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Simulations of open-ended evolution
Prax, Sebastian ; Toman, Jan (advisor) ; Tureček, Petr (referee)
Evolutionary algorithms are used to solve a number of optimization problems in the computer science. At the same time, they are fundamental pillar for creating evolutionary simulations and testing scientific hypotheses in a various areas of theoretical biology. In the first half of my work, I characterize the concept of "open-ended evolution", focus on its connection with the technical side of simulations and introduce readers to the problematics of system simulation. Further on, I deal with the phenomenon of increasing complexity and the idea of "evolutionary progress". All these topics are confronted with various perspectives of researchers in the field of evolutionary biology. In the second half, I summarize the benefits of existing projects for evolutionary biology and applied informatics, as well as the ways in which the simulations of open-ended evolution can be approached. Basically, these projects can be divided into two categories. They are either projects in which individuals develop towards a predefined goal, which is conditioned by a fitness function, or projects of researchers who seek to achieve an open-ended evolution by employing biologically realistic design of the genetic code and environment in conjunction with the absence of a particular attractor in the evolution of virtual...
Online questionnaire system supporting an informatics contest
The aim of this work is to create a web application that will enables the creation of online questionnaires used to nd out the opinions of participants of the Bob°ík informatics competition. The questionnaires created by the application contain several kinds of questions (a question with a text answer, a question with a choice of multiple options, etc.). The application is connected to the competition database. As a result, it is possible to include in the questionnaire the names of the competition questions, both for entering questions and for answers o ered. The application allows export of acquired data to xlsx les. The functionality of the questionnaire system was veri ed in practice by questioning the participants of the school round of the competition. The obtained data were statistically evaluated. The research showed that men believe more in themselves in the eld of computer science than women. Furthermore, it was found that there is a linear relationship between the subjectively perceived di culty of the competition tasks and the degree of non-response to the question. In the theoretical part of the thesis are free online systems which are described that allow the creation of questionnaires with di erent types of questions
Information economy in figures - 2017
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development of the digital and information economy in the following areas: ICT Specialists, ICT Investment, Research and Development of ICT products, External Trade with ICT goods and services, ICT Sector.
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Analysis of textbooks for Informatics and ICT subjects in basic schools in Russia and in Slovakia
Šambazov, Ramil ; Černochová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Fialová, Irena (referee)
The theoretical part deals with characteristics of printed textbooks as didactical tools and as curriculum projects, including descriptions of textbook structures and their many functions. It acquaints with the methods used to mark and analyze textbooks, especially according to the evaluation criteria. The experimental part uses the questionnaires to show Informatic teachers' use and need of textbooks in the elementary schools in the Czech Republic. It also focuses on the mapping available in textbooks for ICT and computer-focused subjects used in Slovakia, Russia and the Czech Republic. It also conducts their content analysis and comparison using a quantitative method focused on the thematic tasks and activities of selected textbooks in consideration to the number of pages.
Information System Assessment and Proposal for ICT Modification
Puchnar, Michal ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
This thesis is focused on analyzying of the information system in comapany Tirad s.r.o. which uses information system Workplan. Theoretical part is focused on problematics of information systems in general, it defines the methods for analysis of information system effectiveness. We are going to use systems Zefis and HOS 8. Based on these methods are discovered weaknesses and are proposed possible solutions for improving of information system effectiveness which leads to increasing of company performance and threads elimination.
Designed, Implemented and Achieved ICT Curriculum at Basic Schools
One of the base intention of this research in didactic sphere is to describe and to analyse curriculum in all of its forms. In educational sphere focused on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or on Informatics, this intention is very actual mainly due to recent integration to compulsory part of curriculum at elementary schools and also due to its dynamic development. This PhD thesis follows researches analysing curriculum of other educational spheres and also follows survey devoted to implementation of ICT to educational environment. Second type of research uses mainly quantitative method and relied on declarations of respondents. Compared to this, there was chosen qualitative case study getting data also from analysis of documents or from observing. At first, there are identified terms of curriculum, its phases and ICT literacy which presents one of the main goals of educational environment in the Czech curriculum. Then it is fol-lowed by analysis and summary of results of already realized surveys focused on teaching conditions of ICT and with ICT, together with informatics themes and their relations to individual actors. Last but not least, it is finished by results of students in ICT literacy and informatics thinking. Based on analysis of documents, the empirical part of theses describes models used to definition of educational sphere of ICT and projected curriculum of chosen basic school. Realized curriculum and its changes are deduced from analysis of notes in class-book. Videorecords of some lessons were used to verification of notes and also to analyse used educational methods. Based on its analysis, there were defined also educational goals of these teaching units and reached curriculum. Special practical exercise was used to verify the knowledge and skills of selected knowledge and skills. This thesis describes not only individual phases of ICT curriculum in chosen basic school but also identifies some differences between them. Finally, some of findings are used also as incentives to adjust the projected curriculum at the national level.
Information System Assessment and Proposal for ICT Modification
Mikyska, Vladimír ; Ochotný, Vladimír (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
This master’s thesis is focused on information system assessment and proposal for its changes in real company enviroment. Theoretical part describes issue and notions from information systems, analytical instruments, processes and projects enviroment. In analytical part is situated introduction of the company and analysis of current state its information system and processes. Based on findings from analysis are made recomendations and proposals for possible changes.
Information economy in figures - 2013
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development of the following areas: ICT Specialists, Expenditure and Investment, Research and Development and Patents, External Trade, ICT Sector.
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M-learning - mobile applications for education
Pěničková, Markéta ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to provide a reader with complex view on the issue of mobile learning. In a theoretical part the basic concepts and definitions are explained. These are those definitions and concepts, which are related to this issue, and further use of m-learning and its advantages and disadvantages are mentioned. Moreover some recommendations for creating a suitable mobile content, forms of m-learing applications together with taking their advantages and disadvantages into account are listed. The subject of a practical part is analysis of mobile learning applications, which can be used by students of Informatics at University of Economics in Prague. This is reached by selecting available applications, their description and follow-up analysis. By evaluation of these applications multicriteria method with equal importance of weight of criterias was used. The output of analysis is assessment, whether these applications are suitable for student education and how students can use them during their studies.

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