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How does the fluid intake affect the gastrointestinal absorbtion of levothyroxine.
Kročová, Radka ; Krátký, Jan (advisor) ; Hána, Václav (referee)
Thyroid diseases belong among the most common endocrinopathies, and, therefore, thyroid hormones are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the Czech Republic, as well as in the world. Even though untreated thyropathies may cause several health complications for the patients, poorly administered treatment can also hurt the health of the individual. Several factors make the treatment difficult. A type of fluid used to ingest the drug belongs among such factors, and it represents the focus of this Master thesis. As is indicated by its title, the thesis focuses explicitly on the gastrointestinal absorption of levothyroxine after being ingested with water, black tea or cow's milk. The thesis was aimed at determining whether and to what extent, if any, the fluids may influence the gastrointestinal absorption of the drug. Based on this premise, research was conducted with six test subjects who underwent a relatively challenging absorption test with four blood samples taken over six hours. The data set (altogether 56 samples taken from all test subjects) had revealed that the gastrointestinal absorption of levothyroxine reached its maximum values when the drug was ingested with water. The other test fluids impair the bioavailability of L-thyroxine, and patients should wait to indulge in them at least...
Thyroid hormones, their importance and exposure to cold
Špínová, Šárka ; Žurmanová, Jitka (advisor) ; Krulová, Magdaléna (referee)
Thyroid hormones are essential mainly for prenatal development and they maintain the homeostasis of many organs and body processes in adulthood. Therefore, the correct function of the regulatory axis between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and thyroid gland is very important. Lack of these hormones is manifested, for example, by the formation of goiter, cretenism and bradycardia, excess in weight loss, ophthalmopathy, excessive sweating, tachycardia and also goiter formation. A serious problem is also the mutation of thyroid hormone receptors in target tissues. It causes nervous system disorders, hearing, vision, digestive system, incorrect cardiac function, delayed growth and mental development. Thyroid hormones are essential for the formation and activation of brown adipose tissue. This, together with the shivering thermogenesis of skeletal muscle, is involved in facultative thermogenesis, helping homoeothermic mammals to maintain a constant body core temperature. In addition, brown adipose tissue is an important endocrine organ that secretes active substances called batokines upon cold activation. Batokines have beneficial effects in the treatment of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So we can assume that cold adaptation could effectively help in the treatment of civilization...
Weight and BMI in relation to the dose of levotyroxin of patients with hypothyreosis
Radiměřská, Veronika ; Jiskra, Jan (advisor) ; Ježková, Jana (referee)
The objective of this study was to define if there is a mutual influence between the daily dose of levothyroxine, positivity/negativity of thyroid antibody, BMI, waistline, hip measurement and other anthropometric parameters. It was also to analyze if the daily dose of levothyroxine is being influenced by degree of hypothyroidismimportance. Methodology: There were 44 patients examined having hypothyroidism and who have been cured with levothyroxine so that their thyroid function has been normal at the time. I have examined those patients' body height, weight, BMI, waistline and hipline. Under the supervision of the medicine doctor I used records available for each of patients regarding concentration of TSH, TPOAb and TgAb, which were defined with patients' blood by a method of immunoassay. Results: The average daily dose of levothyroxine in all patients sample has showed a positive correlation with BMI (Spearman rho coef. 0,429, P value=0,004) and with waistline of women (Spearman rho coef. 0,332, P value=0,028). The concentration of thyroidantibody did not show a statistical relevance regarding the dependence with the dose of levothyroxine, BMI or other anthropometric parameters.The highest average daily dose of levothyroxine was confirmed for examined patients after total thyroidectomy (median of...
Economic aspects of screening for thyroid disease in pregnancy and in women with fertility disorders
Bartáková, Jana ; Jiskra, Jan (advisor) ; Zamrazil, Václav (referee) ; Smutek, Daniel (referee)
The incidence of thyroid diseases in pregnancy in the Czech Republic reaches 10- 15%. Emphasis on early diagnosis and treatment is laid not only during pregnancy but also in the time preceding conception due to the impact of thyroid diseases on fertility, the course of pregnancy, birth and fetal development. The aim of the dissertation was to assess the effectiveness and economical aspects of screening for thyroid disease in pregnancy and in women with fertility disorders in the conditions of the Czech Republic. The dissertation consists of four published studies. The first study is a prospective cross-sectional study of 200 positively screened pregnant women. In the study we come to conclusion that pregnant women who are at high- and low-risk for thyroid disease have similar clinical and laboratory characteristics and screening, currently focused only on risk groups, is ineffective. The second study of 5 223 pregnant women is a case-control study. We find that the age of women over 30 cannot be regarded as a risk factor for thyroid disease in pregnancy, although addition this age criterion to the case-finding screening strategy improve its efficiency and ATA (American Thyroid Association) include it in their guideline 2011. The third publication is a retrospective cross-sectional study of 188...
