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Připravenost zemí střední a východní Evropy na vstup do eurozóny
Bujáček, Jakub
This diploma thesis deals with evaluation of current progress in nominal and structural convergence, and the alignment of the business cycle between CEE countries and Eurozone. Maastricht criteria, indexes of similarities in sectoral structures and theory of optimum currency areas are used for this purpose. There are also used alternative techniques for measuring alignment of the business cycle, which is beneficial to the width of the conclusions that this work produces. Selected techniques indicate process of convergence between CEE countries and Eurozone, but also indicate persisting differences between western and eastern part of EU, which in the case of sharing the common currency leads to the risk of asymmetric shock.
Účinnost kvantitativního uvolňování v eurozoně
Škrášek, Filip
The thesis examines an impact of quantitative easing in Euro area. European central bank conducted unconventional monetary policy in reaction to global financial crisis’ aftermath. Quantitative easing, arguably the most controversial measure, is aimed to provide commercial banks with excessive liquidity and subsequently persuade an increase in provided loans and thus stimulate GDP. The thesis links to previous literature on quantitative easing effect with up-to-date dataset and examines the impact of quantitative easing through bank lending channel. The thesis identifies and describes heterogeneity of quantitative easing’s effect among Euro area countries.
Návrh komunikační kampaně pro přijetí eura v ČR: odhad finančních nákladů kampaně
Ševčíková, Kateřina
The principle of this thesis is the creation of communication strategy for a possible referendum. The bachelor thesis is based on experience from Slovakia and Estonia where the euro has already been accepted. The bachelor thesis also fo-cuses on the course of the communication campaign before the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and Brexit. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create a communication campaign and budget of this campaign.
The impact of the financial crisis on the Eurozone and the EU states with own currency
Němcová, Lenka
Thesis focusses on impact of global financial crisis 2008-2009 on Eurozone countries and countries with own currency. This is analysed via chosen macroeconomic indicators from databases of International Monetary Fund and Eurostat. Goal of the thesis is to assess the impact on indicators and provide statistical base for decision, whether membership in Eurozone in times of crisis is beneficial for countries or not. To serve this purpose, models of panel data with fixed and random effects and method Difference in Difference are used.
Vplyv zavedenia eura na zahraničný obchod vybraných ekonomík
Kmeťová, Petra
The access to the monetary union has many advantages for the country. A foreign trade is the most reflected indicator of the euro impact on the economy of a certain country. It has an important role in every economy. The main aim of this diploma thesis is to identify the effects of the euro on the development of the foreign trade of euro area countries. At the same time the main aim is to confirm or refute the fact, that the introduction of the euro is capable of influencing the development of export efficiency of individual euro area economies. The theoretical part explains the concepts of the payment balance and also the assessment of the situation before and after the introduction of euro.
Endogenní teorie optimálních měnových oblastí
Huk, Václav
This thesis operates with the Endogenous Optimum Currency Area theory. It tests the main assumption of the endogenous theory by applying correlation and regression analysis on selected EU Member States. It compares correlation of economic cycles of selected states with the Eurozone over time along with testing significance of particular correlation factors. The results note significant synchronization of economic cycles during the economic crisis of 2008 as well as important desynchronization after 2013. As far as correlation factors are concerned statistical significance of Bilateral Trade Intensity, Intra-Industry Trade and Fiscal Differences Index on correlation of economic cycles is confirmed. However, the endogenous OCA hypothesis could not be unambiguously confirmed due to important European synchronization trend throughout the economic crisis that impacted large part of the results. Based on significant synchronization of European economies during economic crisis application of common monetary policy during this period can be recommended.
Sbližování cenových hladin mezi členskými zeměmi eurozóny v období let 1995 - 2016
Hrňová, Hana
The thesis deals with price convergence in eurozone states. First part offers litera-ture review of this issue. The second part of this diploma thesis focuses on the impact of eurozone membership on price level convergence between the time period 1995 to 2016. It uses difference in differences approach to capture the impact by comparing with states that are not members. The analysis is performed on several product groups. Third part of the theses describes the influence of eurozone crisis on the convergence. For this it uses time series data analysis to find a break in trend of convergence which would correspond with the crisis. Last part contains summary and discussion of results. These results are compared with result of similar studies.
Nekonvenčné nástroje Európskej centrálnej banky v období finančnej krízy
Bírošík, Roman
The bachelor thesis is focused on monetary policy of the European Central Bank. This thesis describes the causes of the use of unconventional monetary policy measures and explains their functioning in practise. Subsequently, the effectiveness of non-standard measures is evaluated on the basis of the relevant economic indicators in relation to the objectives, which was set. One chapter of the thesis is devoted to the functioning of the transmission mechanism of monetary policy and the causes of disruption.
Vliv zavedení eura na míru inflace ve státech střední a východní Evropy
Vývoda, Ondřej
Vývoda O., The Impact of Introduction of the Euro on the Inflation Rate in Central and Eastern European states. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2019 This diploma thesis concerns with the impact of introduction of the Euro on the rates of inflation in central and eastern European states (Slovenia, Slovakia, Esto-nia, Latvia and Lithuania). First part offers a review of existing literature on the matter of inflation and perceived inflation on accession to the Monetary union. Second part is focused on the analysis of panel data where the impact of introduc-tion of euro on the inflation rates of these states is tested on the basis of the mone-tarist model of inflation determination. Subsequently, the thesis is complemented by an effects analysis in individual states using the Difference-in-differences method. The last part contains discussion and a summary of the results.
Faktory vývoje stínového bankovnictví v eurozóně
Peterka, Vít
Peterka V., Determinants of Shadow banking development in euro area. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. Diploma thesis focuses on determinants influencing Shadow banking in euro area countries. The aim of this thesis is to identify these factors by using panel data regression analysis and OLS and WLS estimators. Factors/variables are segmented into three groups, gradually added into models and changes in coefficients values are observed because of stability. The final model is created based on the process of gradually added variables and then replicated by using WLS method. According theoretical background and empirical analysis there are mentioned factors/variables influencing a growth of shadow banking in euro area countries in period 2009 - 2017. Significant variables with influence on the growth of Shadow banking are: unemployment rate, bank sector size, stock price index, capital regulation index and index of financial development.

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