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Development of a Small Family Business
Mádr, David ; Chalupský, Vladimír (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
Topic of this Bachelor`s thesis Development a small family business is focused on development company Mama marketing, s. r. o. mainly on online shopping part. In my work I will research every aspects conected with creating an online E-shop. I will deal with development of company and financing their own place to storage wines including connected issues.
Factors affecting the performance of small and medium-sized family business in the wine sector
Murínová, Anastasia ; Gregar, Aleš (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (referee) ; Váchal, Jan (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
Byly provedeny dva empirické výzkumy: kvalitativní a kvantitativní. Výsledkem kvalitativního výzkumu jako pilotní studie bylo porozumění současné situaci a vytvoření koncepčního rámce rodinného podnikání v odvětví vína v České republice s ohledem na výsledky výzkumu literatury. V důsledku kvantitativního výzkumu byly navíc zkoumány vztahy mezi hlavními konkurenčními taktiky a výkonnosti rodinného podniku, a to s ohledem na generační fázi rodinných firem. Otevřené kódování bylo použito v prvním výzkumu. Použití testu Mann-Whitney U umožnilo určit významný rozdíl mezi využitím konkurenční taktiky vybranými rodinnými firmami s ohledem na generační fázi. Aplikací korelační a regresní analýzy výzkum pomohli zjistit vztahy mezi konkurenčními taktiky a výkonnosti rodinného podnikání obecně a taky vzhledem ke generační fáze vybraných vinařských rodinných firem v České republice.
The Proposal for Development of Family Wine Shop in Prostějov
Obořilová, Tereza ; Procházková, Lenka (referee) ; Bumberová, Veronika (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with evaluation of the current state of the Vinotéka Rek family business and results in a strategy of its further development. The first theoretical part is based on the theoretical backgrounds focusing on the development and growth of entrepreneurship in particular small and family businesses, the context of strategic management within the development of companies and also on selected analytical and research methods that examine the internal, external and market environment of the company. The second, analytical part of the thesis contains the practical application of the methods to the selected company, the identification of key factors and impacts on the company and the evaluation of the overall results for the subsequent selection of the appropriate development variant. Third, the part of proposals builds on the results of the analyzes and processes the selected variant of the development strategy, including the implementation steps and the benefits of the proposals.
The Proposal of Small Family Business Development Operating in the Minibus Transport Services
Musilová, Simona ; Zich, Robert (referee) ; Bumberová, Veronika (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on drawing up a strategic development plan of the small family business operating in minibus transport services. The theoretical part deals with definitions and assumptions about a possible development and growth of companies, specific features of a family business including descriptions of selected analytical and research methods used in these issues. The second, analytical part of the thesis contains practical application of selected methods of a business environmental analysis with the aim to identify key factors influencing the company. Subsequently, the choice of an appropriate alternative to the strategic development of the company is based on the results of the analyses and research. In the third part, the selected option is elaborating into a strategic plan that will lead to consolidate company’s position on the marketplace and to increase its sales. The proposals also include a risk analysis and an evaluation of benefits of the proposed changes.
Development Strategy of Family Business
Vichr, Matěj ; Bumberová, Veronika (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
This diploma thesis involves a strategic development plan proposal within a particular family business. It describes a theoretical framework in the areas of family business, strategic management and change management. Using critical analysis in accordance with the theoretical findings, a proposal of strategic development within a chosen family business is created together with a high-level implementation plan.
Element of family as and important part of family business advertising campaigns
Puklová, Anna ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Zezulková, Markéta (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the use of the element of family in advertising campaigns of family businesses in the Czech Republic. The issue of family businesses in the Czech Republic is becoming more and more current due to the first upcoming generational change in family businesses established after the restoration of the market economy in the 1990s. In the theoretical section, this thesis introduces definition of the family business and the element of family. It is also dealing with all types of media advertisements and the direct marketing. The second practical part is divided into two parts of the research - qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative part was realized by three semi-structured interviews with representatives from three pre-selected family businesses EMCO, LIKO-S and GUMEX. Apart from interviews, all available advertisements were also analysed. The aim of this part was to answer the question if the element of family is a part of the marketing communication of family businesses. The quantitative part was realized by the survey with the aim to find out if the element of family of businesses is important also for customers. Results of the qualitative part of the research show that the element of family is a part of the marketing communication of family businesses and it is...
Proposal of Strategy development of a Company Operating in the City of Prostějov
Obořilová, Tereza ; účetnictví, Lenka Procházková, VŠE Praha, fakulta Finance a (referee) ; Bumberová, Veronika (advisor)
The purpose of this diploma thesis is a proposal development strategy of the Vinoteka Rek, which is based in Prostějov. Analysis conducted was aimed at research of internal company resources and external environment. The results of the analysis show market position and identifies source of competitive advantage. Diploma thesis contains such proposed changes that would lead to an improvement of its existing position among the competitors.
Small Business Management in the Service Sector - expanding business
Trnka, Aleš ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of expanding the operation of a small company. The aim of the thesis is to provide an overview of the complexity of the problem, so it explores the main issues that an entrepreneur/manager of a small company has to deal with before, during and after the expansion itself. Most importantly, the thesis focuses on the recruitment and integration of new employees. The theoretical part of this thesis is based on the study of relevant literature and legislation and focuses on the essential points of the studied issue. The practical part of the thesis examines a retail company in the automotive sector, which is currently undergoing a process of expansion and this example is used to study factors that affect small businesses in general. The evaluation part of the thesis summarizes the acquired knowledge and draws conclusions from it to make recommendations for entrepreneurs/managers of small companies. It presents key points for an entrepreneur/manager to consider prior to an expansion, describes the individual phases of the expansion and the processes within each, and outlines issues that need to be addressed both during and after an expansion. In this section, special attention is given to the issue of human resources. Using the concrete example of the surveyed company, the positive and negative outcomes of the expansion are assessed.
Family businesses and succession issues
Skorčíková, Martina ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The intention of this thesis is to create a procedure for a successful family business handover. The thesis is split into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part summarises, based on research, all theoretical knowledge related to managing and handing over a family business and a closer look at entire process. The practical part includes a case study and an analysis of a specific family business and the exact steps and procedures that will be needed to implement.
Development Strategy for Family Owned Company
Hrachovec, Lukáš ; Němec, Vojtěch (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
Master thesis is about strategic development of family-owned company Trojkámen s.r.o, which provides accommodation and restaurant services. Based on analyses of current situation of family-owned company, outer environment, strategy and vision of family, I will suggest options for future development of the family company.

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