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The Use of School Historic Atlases in Elementary School Education
Ďurkech, Pavol ; Havelková, Lenka (advisor) ; Chromý, Pavel (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on functions and use of school historical atlases. The main goal of the work is aimed to answer the questions: what role do historical atlases play in an education of history, which functions of school historical atlases are used and how do teachers apply them. The work also deals with the difference of the application between teachers with combined specialization in history-geography and history-other subjects. The targets were reached by using the method of card sorting and half-structured interviews with ten teachers. The method of content analysis was applied after the evaluation of results. The research implies that the role of school historical atlases is primarily an extra tool in an education. The main functions of present-day atlases are: illustrating, informing and place orienting. The respondent teachers use school historical atlases in most cases as a basis for their lecture and group work. Nevertheless, they do not use them as homework at all. The application of school historical atlases does not differ in reliance on the teaching specialization. The usage of geoportal and combination with the second teaching subject occurs more frequently by teachers of history-geography.
Important personalities, periods and events of the Czech history - October 2019
Tuček, Milan
Citizens' attitudes related to the Czech history were surveyd by the Public Opinion Research Centre in October 2019. First, we asked who is regarded as the greatest Czech personality and also which of the selected historical periods is regarded as the greatest one. Similarly, in connection with the 20th century respondents named the three most important events since the end of World War I.
History of the Rábí Castle
Schejbalová, Dominika ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jarošová, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis is concentrating on the history of the castle Rabí. I pay attention to the history of the castle itself in the first part of my thesis and I attempt to map its foundation, the origin of its name and, without omission, its owners who were withholding it. I attempt to introduce the way the castle was grasped in particular literary sources. The second part presents the evolution of the building process of the castle, in which I also mention a church of significant importance - The Holy Trinity Church. And of course the current functioning of the place. I concentrate on individual viewings. The goal of the thesis is to tight up the information about the castle since it has been founded till this day.
Ambiguity in teaching historical topics at primary school
Matějová, Veronika ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
The thesis focuses on the ambiguity in teaching historical topics at ISCED 1 level of education, portraying a teaching method aimed at developing pupils' ability to perceive and reflect upon the ambiguity in teaching history. This ambiguity is demonstrated on historical events concerning Jan Hus. The objective is to develop a thematic unit on ambiguity of approach to historical facts, then to reflect upon the implementation and to outline suggestions for further work. In the beginning the thesis shows the importance of studying history, the changes to teaching the subject in elementary schools throughout time, the concept of historical thinking, memory and multiperspectivity. The practical part documents and reflects upon a process, that was implemented with groups of elementary school pupils. Than analyszs and interprets pupils' outputs. The conclusion contains modifications to the unit, suggested in such a way, that they entice the students' capabilities to interpret matter and to form an argument, as well as their historical thinking and their ability to reflect upon the ambiguity of teaching history, as much as possible.

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