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The role of an expert in football television broadcasts
Čihák, Jiří ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis The role of a pundit in football television broadcasting focuses on television pundits, the specific and relatively undefined phenomenon of sports journalism. The first part outlines the development of pundits within the history of sports journalism in the world. The second part offers a comprehensive view of the work of sports pundits in Czech media through semi-structured in-depth interviews with experts from the field. For example, the thesis examines the importance of pundits in sports broadcasting and focuses on their work in the studio as well as in the commentary box. At the same time, it points out possible issues and sensitive topics that are connected with their role. The thesis also examines the motivation of athletes who became pundits. Its main focus is on football television broadcasting.
Fitness training for football and soccer players
Banovič, Tomáš ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to map the differences in physical preparation of futsal and football players. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first one is theoretical and the second one is practical. The theoretical part is focused primarily on the basic and general things that concern both sports. There is mentioned a brief characteristics, rules and also the differences in systematice of both sports. Last, but not least the theoretical part describes sports training, which is divided into components, such as technical or tactical, but greater part is devoted to physical preparation. The practical part consistes of an individual interview with coaches of futsal and football and testing of a selected sample of players using fitness tests, which serve to verify the established hypotheses. The goal was to find out whether the futsal players are better equipped than the football players in terms of fitness or not. The outcome of the practical part are measurements, which are displayed in well aranged tables. KEYWORDS Condition, physical preparation, differences, comparison, football, futsal, interview
Development of speed-coordination abilities in football
Machka, Miloslav ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
A diploma thesis focused on speed coordination of football players in the U13 and U14 categories in FK Meteor Prague VIII. In this work we monitor speed and coordination abilities. The theoretical part is devoted to literature focused on football rules, coordination skills, speed skills, didactic forms in football and health-compensatory exercises. In the practical part the measurements from pre-test and post-test are determined. Of the two attempts, the better one was chosen. The values from the 1st and 2nd measurements are evaluated. A set of tests are chosen for testing, in which the test set contains six tests and the measurements are repeated after 6 months. A Diploma thesis from the verification of success of skills in categories U13 and U14. Focussed on observation, coaching and speed testing and coordination capabilities in two categories. The compilation of children's exercises in the pupil category.
Shortened muscle groups in footballers of older school age
Malina, Jan ; Hošková, Blanka (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: Shortened muscle groups in footballers of older school age Objectives: The aim of the thesis was to create and evaluate a compensation programme to relax and stretch selected muscle groups and muscles in footballers of older school age. Methods: The thesis is based on the principles of the quantitative method, where the data were obtained by measuring selected muscle groups in ten trainees. The data were collected and evaluated by input and output measurements using a goniometer and according to a muscle test of Janda (1996). The programme was implemented mostly twice a week, always at the same time in the same place and under the same conditions. The program included five selected exercises. Results: The results point to an improvement with six trainees, each of them showed just one grade in the area of one muscle group. Thus, the results show that the compensation programme was broadly successful, but there were no significant changes. Keywords: football, youth, posture, muscle imbalance, compensation
Analysis of cooperation professional football club FK Teplice with high school
Batryn, Mykhaylo ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Vorálek, Rostislav (referee)
Title Analysis of cooperation professional football club FK Teplice with high school. Objectives The aim of this bachelor thesis is to know a real opinion of young football players about their football team and education on high school by analysis personal interview. Method The qualitative research method was used in this bachelor thesis. Results Providing of the comprehensive view of young football players towards their education and football perspective. Keywords Czech Republic, football, social care, high school, education.
Responses of the sports press to the success of Czechoslovak and Czech football
Babák, Robert ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Waic, Marek (referee)
Title: Responses of the sports press to the success of Czechoslovak and Czech football. Introduction: Football is the most widespread and most popular sports industry enjoying everyone without the difference in age, gender or race. In the Czech lands, football has a long history an she managed to raise many successful footballers who represented us on World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games. This work is done dedicates the history, personalities and achievements of Czechoslovak football. Objectives: Describe the history of Czechoslovak and Czech football. By using literature, magazines and Internet resources collect and study information on the history of Czechoslovak and Czech football and to organize and interpret this information. On the basic of literary and other sources to gather available information on the success of Czechoslovak and Czech football. Methods: During the processing of the thesis, I would like to use standard historical methods, mainly based on qualitative research, chronological method of capturing the major events from the periodical press. Results: The Czech team became the amateur champion of Europe in Roubeix 1911. The Czechoslovak team won 1st place at the Pershing Olympics in Paris 1919. In 1920, the participation in the final of OH in Belgium. The...
