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Web Simulator of Football Leagues and Championships
Urbanczyk, Martin ; Holkovič, Martin (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is about the creation of a simulator of football leagues and championships. I studied the problematics of football competitions and their systems and also about the base of machine learning. There was also an analysis of similar and existing solutions and I took inspiration for my proposal from them. After that, I made the design of the whole simulator structure and of all of its key parts. Then the simulator was implemented and tested. The application allows simulating top five competitions in UEFA club coefficients rating.
Information System of a Football Club
Gazdová, Veronika ; Hypský, Roman (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with the creating of an information system of a football club. It is a web application implemented in PHP using Nette Framework. In particular, the most important functions of the system include the creation of graphical line up for every single match, the evidence of journey reports with the possibility of generating in PDF, training organization and evidence of results of every single match. The system was successfully implemented and then tested by a group of potential users.
Instant Replay Technology and Its Effect on Game Sports
Nguyen, Roman ; Mihai, Hana (referee) ; Froehling, Kenneth (advisor)
Semestrální práce pojednává o technologiích okamžitého přehrávání a jejím vlivu na herní sporty. Popisuje technologie okamžitého přehrávání používané ve fotbale, basketbale, americkém fotbale a jejich vliv na sportovní zápasy. Závěrem pojednává o tom, zda tyto technologie zlepšily herní sporty, nebo situaci zhoršily.
Water park Brno
Krček, Jan ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
Diploma thesis Aquapark Brno is directly connected with the previous specialist course "Sports Center Za Lužánkami Brno". This project dealt was focused on overall concept, architectural and urban study of this area with an emphasis on sports, recreation and relaxation. There was created a zone of predominantly professional sport in the southern part of this area. There were built football and ice hockey stadiums on the newly created terrace/platform. These stadiums are located approximately in the same places as their current (football) or non-existent (hockey) predecessors. The terrace/platform (parking is located under the terrace) continues, and the newly expanded Boby Hotel follows the recreational sports zone with an Aquapark and outdoor sports grounds located behind the existing Tesco shopping centre. There is formed a new park in north of the sports grounds forming a recreational-relaxation zone on the territory of Planýrka. The existing building of a 50 meter swimming pool dominates the area of Aquapark. It was built in 1979 according to the project architect Otakar Oplatek. However this object no longer meets the requirements of today's visitors or athletes. The new building which includes a twenty-five meter tall swimming pool with a background is being added to the existing building. So there is a separable swimming area created here, which can serve both - swimmers and teenagers or professional athletes. There is a good possibility of racing as well. The new building connects eastward to the building of the roofed Aquapark partially hidden beneath the terraces and resting areas. These three through-flowing but mutually separable objects together with the platform define the area of the outdoor aquapark. He is also separate off from the noisy Sportovní street, but it has a sufficient supply of sunlight. In the place of the original children's pool and extension to the places of today's little park in front of the building there is space f
Sports and Relaxation Centre Vsetín, Ohrada
Németh, Ondřej ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The design of the sports and recreation center in Vsetín solves the complete revitalization of the unused territory on the periphery of the town in the Ohrada district. The aim of the project is to revive the poorly accessible and neglected area and its use not only for a wide range of sports activities, but also for leisure activities and recreation. The whole area should be freely accessible and open to a wide range of public. Four main buildings are designed in the complex: a multi-purpose sports hall, a hotel, a tennis club and a snack bar with a bicycle service. There is a football field, a basketball court and a small football pitch on the open spaces between these objects, as well as two climbing walls, an outdoor gym and a parkour area with many obstacles. The rest of the areas are pavements and free grass areas intended for leisure and recreation of visitors.
Nutrition of professional sportsmen
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to map the nutrition of top sportsmen. The thesis is divided in 2 parts; theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part we dealt with nutrition of top athletes in comparison with the general population. In the practial part we have chosen two groups of professional bodybuilders and footballers. For the research questions we used the qualitative method. Research questions are as follows: RQ 1: What are the eating habits of professional sportsmen? RQ 2: Which foods are indispensable for professional sportsmen? RQ 3: What supplements do professional sportsmen use? RQ 4: What do professional sportsmen think about doping? The data were collected using a semi-structured interview. The interviews were attended by seven bodybuilders from the Pilsen region and seven footballers from the Olomouc and Pilsen regions. The informants were chosen by the snowball sampling technique. Four charts in categories were created from the interview data, the individual subcategories were described and compared between two selected sports disciplines: bodybuilding and football. The results are showing us that the nutrition of top athletes is subject to certain rules, but it is important to mention the individuality we have faced in each sport discipline in all aspects. Nutrition of athletes cannot be considered as a healthy lifestyle and the food supplements are an integral part of the nutrition of professional athletes. Doping is perceived as a negative element of sports on a professional level. The output of this work is also an educational leaflet with recommendations of suitable eating habits not only for top athletes.
Comparison between groups of radical football fans in Czech repuplic and neighbour states (BRD, Poland) and their change from the migration point of view.
Kovařík, Martin ; Stracený, Josef (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
The focus of this master thesis is the comparison of extreme football fans, more specifically ultras and hooligans in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland and the influence of the European migrant crisis on these groups. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the general characteristics of the hooligans subculture, its origins, and development will be described. Furthermore, the functioning of the extreme fan groups in the neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic, i.e. Germany and Poland will be outlined. Moreover, the political stances of these countries on the issues related to the migrant crisis are depicted. These stances have a large impact on shaping of public opinions, including the aforementioned groups. The analytical part of this thesis consists of six interviews. These interviews should help with understanding the views on the migration of the members of the radical fan groups in the selected countries and moreover closely depict the hooligans scene across specific regions. The goal of this thesis is hence to depict the origins, development, and the members of a hooligans subculture on one side. And on the other side, to explain how the European migrant crisis (historical phenomenon of the past decade in Europe) has influenced the stances of the hooligan subculture on the influx...
Wage Discrimination in US Sports: Comparative Analysis
Ivantsev, Dmitrii ; Janhuba, Radek (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
The issue of salary discrimination in the US sport has been a controversional topic, largely dscussed in the context of racial discrimination in American society. Numerous papers written in this field in the previous years investigated each of the US Major Leagues separately. This thesis provides a comparative analysis of wage discrimination in the Nationall Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and National Football League. The data on players' contracts for all leagues were collected based on 2015-2018 unrestricted free agents' signings with a different sample of players for each specific year. We created five unique datasets for the comparative analysis, including one NBA, two NFL and two MLB related samples, where the MLB datasets represent batting and pitching players, while the NFL samples refer to the players on the offensive and defensive positions. For the estimation of players' productivity, we considered the average performance statistics in three years prior to the first contract year. By adding dummy variables reflecting players' race into the regressions and applying the Ordinary Least Squares method we could compare the size of the wage premium paid to the representatives of the specific race. The results of our regressions do not provide sufficient evidence of salary...

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