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Energy Efficient Detached House
Frýbort, Miroslav ; Pospíšil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Král, Jakub (advisor)
Bachelors thesis is focused on complex passive house design in first steps of project documentations. Thesis contains studies, analyzes, calculations and project documentations for building permit, including financial comparisons. The text part defines the design of energy efficient detached house with modern technology that outline a possible future home environment and financial standard. In attachment part are studies, urbanistic analysis, energy protocols and calculations.
Ecological aspects of construction production
Šebestová, Michaela ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis processes an analysis of ecological load in a building process. In the theoretical part of the thesis the basic concepts of ecology and contruction are described. The most serious ecological problems connected with construction production are identified along with reduction measures of these problems, their possible appreciation and embedding in legislation. The practical part of the thesis deals with the issue of human impact on the environment within the life cycle of construction production. The effects of selected ecological aspects, which could affect the normal price, are discussed. The thesis sets out theoretical calculations for the valuation of harmful emissions, energy and water consumption and waste management.
Environmental Impact Assessment by Machinery Products/Processes
Navrátilová, Jana ; Rozehnalová, Jana (referee) ; Krbalová, Maria (advisor)
This Diploma thesis is focused on the assessment of environmental load of a bottle crown cork. The theoretical part describes the current global environmental problems and a chosen environmental legislation, which may also apply to engineering companies. In thesis is included the description of a various methodologies for assessing the environmental load, from which was a method LCA (product life cycle assessment) for solving the problem chosen. The thesis describes the crown cork and its production. In practical part is made the environmental load evaluation of this product. Three variants of the crown cork are selected, whose life cycles are simulated and analysed. The results of the variants are afterwards compared.
Eco-friendly tourism complex Strachotín – urban and architectural study.
Čížová, Gabriela ; Borecká,, Eva (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of optimal functional and spatial use of the area for environmentally friendly tourism in Strachotín. The location is characterized by suitable natural conditions and land for quality vineyard management. That is why I propose a winery, a cider, a distillery, accommodation with a restaurant and a wellness area in the area. I elaborate the winery object and related accommodation in more detail. The most important object is the operation of the winery. The building dominates and interacts with the adjacent accommodation and restaurant building. Parts of the facade are designed as openwork ventilated facades that create the architectural character of the buildings.
Ventilation and cooling of administrative building
Kotas, Marek ; Blasinski, Petr (referee) ; Jelínek, Ondřej (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis introduces a design of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for an administrative building. The function of the device is to create a high-quality internal microclimate. The system ventilates the building and covers heat losses and gains caused by ventilation. In summer, cooling of the selected rooms is provided by the refrigeration circuit. The theoretical part of the thesis distinguishes between different types of air-conditioning systems, it describes the types of refrigerants and deals with the limitation of refrigerants in connection with the protection of the environment. The computational part deals with the complete design of ventilation and air conditioning equipment, including the necessary calculations. The last part of the thesis introduces the project itself.
Marketing Mix of a Company
Klusák, Tomáš ; Mucha,, Martin (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the analysis and subsequently the proposal of marketing mix of a company which provides accommodation, catering and hospitality services. The theoretical part deals with the definition of basic concepts in the field of marketing and in particular with the field of price, point of sale, product and promotion. The analytical part of the thesis is focused on the assessment of the external and internal environment of the chosen company and the mix elements analysis as they are currently set. On the basis of the identified state, such conclusions and suggestions will be drawn, which will lead towards improved management and strengthening the company’s position in the given market during the following years.
ABB RobotStudio - examples in C#
Mittaš, Tomáš ; Roupec, Jan (referee) ; Lang, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned about programming movements of a robot developed by company ABB in a programming language C#. The aim of thesis is to show unconventional ways of using C# programming language. In the introduction are briefly described the instruments for programming and robot simulation. Following chapters are devoted to history of robots, their categories, sensors and programming and also to introduction of company ABB and their products, which are used in this thesis. In the conclusion is comparison and analysis of both used environments. Thesis also contains instructions for making an application and simulation and also a demonstration video of functional demo project in simulation and on real robot.
Czech and Dutch Audience and Their Perception of Enviromental Issues on the Example of the Big Bang Theory Series
Homolková, Lenka ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
In this work, I focus on the propagation of environmental issues through sitcom and comparison of the perception of these topics by Czech and Dutch audiences. I report on the results of focus group research of the American show The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019), from which artefacts were pre-selected with the assistance of thematic analysis. These findings suggest different perception of the environmental contents included in the researched series, the same as the varying perception of hypothetical promotion of the environmental issues in the future series. Generally speaking, the global sample perceives the promotion of environmental issues in popular media positively, though the degree and the form of the accepted usage of these topics vary. Czech audiences perceive the topics more negatively than the Dutch audience, showing a lower sensitivity threshold for a possible attack on their own opinions and identity. The most significant differences were observed in the perception of the concept of nature, the person interested in the environment, and the individual impact on the improvement/deterioration of the environment. A suitable tool for communicating environmental issues in the sitcom is corrective irony (allowing to emphasize the contrast between environmental awareness and personal actions to...
Methane emissions from temperate freshwater reservoirs
Bašta, Jan ; Frouzová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Rulík, Martin (referee)
Methane (CH4) emissions from temperate freshwater reservoirs have only been evaluated for the last several decades. Freshwater ecosystems (including water reservoirs) release crucial quantities of this important greenhouse gas. Ebullition that releases methane into the atmosphere from bubbles originating from sediment is important source of methane. Regardless of the importance of these emissions, a very limited number of scientific research papers monitoring this flux into the atmosphere are available. Estimated values of methane emissions from freshwater temperate reservoirs vary considerably. There are many different methods for monitoring methane emissions. It seems that the freshwater reservoir stimulates methane formation in increasing scales. The size of the sum of methane emitted from freshwater reservoirs is also difficult to say.
Evaluation of environmental protection - May 2019
Hanzlová, Radka
In May 2019, the Public Opinion Research Centre focused on environment and its protection. 48% of respondents expressed the opinion that attention to enviromental protection in the Czech Republic is appropriate, 45% see it as insufficient.

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