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Czech Agriculture in Statistic : 1918-2017
Sálusová Dana
Základní údaje o hospodářském chovu zvířat a zemědělském vývoji kraje v letech 1918 - 2017.
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Water temperature influence on the success of intensive farming of burbot (Lota lota L.)
The aim of this work was to realize the first intensive rearing of juvenile fish of burbot in the Czech Republic (TL = 165.79 +- 18.87, W = 32.91 +- 10.27 g) in recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) at different water temperatures. A total of 9 tanks were used in the three separate RAS systems. For a period of 12 weeks survival (S), specific growth rate (SGR), feed conversion ratio (FCR) and the condition of the fish (FC) was observed at 3 week intervals. The best values of survival (98 +- 0.4%) were achieved in burbots kept at a water temperature of 15 ° C. Survival in the group of fish kept at a water temperature of 18 °C did not statistically differ from the group of fish reared at 15 °C and 21 °C. The SGR value for the fish at a water temperature of 15 °C was (0.7 +- 0.09%.d-1) at 18 °C the SGR value was (0.45 +- 0.1%.d-1) and fish kept at a water temperature of 21 °C reached SGR values of 0.33 +- 0.04%.d-1. The best FCR values (1.27 +- 0.35) were reached also in the group of fish kept at 15 °C. For burbot kept at a water temperature of 21 °C, the FCR value was 2.78 +- 1.17. Based on our results we can conclude that the most appropriate water temperature for rearing juvenile burbot was 15 °C.
Intensive breeding of juvenile perches (Perca fluviatilis) in control conditions with special focus on density of perches
Perch is one of the important species reared in intensive conditions. This metod of breeding is performed in recirculating systems of intensive rearing of fish mainly in Western Europe. The aim of these breeding is to produce the high quality market of perch throughout the year. In order to achieve that breeding are effective, it is necessary to ensure rapid growth and high survival of perch. The aim of this study was to determine the effective use of rearing areas of these systems. It means to find the optimum density of fishes in rearing tanks.

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