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Effectiveness of Law in behavioral perspective
Bartošová, Iveta ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Agha, Petr (referee)
Effectiveness of law in behavioral perspective Abstract The thesis is considering effective influence of law in society. Firstly, the basic concepts on effectiveness of law in fields of theory of law, sociology of law and legal philosophy are briefly introduced along with current system of assessing effectiveness of regulation in Czech legislative process in second chapter. Next it encourages to try on oneself the psychotherapeutical interview with the Law of Benjamin Sells, to find out about one's own potentially hidden ideas and prejudices about law and society. Finally in three consecutive chapters are introduced three basic concepts of human nature (anthropological pessimism, realism and optimism) that are informing our often unconscious choice of instruments used to enhance the effectiveness of law. Anthropological pessimism typically chooses control and deterrence. Anthropological realism uses control and deterrence for those, who are not influenced by softer measures, which it deliberately cultivates - trust and respect. These instruments are than examined from the perspective of their real effects on human behavior by means of research, studies and experiments mostly from the field of social-psychology. Finally, the sixth chapter concerns itself with anthropological optimism, which is introduced on...
Designing Health Interventions: The Role of Argument Type and Message Format
Schlosserová, Michaela ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Švec, Kamil (referee)
8 Abstract According to the study carried out by the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD, 2015) in the Czech Republic, Czech children reported higher alcohol consumption in the last 30 days (68.5 %) compared to the EU average (48%) as well as more common encounters with binge-drinking. The objective of this thesis is to assess the role of argument type and message format found in Health campaigns. The thesis explored the perception of persuasive messages amongst the target group and offers theoretical implications for practitioners. The theoretical part is grounded in current knowledge in social psychology as well as behavioral economics while focusing on argumentation and persuasion. Key theories this thesis is based on include the Social Judgement Theory (Sherif, Sherif, Hovland and Nebergall, 1961), the Elaboration Likelihood Model (Petty and Cacioppo, 1986), the Cognitive Dissonance Theory (Festinger, 1957) and the Theory of Reasoned Action (Fishbein and Ajzen, 1975). The empirical part is based on experiment replication (Cornelis, Cauberghe and De Pelsmacker, 2013) which inspected the perception of messages that dissuade from binge-drinking amongst young adults. This thesis employs printed questionnaire distributed amongst the convenience sample of 232 students attending...
The selected issues of public procurement in the Czech Republic
Podroužková, Eliška ; Hraba, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Dupáková, Lenka (referee)
The selected issues of public procurement in the Czech Republic Abstract The aim of this diploma thesis is to identify selected issues occurring in the public procurement in the Czech Republic. The submitted diploma thesis presents some reasons for the wrongful procedure of the contracting entities which cause difficulties to the subjects of Act No. 134/2016 Sb., the Public Procurement Act. Problematic aspects are judged by the 3E principles, which define the cause of the adoption of this Act. The purpose of the public procurement legislation in force is to specify sufficient rules to ensure proper spending of public funds. Definitions of the selected problems are followed by an outline of possible solutions. The introductory chapter summarizes the milestones in the development of public procurement legislation which began in the time of Austria-Hungary. It includes the essence and reasons for the adoption of legislation and points out certain problematic sections of the rules that led to their change later. The chapter also includes the basic characteristics of the Act currently in force which was adopted in 2016 in order to reflect the valid European Union directives and the determined problems of the previous Act. The second chapter describes the status of public procurement in the system of law. Public...
