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Positive interfering dual tasking in physiotherapy of multiple sclerosis
Dědeček, Martin ; Herbenová, Alena (advisor) ; Mende, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with mechanism behind functioning and possible utilization of dual-tasking training which fits into task-oriented approach. Main focus is emphasized on mechanism of dual-tasking paradigm or positive interfering dual-tasking paradigm respectively in order to provide information for further use in physiotherapeutical intervention. This bachelor thesis is divided into three parts, first dealing with theoretical grounds, second aiming at applying therapy and third including a case report of the patient.
Evaluation of the most common injuries and health problems of professional table tennis players
Tenglová, Vendula ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Title: Evaluation of the most common injuries and health problems of professional table tennis players Objectives: The main aim of this work is to evaluate the most common injuries and health problems of professional table tennis players in the Czech Republic. Another goal is to determine the level of use of regenerative procedures and compensatory exercises within the training plan of athletes. Methods: The main method used in this thesis was a quantitative research by data analysis from non-standardized questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed among professional table tennis players who participated actively in the district, regional, league or extra league competition in the Czech Republic or abroad in the 2018/2019 season. A total of 374 questionnaires were processed and evaluated, which corresponds to 62,33 % of the total number of sent questionnaires. Results: Of the 374 table tennis players, 240 were injured (197 men, 43 women), which corresponds to 64,17% of the interviewed players. A total of 361 injuries were recorded. The research confirmed four out of six hypotheses. Statistical significance was noted between the injury and sex, and the statistically significant relationship between the injury and the different playing style was confirmed. Most injuries were in the area of the...
Physiotherapy of children with lung diseases.
Švrčková, Karolína ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Author: Bc. Karolína Švrčková Title: Physiotherapy of children with lung disease Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to create a targeted therapeutic program for school- age children diagnosed with bronchial asthma and to evaluate the change of the examined parameters (FEV1, dyspnoea, muscle imbalance, resting breathing wave, diaphragm test, five-minute running test with a focus on post-exercise dyspnoea, viscerovertebral manifestations) after four weeks of movement in two groups (one focused on respiratory physiotherapy, the other on respiratory physiotherapy enriched with yoga exercise), both diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Methods: This work is a pilot experimental study. Two groups of probands (test and control, each with eight probands) were created. The test group underwent respiratory physiotherapy and yoga exercise specifically designed for diagnosis bronchial asthma. The control group underwent only respiratory physiotherapy. Both groups had an intervention of four weeks. In both groups, FEV1 and Investigation Protocol - focusing on viscerovertebral manifestations, muscle imbalance, resting respiratory wave, five- minute running test (focusing on any manifestation of dyspnoea that would end the test, or after the test dyspnoea) and manifestations of dyspnoea (dyspnea in two previous...
The case study of the physiotherapeutic care of a patient with total endoprothesis of a knee joint
Bartoňová, Markéta ; Novotná, Irena (advisor) ; Kaizrová, Irena (referee)
Title: The case study of the physiotherapeutic care of a patient with total endoprothesis of a knee joint Aim: The purpose of this bachelor thesis is the processing of a case study of the physiotherapeutic care of a patient after total knee replacement during an internship in the ÚVN hospital. Summary: This thesis is divided into general and special part. The general part sums up anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics of the knee joint. Apart from that, there is some information about gonarthrosis, indications and contraindications towards total endoprothesis of the knee joint. Last but not least we look at the specifications of rehabilitation regarding this diagnosis and used physiotherapeutic methods. The objective of the special part is a case study of the patient. It consists of complex kinesiologic evaluation, therapies during the patiens stay and the outcomes of the rehabilitation. Keywords: knee joint, total endoprothesis, gonarthrosis, physiotherapy, case study
Case Study focusing on the physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient with femur and tibia fractures
Hradcová, Veronika ; Kučerová, Ilona (advisor) ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (referee)
Title: A case study focusing on the physiotherapeutic treatement of a patient with femur and tibia fractures Objectives: The goal of the theoretical section is to examine and summarize academic information related to the fracture of femur and tibia including anatomy, fracture diagnosis, traumatology and treatment options. The goal of the practical section is to analyze a case study of a patient suffering from the aforementioned injuries. Methods: The theoretical part is composed of existing academic knowledge related to the diagnosis which includes anatomy, traumatology, diagnostics and treatment possibilities. The practical part was compiled on the basis of work experience in the Rehabilitation Hospital od Beroun between 14th January and 8th February. It is a case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient with femur and tibia fractures, a summary of the treatment as well as an evaluation of the therapy's outcome. Results: The condition of the patient after his rehabilitation programme showed no significant improvement. Reduced range of movement in his knee, which was the main problem improved, but insufficiently. Conclusion: The excercise routine was the key factor in the rehabilitation of the patient. The condition of the patient didn't get significantly better and it is possible that his...
