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Online reviews of a documentary I, Tonya and users' comments in Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze
Horová, Kateřina ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the foreign media's responses to and the users' comments in Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze on the movie I, Tonya. The first part of the present bachelor thesis is dedicated to introducing the careers of both figure skaters from the movie. Furthermore, it puts in context the situation in figure skating in the United States of America at the time of the attack and the actualities that lead to it. At the end of its first part, the thesis analyses both foreign and Czech period media's responses to the attack, focusing on one sports periodical and one classic daily newspaper. The second part of the present bachelor thesis defines the term dramaturgy and the structure of narration. It focuses on individual parts of the story and explains the term adaptation in detail. Moreover, it is concerned with the theory of a documentary and a movie review, also mentioning the history of Czech critique. In the following chapters, the present bachelor thesis deals with the movie, which is its topic. Based on the available information, it compares the reality with the movie adaptation and mentions other movie adaptations of Nancy Kerrigan's attack. The second part of the bachelor thesis uses six foreign reviews, three from the United Kingdom and three from the United States...
Social media as a source for journalists in Czech Republic
Žemličková, Martina ; Závozda, Petr (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
This Diploma Thesis are focused on social media as a tool for journalists in Czech republic. It contains two main parts - theoretical and practical. In theoretical part, social media are described in general, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are described in more details. This part is focused mostly on current trends in social media usage. Theoretical part is also focused on journalist's source problematic, primarily in internet era, and on source's credibility and verifiability. These trends are more described for media field in USA and Czech republic. Theoretical part introduce the newest available studies in social media and journalism field. Practical part is aiming to verify or deny these trends through quantitative analysis of media content, focused on usage of citations from social media as a relevant source for articles. Quantitative analysis is supported with e-mail questioning amongst czech journalist, who complete a context to this issue with their opinion. The research shows that journalists in Czech republic use social media daily for their work and they are following their colleagues from USA, so they use citations from social media more carefully and they verify their sources more. The main reason is the fear of fake news spreading, which they perceive as the biggest thread for...
Successes of the Zlín ice-hockey club as reported in chosen media
Jurák, Vojtěch ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the media presentation of three chosen successes the Zlín ice-hockey club has achieved since the 1990s. The practical part is constituted by a quantitative content analysis that studies three different types of newspaper and their online counterparts (a community paper the Zlínský deník, online at:, a national paper with a developed regional supplement the Mladá fronta dnes, online at: and a national paper the Právo, online at: in three periods of time (the Czech ice-hockey league finals in 1995, 2004 and 2014). The analysis studied 873 media articles in total. In general, the extent of coverage increased strongly between the years 1995 and 2004. The coverage of the finals by the community media was the most detailed, just as supposed. Quite surprising was the extent of coverage by the Mladá fronta dnes that was larger than expected. The core of sports reporting didn't really change across time, titles or information channels. The news, stories and game evaluations comprised the biggest part of the coverage. But it was the form of reporting that kept changing. The most observable trends were the growth of visual content in time and the increasing position of the Internet. Especially in 2014, its usage was quite extensive.
Program Development of the Czech Pirate Party
Michalová, Ivana ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
This thesis analyses selected program documents of the Czech Pirate Party for the period 2009- 2017 in terms of content of its themes. Specifically, these are the Statute and all election programs created at that time. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether the program development of the Czech Pirate Party occurred during the monitored period. From a methodological point of view, this is a content analysis supplemented by a comparative method. The thesis is based on the characteristic of the theoretical concept of the niche party, which will be presented in the first, theoretical part of thesis. The second part of the thesis takes a closer look at methodology. The third and at the same time the most comprehensive part deals with the introduction of pirate parties and the Czech Pirate Party, the actual content analysis of selected program documents and the subsequent comparison.