Efficiency analysis of cultural spending in Czech municipalities
Holušová, Lucie ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Špolcová, Dominika (referee)
The aim of this study is to assess local expenditures on the culture of municipalities in the Czech Republic and the effect of the exogenous variables on its level. The thesis analyses the efficiency for 205 Czech municipalities of extended scope in the years 2014-2016. Based on the previously published works the expenditures of municipalities of extended scope on culture were used as the input. Output variables were chosen to match the input variable. The estimation is performed using the Data Envelopment Analysis under different returns to scale assumptions. Lastly, several potential effects on the estimated efficiency are considered and analysed. Our results suggest that 6 out of 9 exogenous variables used in the analysis are statistically significant and affect the level of efficiency (e.g.: number of inhabitants, rate of unemployment, the share of elderly people etc.). Keywords efficiency, municipalities, Czech Republic, public expenditure, DEA
Influence of Network Infrastructure on Distributed Password Cracking
Eisner, Michal ; Zobal, Lukáš (referee) ; Hranický, Radek (advisor)
Password cracking is a process used to obtain the cracking key through which we get access to encrypted data. This process normally works on the principle of  the repeated try of attempts and their verification by making calculations of cryptographic algorithms. The difficulty of algorithms affects the time spent on solving of the calculations. In spite of various acceleration methods, it is often necessary to distribute the given problem among  several nodes which are interconnected via the local network or the internet. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the influence of network infrastructure on the speed, the scalability, and the utilization during different attacks on cryptographical hashes. For these purposes, there was created an automatized experimental environment, which consists of distinctive topologies, scripts, and sets of testing tasks. Based on the results of the analysis, which were obtained by the usage of tools Fitcrack and Hashtopolis it was possible to observe this influence.
Infuse of specialization on structure cities, rural habitat and landscape
Štěpánek, Martin ; Urbášková, Hana (referee) ; Suchánek, Radek (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Specialization and concentration of human activity is a phenomenon which accompanies the development of human settlements from their very beginning. While thoroughly explored in other fields, interconnection between pecialisation, on one hand, and urbanism and architecture, on the other, has been neglected. Nevertheless, this issue is of high ignificance since it determines the settlement structure development to a large extent. If understood correctly, this underlying principle of the impact of specialisation and concentration on the settlement development offers a new insight into historical context and enables one to understand the present development.
Design of a System of Business Forecasting
Kocour, Dan ; Sládková,, Jitka (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis deals with business forecasting issue. It is a proposal that should serve as a tool for designing and managing business projects (business forecasts) for a real company in the SME segment operating in the ICT sector in the South Moravian Region. This dilemma is crucial for every company, because it has direct impact on its turnover and profit. The thesis is divided into theoretical, analytical and practical part. The aim of the project is its practical use in a real company.
The issue of Ecodesign in the machine tool
Burtsev, Ilya ; Tůma, Jiří (referee) ; Holub, Michal (advisor)
This bachaelors thesis discusses the issues of Ecodesign in the machine tools. The first part of the thesis includes analysis of current legislation requirements in Ecodesign. The second part of the thesis includes researches in Ecodesign and energy efficent components. In conclusion of the thesis described personal recommendation in sphere of Ecodesign.
Hydraulic press for stamping of rotor packets
Hrnčiřík, Adam ; Dokoupil, Vladimír (referee) ; Omes, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on design of the hydraulic press for pressing assembly unit of the rotor and the shaft for electric motor. The content of this thesis are elastic and deformation calculations of frame and calculation of hydraulics components. Technical documentation of this hydraulic press were created based on previous calculations.
Acceleration of numerical computation of heat conduction in solids in inverse tasks
Ondruch, Tomáš ; Komínek, Jan (referee) ; Pohanka, Michal (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with possible ways of accelerating numerical computations, which are present in problems related to heat conduction in solids. The thesis summarizes basic characteristics of heat transfer phenomena with emphasis on heat conduction. Theoretical principles of control volume method are utilized to convert a direct heat conduction problem into a sparse linear system. Relevant fundamentals from the field of inverse heat conduction problems are presented with reference to intensive computations of direct problems of such kind. Numerical methods which are well-suited to find a solution of direct heat conduction problems are described. Remarks on practical implementation of time-efficient computations are made in relation with a two-dimensional heat conduction model. The results are compared and discussed with respect to obtained computational time for several tested methods.

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