Physiotherapy in Alcohol - Dependent Patients
Kolínková, Lucie ; Zahrádka Köhlerová, Michaela (advisor) ; Jakovcová, Karolína (referee)
Bachelor thesis abstract Name, surname: Lucie Kolínková Supervisor: Mgr. Michaela Zahrádka Köhlerová Opponent: Title of bachelor thesis: Physiotherapy in Alcohol-Dependent Patients Abstract: The content of this thesis is the issue of physiotherapy in patients with alcohol dependence. The aim of this work is to bring a comprehensive overview of the problems of alcoholism, its impact on the patient's health, obstacles for the therapist and used physiotherapeutic approaches. The introductory, theoretical part describes the origin of alcohol dependence and its composition, incidence and abuse. It deals with the effects of alcohol on the human body and comorbid disease. It also summarizes the treatment of alcoholism of without the use of physiotherapy. A special part of this work is a form of research. It describes and summarizes current knowledge in the use of physiotherapy in patients with dependence. It contains a brief description of the methods and approaches that can be used in physiotherapy with dependence- patients. It also includes a review of current studies investigating the influence of physiotherapy and exercise methods on the physical and mental health of alcohol addicts. The discussion summarizes the issue of alcoholism, evaluates and compare individual studies. Key words: physiotherapy, physical...
The most common fractures of the lower limb in the geriatric patients and their following rehabilitation (physiotherapy)
Římanová, Elen ; Dědková, Miriama (advisor) ; Nováková, Petra (referee)
OF THE THESIS Name: Elen Římanová Supervisor of the thesis: Mgr. Miriama Dědková Consultant of the thesis: Mgr. Miriama Dědková Title of the thesis: The most common fractures of the lower limb in the geriatric patients and their following rehabilitation (physiotherapy) Abstract of the thesis This thesis deal with physiotherapy after fractures of the lower limb in geriatrics patients and problematic of geriatric's patients care. Timely physiotherapy is important at the same way like following physiotherapy for prevention of immobility syndrome. The geriatric patient is threatened by immobility syndrome, because of physiological involute changes. During immobility syndrome is patient limited in restoration of independence. Due to frequent polymormidity of geriatric patient is threating development of another health complications and decondition. Thesis has theoretical and practical part. In theoretical part are described basics of anatomy, kinesiology, types of fractures and their solutions. Bigger part is dedicated to geriatric's problematic and methods of physiotherapy, which I applied. In practical part are processed case report of three patients, which had fractures of lower limb. This patient completed physiotherapy for four weeks, five days in week for 45 minutes. Our target was to achieve...
