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Remotely controlled multi-platform music player
Jurčo, Michal ; Kruliš, Martin (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
Music plays on many places as a primary or secondary tool to make people feel relaxed and in good mood. Most currently available applications focus on what is being played but do not adapt music choice based on who is currently listening to. The most precise way is to let the listeners decide which is what jukeboxes do but they have not caught up with the progress of technology yet. The goal of this thesis was to design and implement a music player where playback can be remotely controlled by multiple users. Application operator may create a music library from songs stored in local files (such as MP3) and organize these songs in playlists. Regular users may explore playlists and enqueue songs into playback. The application is ready for integration with mobile technologies, so regular users may control the playback via a mobile application. 1
Ščudla, Marek ; Doležel, Matěj (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
My bachelor thesis is my next music project, followed by instalation and merchandise. I was solving the questions about trends, genre and its boundaries. I was inspired by past and I was trying to fit it into contemporary context.
Place of Pilgrimage 2020
Chrastilová, Sabina ; Šagát,, MA Peter Susan (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Art, health and faith.. These three topics are the main elements of the thesis. I am interested in the point when faith and art meet and offer to a person support certainty or hope. In the thesis I deal with the phenomenon of searching places of pilgrimage, which spiritually fulfilled people and in time those places have become the reflection of culture and mentality of a nation. Exactly in these places happened miraculous recoveries the most often and because of it, the people started believing in strength and magic. The thesis examines if even today we visit cultural and artistic events with the same ambition and energy as the original pilgrims. The basic element of my final part is the video of my personal places of pilgrimage which I visited within the last year. The second part deals with my newly founded online gallery which maps modern forms of pilgrimage. The whole installation is supported by the third part which is my pilgrim coat which I customized during my last travels to suit my needs.
The music competition
Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě
Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě (GVUO) vyhlásila Soutěž o nejpůsobivější hudební skladbu inspirovanou výtvarným dílem. Inspirací pro muzikanty bude malba českého surrealisty Josefa Istlera. Vítězové získají celoroční vstupenku do galerie a novou exkluzivní publikaci české umělkyně Kateřiny Šedé, která v GVUO vystavovala do letošního března.
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Využití hudby ve vybraných typech prodejen
Kozáková, Ivana
KOZÁKOVÁ, I. The use of music in selected types of stores. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. The diploma thesis focuses on the use of music in selected types of stores. To evaluate the current state, store visits (n = 62) were selected. To find out how consumers perceive background music and how it affects them, a questionnaire survey, conducted in laboratory conditions (n = 104) and in-depth interviews (n = 41), were used. Respondents were aged 18-30 years. On the basis of the data obtained, the impact of music on the customer in the business environment was determined. There was no evidence of dependence between product price evaluation and the presence of reproduced music in a laboratory experiment. The research results enabled within the target group to formulate appropriate recommendations for the vendors.
Implementace modulu pro notosazbu v ConTeXtu s využitím jazyků Lua a MetaPost
Šebela, Martin
This thesis is about creation of music engraving module for system ConTeXt. The module processes input file in MusicXML format. The first part briefly describes existing music engraving software along with short introduction to music engraving. Next part describes usage of the created module. Finally, the procedure of creating the module and drawing individual music objects is described.
Design hudebního nástroje
Mátl, Milan
The aim of this diploma thesis was to design and subsequently produce a functional prototype of a musical instrument inspired by the cello or the fretless bass guitar at a scale of 1:1, so that it can be presented in terms of both processing and production, but also sound presentation. The thesis consists of two main segments, the theoretical part focuses mainly on the explanation of the reason for the creation of this concept, the familiarization with the tools on which the prototypes are based, the information about the instruments from the historical pieces to the contemporary ones. The component part is also an explanation of physical concepts and a following description of used materials, components and their importance in this work. The second, practical part deals mainly with the processes necessary for the physical creation of the tool, starting with the initial ideas, presentation of sketches, technical development, production, finalization, but also subsequent measurement and analysis of the prototype.
User preference visualization for music
Gajdušek, Pavel ; Peška, Ladislav (advisor) ; Škoda, Petr (referee)
Most of the music portals offer users lists of songs that are the result of black-box algorithms. The recommendation is often nontransparent for users, therefore the irrele- vant recommendation might have negative consequences. The recommendation is mainly based on the computation of similarities between users or objects. The computation relies on collaborative techniques or similarity of the contents of the objects. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to design and implement suitable visualization of these relations in the form of an interactive graph for a certain Spotify user. The visualization should help users realize that their data have inner structures and the recommendations are based on them. The final application should also provide a music playback using the songs contained in the graph. 1

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