The role of modern technologies and the Internet in preschool children: The risks of their use from a perspective of their parents
Rokosová, Kateřina ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Background: The number of preschool children using modern technologies and the Internet is growing rapidly, but the consequences of this behaviour on individual development are unknown. Aim: The aim of this research is to map the issue of the use of modern technologies and the Internet by preschool children and to focus on problematic, addictive behaviour and risks related to these technologies based on the statements of the children's parents. Methods: The data were collected through qualitative research using a semi- structured interview with the parents. In total, 8 interviews were conducted, rewritten into text and further modified using coding and categorization methods. Results: One of the main findings of the study is that watching TV and YouTube videos dominates preschool children's media use. More than half of preschool children own a tablet. Problematic or addictive behaviour is more commonly caused by using tablets or mobile devices other than different technologies. Parents underestimate risks of the use of modern technologies and the Internet. They set rules based only on their own beliefs and the rules are often inadequate and lead to children's undesirable behaviour. Conclusion and recommendation: It is necessary to continue the research in the field of use of modern technologies...
Internet memes in president elections
Khan, Jakub ; Máchová, Eva (advisor) ; Švec, Kamil (referee)
This Bachelor thesis Internet memes in presidential elections deals with political internet memes in the USA in the period before the presidential elections in 2016. The thesis is divided into two main parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, memetics as academic discipline, is examined and the definitions of internet memes are listed. Next there are described related aspects of internet memes, like categorization, channels of spreading, reasons why internet memes are being spread and quality traits which make internet memes successful. The practical part tries to answer the question, which of the selected political internet memes are more successful, meaning which ones were more replicated and which quality traits have caused the success of them. For research purposes comparative analysis method was chosen.
The role of social media in the political participation of the students
Kostareva, Anna ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Petrúšek, Ivan (referee)
In my work I have tried to look at the problem of political participation of students and what role social media play in it. In view of the fact, that the internet plays a very important role in life of modern person, it becomes a platform for various social, political and other events. Young people are more inclined to be influenced by the internet and social networks in all spheres of life, so in my research I have tried to draw conclusions about how young people see themselves in politics, what kinds of activity they often do and how they see the importance of political participation on internet platforms. In my work I present the general concept of political participation and social media, and also the theory of slacktivism and mobilization and normalization hypotheses connected to them. There are also various researches focused on student political activity and participation in political sphere of the state. In addition to the theoretical part, there is a methodological part, where basic research goals and hypotheses, the research method and how the respondent was obtained for this research and how the data were collected are presented. The analytical part presents the results of the research conducted on the basis of an online questionnaire, where the research hypotheses mentioned in...
Fanfiction phenomenon in perspective of historical sociology
Profantová, Daniela ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Německý, Marek (referee)
Fanfiction Phenomenon in Perspective of Historical Sociology My thesis presents fanfiction as a global phenomenon fully matured and adapted to the internet as its own milieu. It defines fanfiction in relation to the community that I call "online fanfiction community". It is characterized by specific forms of communication, most importantly: a specific form of active readership, where author, reader and critic merge together. Today, the full-blown sphere of internet fanfiction cannot be understood without noting its development which is tied to a new way of being an active fan in the era of mass culture. This way is characterized by fandoms, fanzines and cons which established fanspeak and forms of communication that stayed the same despite the development of new technologies. My thesis also discusses the interpretation of online fanfiction community as a subculture. It describes the strategies used by the community to keep itself apolitical and egalitarian and also these to keep activism of the fight against the repressive concept of copyright law and internet censorship separate from the fanfiction arena. My thesis also interprets fanfiction authorship as one of many concepts of authorship that are present in the frame of modernity.
The Value World of Modern Youth
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to survey current purposes and values of selected group of young people. The theoretical part deals with explanation basic terms such as youth, value, value orientation, and value system. It also investigates development of moral values of individuals during different phases of life. The influence of internet, media and social groups is also mentioned just like the influence of social networks on daily life of youth. The practical part is focused on opinions of youth about human values and their opinion about social networks and relationships with help of qualitative research. It also studies the influence of social networks on value life of individuals considering their age and level of education.

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