Physiotherapy in Patients after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury of a Knee Joint. Subtitle: Focusing on the Method InternalBraceTM
Pavlíková, Lucie ; Šebek, Milan (advisor) ; Jakovcová, Karolína (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Lucie Pavlíková Supervisor: Ing. Bc. Milan Šebek Opponent: Name of the bachelor thesis: Physiotherapy in Patients after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury of a Knee Joint Focusing on the Method InternalBraceTM Abstract: The bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of physiotherapy after injury of the anterior cruciate ligament of a knee joint. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes the anatomy and kinesiology of the knee joint and its structures, as well as the way of injury of the anterior cruciate ligament. The following are the most common solutions of LCA rupture (graft from ligamentum patelae and m. Semitendidosus and m. Gracilis) and subsequent physiotherapy. There is also an innovative method, the InternalBraceTM method, using FiberTape® knitted fiber. In the practical part, case reports of three patients after the operation using InternalBraceTM system are processed. Physiotherapeutic intervention was, in two patients in the acute phase, conducted according to the guidelines by method makers for seven weeks. Its aim was to verify the used methodology of rehabilitation in practice. In a third patient, the difficulties that may arise are described. Key words: FiberTape, InternalBrace, knee joint, ligamentum cruciatum...
Indications of thermoplastic insoles for younger school-age children
In this bachelor work I deal with Indication of thermoplastic shoe soles in children of younger school age. In the theoretic part I describe kinesiology and the most common defects of the foot, walking, proper body posture and its possible deviations, appropriate footwear for children and thermoplastic soles Formthotics. The practical part of the thesis consists of qualitative research, which was created on the basis of entry and exit examination. A total of ten subjects were included in the research (6 boys and 4 girls under 12 years of age). During the initial examination, the soles were simultaneously individually adjusted, and the final examination was performed after three months of use. The aim of this work was to map the most common indications of individually modified prefabricated shoe soles in children of younger school age and to evaluate the change of posture on the basis of comparison of entry and exit examination after three months of their use. The most common indications included flexibly flat foot and poor posture. At this time, the prevalence of poor posture in children and adults is increasing. There are many factors that can cause wrong body posture. The decrease of all-round movement and non-ideal psychomotor development in children is said to be a common reason for the creation of wrong body posture. From a physiotherapy perspective, it would be best to prevent wrong body posture with targeted exercises; however, children at this age are difficult to motivate to exercise. Therefore, one of the possible remedies we can use is individual soft shoe soles. After three months of use of soles, a improvement in position of ankle and knee joints axis and walking stereotype occurred in most subjects. In some subjects, an betterment of their flattened feet and the posture of their body was registered. However, active exercises would be needed to strengthen weakened muscle groups. Therefore, I created educational material that contains several exercises to supplement therapy. This work can be used by parents of children with wrong body posture or flat foot and physiotherapy students.
Objectification of Postural Stability by Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders
This bachelor thesis consisting of the theoretical and practical part deals with physiotherapy after a rupture of an anterior cruciate ligament and its subsequent influence on postural stability. The first part of the theoretical thesis consists of explanation of term posture, its development, function and disorders and the second part of the theoretical thesis consists of the anatomy and knee joint kinesiology, information on anterior cruciate ligament injury, treatment possibilities and physiotherapy possibilities. The practical part is made by means of case history where the qualitative research is applied. It consists of initial kinesiological and posturographic examination, therapy suggestion, therapy implementation and final kinesiological and posturographic examination. The probands underwent the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament 6-8 months prior to the initial kinesiological examination by means of patellar autograft. Both probands suffered the injury when doing sport, namely skiing and football. I focused on a knee joint stabilisation by means of the DNS method, exercise with TRX Suspension Trainer and BOSU?, deep stabilisation system activation by means of the DNS method, the influencing of soft tissues and improving of afference of lower limbs by means of sensorimotor stimulation and PNF method. The therapy lasted for 8 weeks. Using the modern physiotherapeutical method resulted in eliminating basic, limiting limitations which are consequent upon the injury of the anterior cruciate ligament. We are able to confirm the improvement of the results of kinesiological and posturographic examination after the evaluation of the initial examination. The thesis may serve as an educational material for physiotherapy education and for non-professional public as well. Key

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