Functional changes of the foot by help of the concrete neurological intervention at shool childs.
Marenčáková, Jitka ; Zahálka, František (advisor) ; Řasová, Kamila (referee) ; Vařeka, Ivan (referee)
Title: Neurophysiologic intervention induced changes of the functional foot characteristics in school children. Objectives: The aim of the research was to identify the functional characteristics of the foot in school children selected on the basis of the activity of physical activity in the highest intensity (sporting children) and in the lowest intensity (non-sporting children) and to find out possibilities of influencing the functional characteristics of the foot by targeted neurophysiological intervention. The whole research study was divided into 3 related parts, which were examined separately. The first study aim was an identification of group specific functional characteristics of the foot in 2 groups of school children - actively sporting children and non-sporting children. The second study aim was the influence determination of long-term duration high performance sport activity on the functional characteristics of the school children foot in adolescent elite soccer players. And the aim of the third study was to verify the effect of the targeted neurophysiologic active intervention on the functional foot characteristics in actively sporting children with foot dysfunction of pronated foot and/or flatfoot type. Methods: The research study was divided into three study parts consisted of...
Comparison of media coverage of football, volleyball and floorball in selected media types in Czech Republic
Čech, Filip ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on two different sports media ČT sport and Deník Sport. Based on the broadcasting program, respectively the content of individual copies, examines two selected periods of one year. The aim is to find out the content coverage of football, volleyball and floorball sports in individual media. The data is recorded in the coding sheet according to individual sports and media. Results are sorted by content type, content length and other selected criteria. The results bringing a very strong dominance of football topics in the printed media and a high share of content on ČT sport. Volleyball and floorball are considerably limited in the press, while on television they get their space, which, however, could be higher due to the player base of the two sports.
Mezocyklu effect fundamental changes to the game condition with the progressive nature of the load for youth football players
Bujnovský, David ; Zahálka, František (advisor) ; Votík, Jaromír (referee) ; Zháněl, Jiří (referee)
EFFECT OF THE BASIC MEZOCYKLE TO CHANGE THE GAME CONDITION WITH THE PROGRESSIVE LOAD FOR YOUTH FOOTBALL PLAYERS The aim of this work was to find out whether the use of specific fitness acquisition models (Verheijen, Owen) is more effective as the use of a non-specific model (control group) in elite youth U17 soccer players and whether a player can be equally conditioned in a 4-week period cycle (Owen) compared to a 6-week cycle (Verheijen) or a conventional (non-specific) mesocycle. Methods: The sample consisted of 3 groups of 16 players (n = 48; Age = 16,02±0,78; Height = 178,6±9,8; Weight = 69±10,6; ECM/BCM = 0,8±0,13; FFM = 61,4±9,8). 39 players have completed the whole research and were divided into groups EXP1, EXP2 and KON. The EXP1 group underwent a Verheijen (2000) training program, where large interval games (LSG) also appeared. The sond EXP2 group underwent an intervention program according to Owen et. al. (2012). The third group underwent a training mesocycle with a classic model that was a combination of general and non-specific fitness training. This model consisted mainly of runs (non-specific preparation) and large forms of games at the end of practice. This third group functioned as a control group. Laboratory testing always took place in the Human Movement Laboratory (LSM) of the...
Analysis of the football game of children U8
Zemánek, Patrik ; Teplan, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kokštejn, Jakub (referee)
Title Analysis of children's football game in young preparation Objectives The objective of this thesis is to quantificate and compare the individual football skills during the football match by kids in young preparation of the top Czech team and two teams at performance level, but with different aim on children education. Methods To form this thesis I used observational cross-sectional study, the data pick up is taken during football matches by purchasing a video. An interview withcoaches and the data analysis follows. The research obtains vulnerable group of minors in age 7 - 9 years, in reason to find out the better ways of improving the quality of childrens football game. Results By this research was found out, that the top quality football club aims it's game, in comparison with the lower quality football clubs, more on individual football abilities and skills. In game, situations are whether solved by encounter 1 against 1or by passing. Teams of young preparation should aim the trainings mostly on the encounters 1 against 1 a solve the situation individually, and practising a rightfully-fledged passing. Next recommendation for lower quality football teams is the effort of increasing the number of trainings per week, because another training is very important for the skill development. Last...

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