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Embryotoxicity test of thyroxine on chick embryo.
Petrušková, Michaela ; Peterka, Miroslav (advisor) ; Novotná, Božena (referee)
Thyroxine is the main thyroid gland's hormone. The state, when the thyroid gland does not produce enough of it into the bloodstream is called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is related with several health complications; therefore it is required to take replacement therapy in adequate doses. Concerning pregnant women, it is important especially to keep the blood level of thyroxine in the normal, because increasing or decreasing of it, has an adverse effect on the health of the mother and also on the normal child development. The objective of my thesis was to describe malformations spectra of thyroxine, to find out the beginning of its embryotoxicity dose range for chick embryos, and recalculate this value for human embryos, allowing us to decide, if the level of thyroxine was increased by a replacement therapy, this could be embryotoxic for human. The experimental part of my work was to search an alternative method for testing embryotoxicity on chick embryos in ovo - CHEST, testing of embryotoxic potential of the thyroxine. Embryotoxicity is a feature of the external factors affecting the embryo, it may manifest as lethality, growth retardation, and teratogenicity; which is an ability of the external factor to induce the developmental defect. The most common manifestation of embryotoxicity in this...
Changes of thermal thresholds in patients treated with hypothyroidism.
Zůna, Miroslav ; Marčišová, Hana (advisor) ; Čakrt, Ondřej (referee)
Diplomová práce Miroslav Zůna 3 Author's first name and surname: Miroslav Zůna, BA. Title of the master thesis: Changes of thermal thresholds in patients treated with hypothyroidism. Department: Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Supervisor: Hana Marčišová, MA. The year of presentation: 2013 Abstract: Disorders of thyroid gland together with diabetes are most common endocrine diseases in Czech Republic and worldwide, too. Myopathy and neuropathy, caused by reduced amount of thyroid hormones, are mentioned in current literature, however pathaphysiological mechanisms stay unclear. To evaluate the state of small nerve fibers that should be affected first, we use thermal threshold testing, setting the thermal threshold for warm and cold stimuli in different locations. Patients with hypothyroidism show in most of the measured locations higher thermal threshold than that of the control group, however these results are not significant. Significant change of thermal sensation of cold stimulus is demonstrated in location thenar. Patients with hypothyroidism also have a higher degree of inaccuracy detection of thermal stimuli. A greater number of significant conclusions can not seem to reach for a small number of probands participating in our study or due to ongoing therapy and the resulting normal state...
Laboratory diagnosis of thyroid hormones in clinical medicine
Diseases of thyroid gland are the most common endocrine disorders after diabetes mellitus. Laboratory diagnostics has irreplaceable role in the diagnostics of thyroid gland disorders. The first part describes the various thyroid diseases, their causes, symptoms, treatment and diagnostics. The second part this work includes meaning and the principle of individual parameters examinated for monitoring of thyroid gland disorders. Examination of the parameters of the thyroid gland is a very busy immunoassay methods. Methods of the thyroid gland used for determining the functional status of the thyroid gland. Inform us about the etiology, monitoring therapy and based on that choose treatment procedure. Thyreotropin is a very sensitive and specific marker for evaluating the function of thyroid gland and simultaneously appropriate for early detection or exclusion of thyroid disorders. In the case of TSH out of reference limit we set further examination fT4, rarely fT3. TSH and free fraction´s of thyroxine and trijodthyronine performed on the analyzer Roche Modular E, which uses methods ECLIA. Detection of antibodies were determined by using analyzer from Siemens company Immulite XPi, which is based on chemiluminescent immunometric analysis. Examination of anti-Tg and anti-TPO tell us a lot about the etiology of testing in the case of autoimmune disease. I investigated 830 patients, 299 men and 531 women, where on the based TSH out of reference limit diagnostic hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. My research, I am allowed to supplement the expertise of the doctors who requested the examination of thyroid hormones In the end this work is graphically represented frequency determination of hormones and thyroid autoantibodies for the year 2013 in our laboratory.

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