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Possible correlations between geomagnetic activity and global air temperature
Střeštík, Jaroslav
Annual values of the geomagnetic activity indices aa have been compared with the annual mean values of global air temperature during 1850-2012. Despite of a big noise level a significant positive correlation takes place. However, it only reflects a very similar long-term change occurring in both investigated quantities, which must not have a common origin. Short periodical changes with periods of years or decades are at both quantities quite different and their correlation is negligible. When shorter parts with the length of about some decades have been compared, resulting correlations were different. The significant correlation for the whole period is therefore not persistent. No influence of the geomagnetic activity on global temperature in shorter time dimensions has been proved and therefore it is not possible to use any estimate of a possible course of the geomagnetic activity for a prediction of the global temperature in the future. Using the temperature data from the individual stations instead of the global ones different correlations can be obtained but even these are not persistent. The same result will follow using any other selection of shorter intervals.

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