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The level of digital competencies in the area Safety for students of secondary schools
Bárta, Pavel ; Jeřábek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Rambousek, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis researches and maps the development of the level of digital competencies in the area Safety during the four-year studies of students and corresponding years of multi-year grammar schools who complete their secondary school leaving examination. The introductory part of the thesis defines the corresponding competencies and definitions of terms that are directly related to the problematics, especially: literacy (digital, information), competencies (digital), etc. From these competencies are specified those that are directly related to Safety. This is followed by an analysis and mapping of national and international researches of the level and development of pupils' digital competencies. The research part of this thesis includes concept, realizationd and evaluation of data of research survey. The goal of research survey is determination of level of given competencies of pupils and the impact of education on their develompent. Based on the results of the research survey, factors are identified that have a direct impact on the development of these competencies in examined secondary school students. In order to extend the applicability of the results, data are collected at schools that teach courses with a diametrically different focus. The output data of research survey includes results of...
How pupils use digital technology when doing school homework
Jaroš, Aleš ; Černochová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Tocháček, Daniel (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the role of the digital technologies in the homework preparation of the pupils, how do they use the digital technologies and whether they use it for the learning at all. This thesis evaluates also if the pupils can use the digital technologies for learning and in which way they use them, what is their vision of learning, what pluses and minuses in the digital technology usage see the pupils from the sixth to ninth grade. How do the parents encourage their children to use these technologies for the homework. The theoretical part focuses on the role and possibilities of using digital technologies in the education and homework of pupils as well as on the possible positive and negative aspects of using DT in the life of sixth to ninth grade pupils of nine-year primary school. It also describes the developmental characteristics of older school-age children and net generation. The practical part deals with a research survey performed among 169 pupils of a primary school in Most with the aim to discover whether and in which way are the pupils using the digital technology for the homework and what are the preferred technologies. The thesis focuses further on the results of the semi-structured interviews with the parents of the pupils to find out, how far are...
Role of specialized media outlets in higher education of future marketing professionals
Penkov, Radoslav ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Klimeš, David (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to describe the role of present-day Czech marketing periodicals and online websites in the lives of students and future marketing and PR professionals. The aim of the thesis is not only to figure out student's approach to current marketing news and information but also to explore the habits and motivations behind marketing media consumption. This bachelor thesis should provide evidence if students even read the local marketing media outlets and if yes, what needs are those periodicals fulfilling.
Partners in Class: A Needs-Based Approach to High School Curricular Support at the National Library of Technology in Prague
Tvrdá, Pavlína ; Martinová, Olga
This case study discusses the development of courses at the National Library of Technology in Prague (NTK) for different grade levels developed in direct collaboration with several private schools, notably the Austrian School in Prague (OEGP) and the English College in Prague (ECP). These courses were developed in close partnership with teachers at these schools according to specific curricular needs: students at both schools must write a formal paper in order to graduate. For OEGP, a highly structured Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit (VWA), or “pre-scientific paper,” is required by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education (2017) for graduation. ECP students must complete the International Baccalaureate Extended Essay (IB EE). The case study contains descriptions of multilingual courses relevant to any libraries who support multilingual research/writing environments—while the IB EE must be written in English, VWA students can select the language of their papers (Czech, English, or German). This poses unique challenges for both NTK instructors and school teachers because different resources and tools must be introduced for different language environments. In our paper, we describe strategies we have developed to overcome such challenges, including our approach to instruction for citation management tools—we recommend different tools for different languages, for example, and coordinate teaching with teachers based on each school’s curriculum. Although information literacy (IL) is supposed to be included in Czech high school programs as a part of a larger discipline, Informatics and Information and Communication Technology (Výzkumný ústav pedagogický v Praze, 2007), the majority of schools neglect IL almost completely (Medková, 2011). This means, among other things, that NTK instructors and school teachers must include in all courses a heavy emphasis on describing relevant resources and introducing the concept of publication ethics, particularly for schools such as OEGP which do not have their own libraries. The paper outlines the next stages of program development, including planned open access learning materials as well as our efforts in encouraging the Czech Ministry for Education, Youth, and Sports to include a formal paper requirement similar to the VWA or IB EE in future high school graduation requirements. At present, most Czech high school students are not required to write a paper in order to graduate (Parliament of the Czech Republic, 2004; Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, 2009). Finally, we relate whether or not our experiences correspond to findings from original research conducted at NTK identifying a gap in writing and research skills for Czech undergraduates in STEM fields (Chodounská, 2016). In closing, we discuss how stronger high school requirements could potentially improve writing and research skills for all students entering university programs
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Využívání informačních a komunikačních technologií v domácnostech a mezi jednotlivci - 2018
Odbor statistik rozvoje společnosti
Podrobné roční údaje o přístupu domácností a jednotlivců k vybraným informačním a komunikačním technologiím. Údaje prezentované v publikaci se týkají použití počítače a internetu jednotlivci, činností vykonávaných jednotlivci na internetu, nakupování přes internet, kontaktu s veřejnou správou, využívání informačních technologií v práci a využívání bezpečnostních identifikačních metod. Kromě údajů za ČR za rok 2018 jsou hlavní ukazatele k dispozici i v časových řadách. V mezinárodním srovnání se nejnovější údaje vztahují k roku 2017. Součástí publikace jsou také kratší analytické úseky.
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Business report of 5th European Conference on Information Literacy and visit of Bibliothèque nationale de France
Černohlávková, Petra
The mission was to visit and actively participate in the 5th International Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), dedicated to information literacy at workplace, as well as to visit the French National Library. There was presented a contribution (Pecha-Kucha) entitled "Dominant Traits of the Information Behavior of Vietnamese Immigrants in the Czech Republic: Impact on Building their Information Landscapes - Preliminary Paper" based on the preliminary results of the diploma thesis on the Information Behavior of Vietnamese Migrants.
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Assessing awareness of library services: an ethnographic examination of bachelor students at two Czech technology universities
Chodounská, Alena ; Krueger, Stephanie
In this paper, the authors present interim research results from an ongoing ethnographic examination of eight engineering undergraduate students from two technology universities in Prague, Czech Republic. A multi-layered data gathering strategy was employed, including semi-structured in-person interviews as well as in situ and virtual observations of participants interacting with learning environments. This data enabled the authors to examine whether or not students are aware of library services. “Library services” are here broadly defined to include not only traditional support services but also new, emerging areas of activity which can be categorized under the broader concept of undergraduate student support. Findings indicate very poor awareness of library offerings although participants were aware of the library as a study space. The authors additionally touch briefly upon the concept of “backward design” for service development, in which research data is gathered and considered prior to service design and launch.
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Computer literacy and communication in healthcare facility
Tichý, Ondřej ; Smutný, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Potančok, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of the level of computer literacy in the EUC Premium medical facility for doctors and nurses. The introduction introduces the definitions of computer and information literacy and their development. The next part is focused on the research of computer literacy of the employees of EUC Premium. Research is based on two methods - ethnographic research and questionnaire research. Based on ethnographic research, it was found that the level of computer literacy in this company was not too high, as confirmed by the questionnaire survey. Research issues have been identified that have shown that the company's smooth running can not be without the physical participation of IT support to solve the problem. Research results show authors recommendations for company leadership that can help increase computer literacy in the target organization.

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