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Modern methods of employee development in the context of talent management
Baier, Milan ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to identify and characterize modern methods of personnel development in the context of talent management. Emphasis is placed on the use of couching, mentoring, self-learning and e-learning (webinars, online seminars, video learning and mobile learning) in career management and work performance. A well-designed workplace development and learning system allows employees to effectively manage their careers. The acquired knowledge and skills can be used by talented individuals in creative activities and the development of the organization. In the theoretical part, the issue of further professional education was conceptualized and summarized with an emphasis on strategic management within the organization. Business education is a pillar and a key tool for the development of workers. An analysis of the methods of education and development of workers primarily created or suitable for talented adult individuals will be carried out. Gagne's differentiated model of giftedness and talent will be used as a key tool. Identifying differences in attitudes towards those talented and non-talented. The aim of the research part was to analyze the methods of education and development of talented adults, to monitor the frequency of use of individual methods with an emphasis on electronic...
Applying the Competence Model in the Public Business Academy
Dobaková, Petra ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The thesis deals with the use of competences and competency model as an effective tool of personnel management of the organization. Competency - based / HR / Management (CBM) is an actively used model primarily in the commercial sphere. However, in recent years, more and more government organizations have also approached this governance model. The theoretical and empirical part of the thesis deals with the issue of acquiring and using various types of competencies, compiling a competency model and their subsequent application in personnel management. The definition of basic terms and principles of competency management is based on the study of professional literature and binding documents that link the principles of competence management to the lifelong learning strategy and learning organization models. The empirical part first deals with the actual use of competencies and competency models in the conditions of public business academies in Prague and Central Bohemia. It describes the current state of use of human resources management by competency of the director of public business academies in the region. The observed state is compared with the results of the Trexima, spol. s r.o. in the commercial organizations, which was implemented in 2014. The empirical part is further focused on the...
Human Resource Management in the Selected Organization
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse human resource management in the selected organization including proposing new processes and suitable changes. This thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the practical. In the theoretical part are explained the most important concepts as planning, selection, employment, assessment, remuneration or termination of employment. The methods leading to achievement goals are observation, interview with personnel officer and questionnaire for employees. The practical part contains results of the research. Based on these results possible changes are proposed to improve human resources management in the organization.
Systém of Motivation in the Company ABC
Pavlíková, Petra ; Kadlecová, Eva (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The thesis deals with the issue of employee benefits, the reward system and evaluation of employees in the selected company. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part describes the theoretical background, concepts related to motivation and current surveys on employee benefits. In the second part, the thesis focuses on the selected company, the current state is analyzed by means of a questionnaire survey and interviews with company employees. In the last part, based on the results of the analysis, the optimal solution is proposed to improve the motivation of employees.
Change of Company Management System
Častulíková, Michaela ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on change management by Lewin’s model, which split the change process into three phases: unfreeze, realization and refreeze. In the monitored company Regionální poradenská agentura, s.r.o. will be proposed change of management system, which will be solved by the project. This project will be aimed at making basic management process more efficient: planning, organization, leading and control. During the drafting will be emphasized importance human resource management.
Human Resource Management System in a Chosen Organization
The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze human resource management system in a chosen organization, summarize the results, evaluate them and then prupose changes that would contribute to improve the current state. Human resources are the most important resource an organization has and it is essential to treat them properly. The research was conducted by spreading out questionnaire survey, interviewing the members of personnel department, examinating internal regulations and observating the workplace and its conditions. The thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part summarizes the most important knowledge connected with human resource management. The practical part contains the basic characteristics of the chosen organization, the methodology of the research, analysis of the current state and the last part includes recommended improvements and conclusion.
Human Resource Management in a Selected Company
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze human resource management in a selected company, including proposing suitable changes. The important concepts such as human resource management and its evolution, objectives, role and tasks are explained in the theoretical part. The research, which was done in the company, is described in the practical part. Information is obtained from company's documents, from observation, through an interview with the human resources manager and through questionnaires referning to the employees' satisfaction. Based on the results possible changes are suggested for improving human resource management.
Job satisfaction of employees in a selected organisation
The aim of the thesis is to analyse motivational and stimulating means in a selected organisation, which have an influence on its employee´s job satisfaction. This analysis can help the organisation in the field of human resources management. For the research it is selected Regional Office of South Bohemia that has around five hundred employees. This analysis is carried out qualitative and quantitative methods using questionnaires and interviews. Each questionnaire has twenty-five questions and there is around one hundred respondents. There is selected one employee from each department for those interviews. The evaluation of the research is based on the obtained information. This research finds out that satisfaction and motivation of employees is not sufficient. There are proposed some precautions, which could improve organisation's access to its employees in the sphere of reward system.
Human Resources and Their Management in a Selected Company
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyse and evaluate the current state of human resource management in the selected company. The thesis is intended on the process of creation and analysis of jobs, human resource planning, recruitment and selection of employees, management and work performance. The most relevant target is to describe various possible methods and approaches to selected personal activities and to compare them with the procedures described in the professional literature. Subsequently, there was presented the selected company HEYCO WERK ČR s.r.o. as a whole and a more thorough analysis of the above mentioned processes within the company was carried out. To assess the current situation, the questionnaire was prepared, interview with the owner and study materials provided. And then to recommend some measures improving the existing running of the company.
Analysis of work performance management of teaching staff in the schools established under part 16 paragraph 9 of the Czech Education Act
Votavová, Renata
The aim of the thesis is the analysis of the performance management of teachers in a school established in accordance with § 16 para. 9 of the Education Act. The theoretical part of the thesis specifies the concept of human resource management and defines the individual personnel activities as a tool for human resource management. It highlights from personal activities the function of performance management and describes it using the literature. It specifies in detail the phases of the cycle of the performance management process. The theoretical part contains the description of the process of performance management of teaching staff, defines the identification of the specific conditions in a school established by § 16 para. 9 of the Education Act, which may have an impact on the monitored personal activities. The analytical part of the thesis provides the results of research in primary schools established by § 16 para. 9 of the Education Act. The survey was conducted using explorative method in questionnaire and the type of the case study. The data collection in the case study was realized using individual semi-standardized interviews and the analysis of school documents and guidelines. It was found that for the determination of the performance management of teachers in a school established by § 16...

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