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Folk Song and Space: Examples from Moravia and Silesia
Toncrová, Marta
The article deals with the relationship of space and folk song, using examples from research on music folklore and folk singing in Moravia and Silesia. While some songs were not connected to specific environments, others were often or exclusively performed indoors, while others had to be performed in the open space. The impact of space upon a song was sometimes strengthened by the function of the song: either intimate singing, or singing connected with dance.
Ambivalence of Identity: Cultural Traditions As a Theme in Contemporary Czech and Slovak Art
Maixner, Miroslav ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Janečková,, Zuzana (referee) ; Zálešák, Jan (advisor)
The dissertation focuses on the phenomenon of a new presence of references to traditional folk culture in contemporary Czech and Slovak art. Emphasis is placed on the period from the year 2000 to the present. The core of the work consists of chapters devoted to artists who in this period significantly thematized various aspects of traditional folk culture, either as a partial element of specific projects or in the form of continuous interest in the field. The essence of this part is to show the breadth and heterogeneity of the examined manifestations across the media spectrum. The main purpose of the work is to analyze and place the researched phenomena in a relevant context within the theory and history of art. The reason is their different nature from thematically similar manifestations in the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition, when compared with current trends abroad, a number of connections are shown, such as links to environmental issues, criticism of the state of society and, above all, to new issues related to personal and collective identification. Therefore, I base the analysis of these phenomena on a hybrid interdisciplinary basis using theoretical approaches to identity in the social sciences and humanities. I do so in the introductory theoretical chapters, but the main focus is on the final analytical synthesis. To a large extent, it also builds on data obtained from interviews with artists, the transcripts of which the reader will find in the appendix. Finally, the documentation of curatorial projects and exhibitions realized as a practical part of the dissertation project is attached.
Arrangements of folk songs from the region of Uherské Hradiště and their use in primary schools, high schools and elementary art schools
Hájek, Benjamín ; Veverková, Jana (advisor) ; Hurníková, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with regional songs from the surroundings of Uherské Hradiště and their modifications created by dulcimer music groups from Uherské Hradiště region. In the selection of the chosen materials the thesis analyzes especially the characteristic structure, peculiarities and typical features of individual songs from this area, and finds characteristic elements in the arangements of the performers of the set of these songs. It deals in detail with the analysis of song series (from recording media and listening to authentic productions), their basic tendencies in the formation of instrumental and vocal-instrumental modifications and the deduction of rules and characterizing structures in harmony, melody, bow movement, volume changes, and others. It points out the difference between amateur and artistic performances, the difference between their processing and creative making. It determines the conditions under which purely folklore production of a given region is created and when it incorporates elements that cannot be perceived in the given area as authentic folklore and thus are already taken as artistic inventions of artists and only folklore-inspired stylization. It creates a conception of the level of stylization of folk songs from the region of Uherské Hradiště, recommend...
From folklore to world music: Music and spirituality
Uhlíková, Lucie ; Přibylová, I.
The conference edited proceedings on folk and ethnic music, modern folk music and world music.
Folklore in the Era of Socialism. Display Window of Official Culture or a Little Island of Freedom? Folklore Movement in Contemporary Historical Research and Oral Historical Studies
Vaněk, Miroslav
The folk movement has often been referred to as an official part of the "culture of socialism", alongside other sourcees of official culture, and as possibly an export item of Communist Czechoslovakia. On the other hand, the perspective of the actors has been neglected. The folklore "movement" in the context of the study of contemporary history and oral-historical studies is gradually looking for pioneers in oral history to investigate this phenomenon. Recently, projects and studies have emerged that turn to the actors themselves. Their views are beginning to disrupt the predominant view of folklore as monolithic organized folk entertainment. On the contrary, for some actors, active participation in the folk ensemble could represent an imaginary little island of freedom. The role of oral history is, in this respect, irreplaceable. Research needs to be undertaken by knowledgeable and ethical professionals. Particular consideration should be given to analyzing the position of insiders conducting research.
A comparison of the Folk Song in the Bohemian and Moravian Region and its Application in Music Classes
Dvořáková, Alena ; Veverková, Jana (advisor) ; Bělohlávková, Petra (referee)
The master's thesis follows up on the bachelor's thesis called The Folk Song in the Pilsen Region as a Part of the Regional Culture. Primarily, the theoretical part of the thesis aims to compare and contrast two distinct regions, specifically the Pilsen region and the Wallachian region. It focuses on the characteristics of their folk culture including folk architecture, folk costume, folk customs and most importantly folk songs. The thesis deals both with their characteristics typical of Bohemian and Moravian regions in general and their characteristics typical of the Pilsen and the Wallachian regions. The thesis further focuses on folklore festivals, folklore ensembles and folk song collectors associated with these regions. The practical goal of the thesis is the application of Pilsen and Wallachian folk songs in Music classes at upper primary school (or in the corresponding grades of multi-year gymnasium) in the form of a play with folk songs from both regions and arousing pupils' interest in folk songs. The appendix includes pictures and photographs associated with the folklore of the Pilsen and Wallachian regions as well as examples of Wallachian folk songs that can be used as a song-book in Music classes.
Diatopic changes in the range of characters of the French-Czech fairy tales
Rozhonová, Maria ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Fučíková, Milena (referee)
THE ABSTRAKT This thesis aims to cover typological differences between the fairy tale characters from French (Charles Perrault, Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy) and Czech (Božena Němcová, Karel Jaromír Erben) folklore fairy tales. First, the author presents the definition of fairy tale (Vladimir Yakovlevič Propp, Karel Čapek), which is defined from the point of view of different theories. This thesis covers only the characters from folklore fairy tales, therefore the folklore fairy tale will be shortly defined as well. The thesis also analyses the differences of the behaviour and the portrait of the characters appearing in thematically similar fairy tales. At the end, the author creates a summary of all achieved knowledge and the final generalized comparison of the fairy tale characters. key words: fairy tale characters, folklore fairy tale, Charles Perrault, Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy, Božena Němcová, Karel Jaromír Erben, brothers Grimm, Vladimir Jakovlevič Propp, Karel Čapek, attributes of characters, morphology of fairy tale, Finnish school, folklore, function
Folk customs. The Art Project for 1st Grade of Elementary School. (theoretical - project thesis)
KUBÁTOVÁ, Gabriela
This thesis is focused on the traditions and customs of the Czech lands. The aim was to connect as many educational areas as possible. Main emphasis was put on the visual rendering as well as the historical context of traditions and customs. The main objective was to create a exceptional complex of Czech uniques that can be used in the art lessons at primary school.

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