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Phillipsova křivka v zemích V4
Krejčová, Michaela
This diploma thesis deals with determination of the relationship between unemployment and inflation using regression analysis in V4 countries. Four models are tested. The first model is a simple model of the Phillips curve that examines the relationship between inverse unemployment and inflation. Two other models deal with the relationship between unemployment and inflation expectations. The latter model addresses the relationship between cyclical unemployment and unexpected inflation. This work also includes calculating the natural rate of unemployment and determining the standard deviation using the Delta method. This work also deals with cyclical unemployment and the presentation of supply shocks for the V4 countries.
Ekonomické faktory ovplyvňujúce cenu dlhopisov v USA a v Nemecku
Ticháková, Simona
This bachelor thesis deals with the value of government bonds issued in USA and Germany, and the factors which influenced their market value development since the outbreak of financial crisis in years 2007 to 2017. Literature overview consists of two main parts, in first I address bonds in general, and in the second part, economic factors affecting market value of government bonds. Second part of my thesis compares American and German government bonds in conjunction with identification of the main factors influencing them in the reference period. Following research is focused on calculation of correlation between bonds market value and factors affecting it. The interest rates, which were supposed to have the greatest impact on bond’s prices, were statistically insignificant. Final chapter is dedicated to discussion of obtained results.
Makroekonomický vývoj a produkce osobních automobilů v České republice
Musil, David
The automotive industry is one of the most important industries in the Czech Republic. It represents a very significant part of all major macroeconomic aggregates. This work will be focused on the factors which influence the export of cars manufactured in the Czech Republic. A huge amount of Czech cars is exported to the European Union. Therefore, the influence of macroeconomic aggregates in the European Union will be examined. These macroeconomic aggregates are gross domestic product per capita, inflation, unemployment, exchange rate and interest rate of consumer loans. The work will be focused on individual carmakers and will include three models of amount of cars produced by Škoda, TPCA and Hyundai.
Ekonomická kríza a zmena role centrálnych bánk: prípadová štúdia Českej a Slovenskej republiky
Galbová, Lenka
Galbová, L. Economic crisis and the change of role of central banks: case study for Czech republic and Slovak republic. Diploma thesis. Brno. Mendel University in Brno, 2018 Diploma thesis deals with impact of monetary policy on economics in Czech republic and Slovak republic in times of financial crisis and after. The theoretical part describes the measures taken by the monetary authorities in both countries, focusing on both standard and non-standard tools that have been used in these times. The main part of the thesis examines the impact of monetary policy through a multiple regression analysis of time series on export and inflation of the Czech and Slovak Republic using selected indicators. Based on the results of the analysis, the thesis evaluates this impact of monetary policy in both countries.
The determinants of foreign direct investment in Ghana
Eghan, Jonathan Ronald Muller
ABSTRACT Foreign direct investment and its determinants have been extensively examined by many scholars in hopes to analyze and identify how these determinants impact FDI and in some cases vice versa. The determinants of FDI used in this study include GDP growth and inflation in Ghana. The objective of this paper is to investigate the dynamic relationship between FDI, GDP growth and inflation and this was achieved with the help of the vector autoregressive model which helped us explain the granger causation relationship between the variables. Econometric methodologies such as Augmented Dickey-Fuller test, Johansen cointegration test, Granger causality test among others were used to support the objective of the VAR model. The study covered the period from 1980 to 2015 and employed secondary data which was gathered from the World Bank. The results from the VAR model proved that GDP growth and inflation have no linear causation relationship with FDI in Ghana within the analyzed period. These results were ascertained in the condition that within the studied period, the current values of FDI were not determined by the past values of GDP growth and inflation. The study recommended that the Government must create an enabling environment for foreign investors. Also, the Government must showcase the investment potentials of Ghana globally through technological spillovers among others.
Predikcia inflácie vybranými metódami strojového učenia v krajinách V4
Číriová, Nora
The thesis analyzes the accuracy of the multi-step inflation forecast using se-lected methods of machine learning through inflationary factors in the Visegrad group countries. The methods that were applied in the work analysis are the re-gression of tree methods and the algorithm method to the k-nearest neighbors. Based on the regression tree method, we are able to identify factors that are most prominent in price level development. The output of the analysis consists of 8 models, the suitability and accuracy of which are discussed. The results of the em-pirical analysis are compared with the assumptions that were presented before the analysis has begun. This suggests that methods are not suitable for multi-step inflation prediction.
Monetary policy of the Visegrad group countries in comparison with the Euro area
Alibrahim, Jalaa
Abstract: Alibrahim, Jalaa. Monetary policy of the Visegrad Group countries in comparison with the Euro area. Master thesis, Mendel University in Brno, Brno 2018. The aim of this diploma thesis is to compare monetary policy of Visegrad Group countries and the Euro area (European central bank’s monetary policy within Slovakia) during the observed period from 2001 to 2017 and the focus will be on the inflation in these countries. Research was focused on the long- run relationship between variables under study during the period, application of granger causality and the impulse responses. The empirical results will demonstrate how the variables were moving and related to each other during the period. This will show how the monetary policy in the Visegrad Group countries affected the inflation rate and in comparison, with the ECB policy within Slovakia after 2009.
Faktory ovplyvňujúce cenu českých štátnych dlhopisov počas jednotlivých ekonomických cyklov
Albrecht, Peter
ALBRECHT, P. Factors affecting the price of the Czech government bond during individual economic cycles. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel university in Brno, 2018. This bachelor thesis is about the influence between Czech government bond prices with 10 years maturity and inflation, the PRIBOR rate, yield and the currency pair EUR/CZK in period pre-crisis, post-crisis and crisis in years 2008 and 2009. The thesis analyses studies dealing with factors affecting bond prices. It is analyzed whether individual factors affected the bond price during each period. This relationship is tested with correlation analysis. At first there is an analysis of the development of the bond prices and each factor individually and then their mutual influence is examined. Further it is analyzed the reason of demand for the bonds against their low yields. At the end it is discussed why it is beneficial for investors to watch the PRIBOR rate, inflation and the currency rate EUR/CZK in pre-crisis and post-crisis periods and yield during all periods.
Vplyv QE Európskej centrálnej banky na profit vybraných komerčných bánk Európskej únie
Humajová, Lenka
The master thesis focuses on the economical development of Europe after the fi-nancial crisis and the steps used by the ECB needed for the recovery of the Europe-an economy. The empirical part analyzes the quantitative easing of the ECB and its delayed impact on inflation. The second part of the empirical master thesis re-searches the quantitative easing of the ECB and its impact on the rentability of commercial banks in the Eurozone (Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas) and identifies factors with the strongest impact on the chosen commercial banks as well. The rentability analysis of commercial banks and the impact on inflation is made by a regression time-series analysis.

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