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Paralympic classification in table tennis players with physical impairments
Půlpán, David ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Čichoň, Rostislav (referee)
Title: Paralympic classification in table tennis players with physical impairments Objectives: The aim of this work is to create systematic text by literary research follow up issue about classification in paralympic sport with focusing on table tennis players with physical impairments. Methods: In this thesis we used qualitative research methods. It is based on the analysis and synthesis of available literature resources, key organizations, and expert consultations. Results: A comprehensive text about issue of classification in the paralympic table tennis of physically disabled players was created. This work can help national table tennis classifiers of physically disabled players to classify players. In the future, research in this area needs to be carried a way that the classification is truly based on scientific evidence. Keywords: health impairment, evaluation, paralympic games, classifier, sport classes, eligibility
Attitudes of secondary medical school pupils to classroom assessment
The bachelor thesis Attitudes of secondary medical school pupils to classroom assessment consists of theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part contains chapters concerning the basic concepts of evaluation, school evaluation, its importance, functions, overview of types used in teaching, current methods and forms. The empirical part consists of research, through which we try to find out the attitudes of secondary health school pupils to evaluation in teaching by means of a questionnaire survey. This method has been chosen because it provides rationality and relatively easy evaluation and comparison of the information obtained. On the basis of this information, graphs have been developed that reflect pupils' answers to questions in the questionnaire. All graphs are supplemented with a commentary and in the end there are answers to the research questions and a summary of the results. The results from respondents inform whether the evaluation suits them, what forms they prefer, what motivates them, etc.
ECOVAST method for identification of the Netolicko landscape and the comparison with other landscapes evaluated by this method in the southern Bohemia
The diploma thesis comprehensively presents the South Bohemian landscape, its geography, typology, geology, climate, historical specifics and landscape character and other characteristics. The South Bohemian landscape is briefly compared with the landscape of Austria. The main part of the work is the introduction of landscape of Netolicko and the evaluation of the landscape by the Ecovast method. In exercise of the subject "Landscape ecology and landscape care" the author synthesized the results of students and used for comparation of different landscapes by Ecovast method.
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Local Action Groups in the Pilsen Region
Today's time period is renowned for a great percentage of people moving out from the cities to rural areas. One of many reasons is a better social and cultural environment of inhabitants. Local action groups (LAG), on which evaluation is focus in bachelor thesis, positively contribute to solving the stated issue. The main objectives are the evaluation and analysis of their activities in the matter of the Pilsen region. The theoretical part contains definitions of basic terms connected with the issues of local action groups on a national level. The identification of the local action groups in the range of the whole Czech Republic is focused on their reasons of commencement, legal terms regarded to them, history, and the possibilities for financing, a variety of activities and other characteristic features. Subsequently, the selected local action groups are analyzed as a major topic of this thesis. The practical part focuses on the evaluation which derives from nine local action groups located in the Pilsen region. The NS MAS evaluative scale is used for the evaluation. For the evaluation, certain indicators are selected like time for their establishment, amounts of members of the groups, financing, and other. Subsequently, a synthesis of the collected data, the very comparison, and evaluation of the effectiveness of functioning and benefits for the region is executed. Basic statistics is used to evaluate the outcomes and the outcomes are presented graphically. The conclusion of the thesis dedicates to strengths, weaknesses and other opportunities of operation of LAGs in the Pilsen region.
Evaluation and Remuneration System in a Chosen Enterprise
This thesis deals with the evaluation and remuneration of employees in the enterprise Lasselsberger, s.r.o and focuses on the practical use of this system. There are described basic terms concerning this problematic, presenting basic principles of remuneration of employees. The thesis includes description of a current system in the enterprise and the implementation of questionnaire investigation, whose objective was to find out satisfaction with evaluated performance and also with remuneration of employees on a workplace. The questionnaire is aimed at satisfaction with wages, working conditions and motivation of employees on workplace. Based on the collected results there are proposed measures that improve the current state and also contribute to higher satisfaction of employees and their interest on enterprise goals in future. The collected data from the questionnaire survey contribute to better business prosperity.
Educational and therapeutic potential of physical, art and music education as seen in the eyes of primary school teachers
The thesis deals with the contribution of physical, art and music education at primary school. It monitors the influence of education on the overall development of children and at the same time how the teacher himself can influence the educational content of these lessons. The aim of my thesis is to find out how the teachers deal with the potential of education, which therapeutic elements they use in their lessons and which approach to education they prefer. The theoretical part introduces the content, potential and main therapeutic elements of physical, art and music education to the public and suggests the importance of their preservation in the educational system at primary school. It is a qualitative investigation, I used the semi-structured interview method as well as direct unstructured observation for my research. In the practical part I conducted interviews with four experienced teachers and I mainly focused on their conception of selected education. Furthermore, the most striking aspects of the education, which have a positive impact on the development of children and their integration into society, were processed by observation in lessons. Based on the obtained results, physical, artistic and musical education can be understood as very beneficial doctrines that affect the pupil's psyche, influence his / her physical health and facilitate his / her involvement in the collective. Art, music and physical education at primary school provide a place where children learn the basics of art, culture and dance, and where they can discover themselves and learn to accept the differences observed in the surroundings.
Use of technical analysis in trading on the foreign exchange market
This thesis deals using of technical analysis in trading on the foreign exchange market. The exchange market is a market where the trade is conducted in non-cash forms of foreign currencies. The technical analysis promarly monitors the price movements, trading volumes and volatility. The factors affecting strategy are risk and money management. It estimates the future price developments ant he basis of specific data. To some extent the success depends on seting a good investment strategy. The individual stages are defied within strategy creation and they consist of items such as selection of a bussines tool, selection of a suitable timeferame, determination of rules and operation of the entire trading system and the setting of entry and exit rules. In conclusion the thesis includes the result in terms of the profitability and riskness and the suitability of using the technical analysis for evulation of the funds on the foreign exchange markets.
Analysis of methods for evaluation ETICS dirtiness
Krejčík, Jakub ; Žák,, Antonín (referee) ; Žižková, Nikol (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with problems of dirtiness of surface layers of ETICS (External thermal insulation contact system). In the theoretical part, soil damping agents and processes occurring when adhering dirt are described. The practical part then evaluates the impact of the aspects described below on their dirtyness. At the same time, it monitors the differences in staining depending on the type of material and the manufacturer. A methodology for artificial staining with controllable and repeatable conditions was developed in a special simulator, and this methodology was also verified practically. Simultaneously, individual plasters were exposed to the natural environment, for comparison of laboratory and actual conditions.
Evaluation of the academic educational system focusing on education of students with special needs
Toupalová, Nikola ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with education and development of students with special educational needs in tertiary education. The aim of the thesis is to analyze documents that are related to education of people with special needs and to compare a supporting system setting at individual universities. The thesis is based not only on professional literature knowledge, both world and Czech, but also on a research that has been done at chosen universities. The research part includes content analysis, which systematically describes contents of special education documents, and compares the supporting system setting at selected universities, which is extended by interviews with the head workers of consulting centers. KEYWORDS Evaluation, school management, tertiary education, handicap, inclusion.

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