Embryotoxicity test of thyroxine on chick embryo.
Petrušková, Michaela ; Peterka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Novotná, Božena (referee)
Thyroxine is the main thyroid gland's hormone. The state, when the thyroid gland does not produce enough of it into the bloodstream is called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is related with several health complications; therefore it is required to take replacement therapy in adequate doses. Concerning pregnant women, it is important especially to keep the blood level of thyroxine in the normal, because increasing or decreasing of it, has an adverse effect on the health of the mother and also on the normal child development. The objective of my thesis was to describe malformations spectra of thyroxine, to find out the beginning of its embryotoxicity dose range for chick embryos, and recalculate this value for human embryos, allowing us to decide, if the level of thyroxine was increased by a replacement therapy, this could be embryotoxic for human. The experimental part of my work was to search an alternative method for testing embryotoxicity on chick embryos in ovo - CHEST, testing of embryotoxic potential of the thyroxine. Embryotoxicity is a feature of the external factors affecting the embryo, it may manifest as lethality, growth retardation, and teratogenicity; which is an ability of the external factor to induce the developmental defect. The most common manifestation of embryotoxicity in this...
Changes of thermal thresholds in patients treated with hypothyroidism.
Zůna, Miroslav ; Marčišová, Hana (advisor) ; Čakrt, Ondřej (referee)
Diplomová práce Miroslav Zůna 3 Author's first name and surname: Miroslav Zůna, BA. Title of the master thesis: Changes of thermal thresholds in patients treated with hypothyroidism. Department: Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Supervisor: Hana Marčišová, MA. The year of presentation: 2013 Abstract: Disorders of thyroid gland together with diabetes are most common endocrine diseases in Czech Republic and worldwide, too. Myopathy and neuropathy, caused by reduced amount of thyroid hormones, are mentioned in current literature, however pathaphysiological mechanisms stay unclear. To evaluate the state of small nerve fibers that should be affected first, we use thermal threshold testing, setting the thermal threshold for warm and cold stimuli in different locations. Patients with hypothyroidism show in most of the measured locations higher thermal threshold than that of the control group, however these results are not significant. Significant change of thermal sensation of cold stimulus is demonstrated in location thenar. Patients with hypothyroidism also have a higher degree of inaccuracy detection of thermal stimuli. A greater number of significant conclusions can not seem to reach for a small number of probands participating in our study or due to ongoing therapy and the resulting normal state...
The role of radiologist assistant in radioiodine diagnostics and treatment of thyroid cancer
Hrbek, Jaroslav ; Táborská, Kateřina (referee) ; Vlček, Petr (advisor)
The bachelors thesis on the task of a radiological assistant during radioiodine diagnostics and treatment of thyroid gland carcinomas deals with the issue of thyroid gland carcinomas in the Czech Republic. It contains a brief overview of the types of carcinomas that affect the thyroid gland, their classification, diagnostics and therapy, concentrating on utilisation of modern examination methods and therapeutic practices, including among others application of radioiodine. The thesis also contains cases of four patients with similar diagnoses, the comparison of the development of whose respective illnesses I found interesting. Last but not least, the thesis includes a number of annexes comprising among others tables with important instructions for patients before and after application of radioiodine, and photographs from the site where the radioiodine application takes place Powered by TCPDF (
The Specific of Nursing Care in Patient with hypothyreosis
FRÝZOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis is focused on the specifics of the nursing care of patients with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a disease of the thyroid gland, which is characterized by its reduced function, and its consequence is an insufficient supply of the thyroid hormones to the human body. The most common cause tends to be of the autoimmune nature which is when an organism creates antidotes against its structure thyroid. Here arises chronic inflammation which violates the gland. Thyroid disorder can also arise because of long term iodine deficiency. But it doesn't occur in our society due to the iodation of salt in the fifties of the last century. Hypothyroidism caused by the lack of iodine can be found in the mountainous areas of third world countries where there is low iodine content in the soil. Literature talks about the growing incidence of disease amongst the population, it can be misinterpreted by many factors such as the aging population, growth of autoimmune diseases, diagnostic procedures improvement and by the targeted search for disease. In our population postnatal hypothyroidism is more common. Its incidence grows with age and affects mainly women, men are affected considerably less. High-risk groups of population are pregnant and breastfeeding women, and also children and adolescents. The only source of iodine for the fetus during intrauterine development, newborns, and infants is their mother. The Mother's lack of iodine can cause serious malfunction in the child's brain development. Congenital disorders of thyroid gland are rare nowadays. There is no doubt that improving and increasing demands on nursing care are closely related to these facts.

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