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Selected localities of Prague for teaching biology and geology
Cibíková, Markéta ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Drda Morávková, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the most important Prague locations that are suitable for biological and geological excursion. Very important is practical teaching biology and geology. It is desirable that students understand the processes of ancient geological history, that they have seen with their own eyes preserved fossils and that they know how plants and animals which are integral part of teaching biology look like. In this point of view the theoretical teaching in the classrooms is insufficient. In the work is included biological and geological characteristics of selected sites aimed at their geologicla formation, rock, fossils, plants and animals that are found there. Itinerary for each excursion should be designed. There are links to worksheets made by methodical portal RVP which are the part of my work. Short introduction of teaching biology and geology in foreign countries and their access to excursion is presented as well. This thesis was designed for teachers of biology and geology to make preparations of their own excursions easier.
Průběžná zpráva o výsledcích laboratorního studia geochemických a transportních procesů: Přírodní analog Ruprechtov
ÚJV Řež, a.s. ; Rajlich, Petr
V přehledu jsou zhodnoceny laboratorní experimenty provedené k charakterizaci podmínek geochemického chování uranové mineralizace a hostitelských hornin – terciérních a kaolinitických jílů. Jako testovací materiál byly pro experimenty použity vzorky hornin odebrané jednak z vrtů provedených ve výzkumné lokalitě během vrtné kampaně 2002 a současně i z vrtů, které byly jako monitorovací vrty pro připravovanou otvírku ložiska kaolínu provedeny firmou Gekon s.r.o. v roce 2003.
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Modulus of elasticity of natural stone
Hoduláková, Michaela ; Cikrle, Petr (referee) ; Kocáb, Dalibor (advisor)
The value of the modulus of elasticity of concrete depends on the concrete composition (particularly on the aggregate used). The contemporary construction industry literature lacks comprehensive studies of the modulus of elasticity for each type of the rock stone. Therefore, this study focuses on testing and comparing the modulus of elasticity of selected types of rock stones used for the production of crushed coarse aggregates into the concrete. The modulus of elasticity are determined by static and dynamic methods. The work also deals with the modulus of elasticity of granite in different stages of weathering.
Geologická charakteristika vybraných pískoven na Opavsku
Šiplák, Petr
This bachelor thesis deals with a problem of geological characteristics of particular sandpits in Opava area. As an illustrative example for the purpose of this thesis, the typical sandpits from this area were chosen. The origin of these sandpits is mostly the result of the continental glaciations in the Quaternary period and there are deposited the glaciofluvial sediments. In the selected sandpits, the mineral, rock and soil samples were taken and processed in a laboratory later. In addition, this thesis is also focused on the future use of sandpits after the mining will be finished, the influence of the mining on the ecosystem around as well as recultivation intentions. Besides, the other possible variations, which could be used in this process, are compared.
Fluorescenční mikroskopie a analýza obrazu mikroporušení hornin
Ščučka, Jiří ; Kožušníková, Alena ; Obara, B.
The paper presents analytical methods used at the Institute of Geonics ASCR for quantitative analyses of micro-fracturing arising in rocks under various loading conditions in laboratory. Primarily optical fluorescence microscopy and image analysis of sections saturated by fluorescence dye are used to these purposes. The full-automatic image analysis method for determination of intensity and distribution of micro-cracks in rock specimens is presented in the paper as well as the formerly used manually procedure.

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