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Contracts used in a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
ŽÁKOVÁ, Pavlína
The thesis is directed to the analysis of contracts used in a small and medium-sized enterprise, also characterizes this small and medium-sized enterprise, and describes various types of contracts, which enterprises use in concluding contractual obligations. It focuses for example on a contract of purchase, a contract of the work, a leasehold contract, a leasing contract or on a competitive tendering for a public procurement and defines rights and obligations for these individual contracts. It confirms or refutes determined hypotheses and describes meaning and structure of the most used contracts in enterprises. As well as it seeks, which of contracts is the most used in a small and medium-sized enterprise and to describes it. As an instrument for getting information, the work uses a questionnaire and an interview. The work proves that the contracts are an integral part of business world.
Employee Development in a Chosen Enterprise
This thesis deals with an employee development in the chosen enterprise ČSOB, a. s. Its goal is the analysis of employees education system and proposal of possible changes to improve and streamline this system. There is described education and the development of employees and systematic cycle of education following by the ČSOB, a. s. where a research is implemented. The thesis presents a description of education system and the development of employees from data obtained from personnel department and also contains a questionnaire investigation which is gained from enterprise employees. The results are presented in a form of graphical and tabular outputs. Researching and comparing all acquired information is processed in the suggestion on improving employees education system.
LOGI - Logistic method for SMEs in culture (museums and libraries)
Dostál, Petr ; Pernica, Petr
Hlavním cílem metodiky je přínos k úsporám času a k hospodárnosti prostřednictvím řešení logistických problémů v rámci vlastní nezávislé činnosti subjektů sektoru kultury. Metodika je prvé řadě vedena snahou pomoci v řešení aktuálních logistických problémů těm subjektům kultury, pro něž tyto problémy nemají v rámci jejich vlastní nezávislé činnosti marginální postavení. Dílčím cílem metodiky je zvýšení úspěšnosti projektů, a to jejím využitím při přípravě kroků, jež předcházejí podání projektů, anebo budou následovat po jejich udělení, a prokazatelně vedly nebo povedou k lepšímu hospodaření se získanými prostředky. Zřizovatelům může metodika sloužit k podpoře kontroly racionality procesů probíhajících v těchto organizacích.
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Risk Management in a Selected Business Entity
Zaoral, Lukáš ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The Master´s thesis, which i worked on the topic "Risk management in a selected business entity" analyzes situation of the company in the internal and external surroundings and evaluates the identified risks, proposes measures and recommendations for the selected business entity. The theoretical part describes basic concepts and methods of risk management, strategic analyzes identifying the company on the market as well as information system and business processes. The practical part follows the theoretical knowledge and identifies the weakest part of the business where risk management is needed which are subsequently applied. The output of the thesis is the draft of measures and recommendations for the selected business entity.
Design Study of Lean Production Process withLlinks to Purchase
Vřešťál, Michal ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis solves problems of design study of lean production proces withlinks to purchase in ROYAL PRESS Ltd., which is engaged in the development and manufacture of promotional items. After analyzing the current state of processes, I will focus on shortcomings and suggest their solution. Furthermore, I will focus on benefits andputting them into practice. The result of this work should make manufacturing process more efficent and working with supplies.
Business Plan – Production of a New Product
Ogrodník, Marek ; Musil, Tomáš (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with creation of a business plan for a production of a new product in a relatively young enterprise. This product is a security fitting. The thesis is divided into the theoretical part and the practical part, which is based on the knowledge of the theoretical part.
Business Plan – Travel Agency
Trnik, Dávid ; Chalmovský, Peter (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on drawing up a business plan for a travel agency in Slovak Republic. Thesis consists of theoretical part, based on acquired theoretical knowledge, analysis (SWOT analysis, Porter's model), review of current trends in the field of tourism and business, and practical preparation of the draft business plan.
Business Plan
Mešková, Michaela ; Povolný, Jiří (referee) ; Bočková, Nina (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the creation of a business plan to start a company. The plan is created for a manufacturing company, which then sells its products to consumers. Based on this plan, it will be possible to establish a company, which will be able to eliminate risks and shortcomings, which might occur during the founding phase, and also during the first years of operation
Business Plan Proposal for the Establishment of a Tea House
Jezberová, Pavla ; Zich, Robert (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with business plan of opening a teahouse. Theoretical part defines terms connected with a business and business plan. This is followed by analyses of both internal and external factors of the business, based on which a draft of the business plan is presented, including business, marketing, financial and organizational plan and risk management. This should be a lead for the owner of the planned newly opened teahouse in Náchod.
Organizační struktura jako nástroj managementu ve vybraném podniku
The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on studying literature and transferring this information into the thesis. The thesis deals with the terms of organization structures, their types, but also terms as manager, his function and role. It is also the terms of strategy, mission aim and stages of management, projections, divisions, the process of creating the structure, its reconstruction plus critical leading. All of these terms are analyzed and described in detail. The practical part of the thesis points at the importance of an organization structure in a chosen company where it is used to improve communication and to make the managers' work less complicated and easier. Of course the problems of increased expenses and increased salaries are solved as well. In the original organization structure in ZS Dynín managers were overworked, conflicts occured, there were problems in communication and workers were sometimes divided into divisions in an inappropriate way. Hence the change in the organization structure. A new position of a division manager was created. He manages individual divisions so that the process of dividing workers is adequate and the conflicts among the supervisors of divisions are limited. Another change included the division of a very huge section of animal nutrition, the section of plant nutrition and protection and production into three new sections. There were too many employees, information ... in the original section. Chaos occured from time to time, which was solved by splitting the section.

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