for digital copyright. Finally, legitimacy of regulation in cyberspace is discussed and eventually approved. The second chapter provides a general insight into the key aspects, principles and sources of copyright law which is vital for understanding the topics discussed in the following chapters. At the end, main...
Health risks as a reflection of digital technologies development
Tóthová, Dominika ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Šiška, Jan (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the theme of digital technology and it's infulence on development of psyche, consolidation of important values, and healthy lifestyle of teenagers in their fundamental life period, or so called "adolescence". The aim of the thesis is to study and describe possibilities of influence from digital media on teenagers, and to point out possible health risks related to using them, considering physical and psychological development. The theoretical section is based on research and analysis of various information sources such as; professional literature, internet articles, and social networks which are now an integral part of our society, and are a source of information on a daily basis. The practical section focuses on research of the impact of digital technology on teenagers in a high school facility. It helps to look closer into the issues of mental and physical development of teenagers in this particular school, their ways of spending free time, and the ability to receive and use information obtained through digital technology. This survey was realized using a quantitative empirical investigation using an anonymous questionnaire research technique. In the conclusion of the thesis results from the empirical investigation are summerized, the author's point of view from...
Prevention and solution of cyberbullying teacher at primary school in the Pilsen region
Pavlíčková, Kateřina ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Květoňová, Lea (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about prevention of cyberbullying (teacher) in schools. The object of the work describe preventiv measures and what to do when the cyberbullying occurs. The respondent is school from Pilsen region. This actual topic describe National research on cyberbullying teachers from Kopecký and Szotkowski (2016). In research is written, that one fifth know cyber attacks and 94 from 5 136 respondents (teachers) were victims of cyberbullying. Topic is analyzed in schools documents (school rules, Minimum preventiv program, Bullying and cyberbullying prevention, annual report 2017/2018) and in interview with educational adviser. Documents are encoded. The questions in the practical part are - who do prevention of risky behavior, in which items and what form. Analyzed are educational events for teachers and process, when the bullying or cyberbullying is in the school. KEYWORDS cyberbullying, bullying, prevention of risky behavior, students, internet, social network

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