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E-learning and Its Use in Tuition of Social Sciences
Růžanská, Hana ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee) ; Pančocha, Karel (referee)
This doctoral thesis provides a comprehensive treatise of contemporary modern methods of education including e-learning. In its preface the author presents its content, purpose, basis and objectives and sets the main goal of the thesis, namely an intention to analyse and evaluate the latest trends in e-learning, modern forms of education and use of information technology in organisation of studies. Sub-objectives of this dissertation relate to the structure of its prime objective and correspond with its individual chapters in which it presents the history of e-learning within the history of science and institutional education, evaluates the position of e-learning and other modern forms of education in the scope of political and legislative priorities of the European Union and of the Czech Republic and presents several core strategic and legislative documents covering this area also in connection with the concept of lifelong learning. The key theoretical part of the thesis contains a detailed overview of main theoretical issues related to e-learning and other modern forms of education in contemporary local and international literature. This part describes e-learning as a part of the concept of lifelong learning, provides basic definitions of e-learning as well as an analysis of related terms,...
Bilingual schools and European projects
Pávková, Karolína ; Váňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee) ; Rýdl K., (referee)
The theme of this dissertation thesis is the relation of bilingual education and educational projects aimed at European issues. The research part was conducted at bilingual upper secondary schools in the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain (Wales). In the thesis the themes such as European politics, intercultural dialogue, international peace, human rights, humanitarian aid and language education are primarily included into European issues. The empirical research was deliberately realized at bilingual schools, where the instruction is delivered throught the medium of two languages. With regard to this fact a frequent participation at educational projects with European focus (European projects) was anticipated at these schools. European projects are often interconnected with the laguage studies. In recent years education projects have been an important part of the curriculum in Czech, German and British environment and they play a vital role in education context. The projects enrich the bilingual instruction from both methodical and content perspective and enable launching cooperation between schools and other partner institutions. Bilingual education has lately been supported by international educational strategies aimed at cultural biodiversity and multilingualism. In European Union The...
Modern history of institutional control of foodstuff in the Czech Republic
The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis consists of an overview of the food safety system in the Czech Republic in its historical context. In this part, basic concepts related to this issue are defined and it is describes how the whole system works, of course, in relation to ensuring food safety in the European Union. The Food Safety Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, which has also its place in the food safety system, is dealt with in a greater detail in the practical part. This part describes activities of Food Safety Information Center, examines educational projects and analyses the use of educational projects in practice.
Education in later life in Czech Republic in compare with European Union nations
Valenta, Martin ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Seghmanová, Michaela (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on education in later life in the sphere of information technology. It focuses mainly in Czech Republic characteristics of education in later life domain viewed from different angles and compares that with overal situation in European Union. It evaluates the educational programs and describes the trends of development of education in later life. It performs the analysis of the relation between seniors and computers and it takes a think of the importance of informatics, learning in later life and also of informatics learning in later life. It also brings the valuation of the later life IT education level in Czech Republic as well as the learning process itself and compares that with the European Union nations.

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