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Evaluation of the the Czech Education System and Opportunities to Receive Education by Czech Public – September 2020
Hanzlová, Radka
A regular CVVM survey in September 2020 investigated the opinions of the Czech Public on the level of education in selected types of schools and the opportunities to receive education in the Czech Republic.
Education of Pregnant Women about Birth Process
Hanáková, Anežka ; Kulhavá, Miluše (advisor) ; Jurigová, Gabriela (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on what pregnant women should be taught about a birth process by their midwives in antenatal classes and what important facts and skills make them mentally and physically sufficiently prepared for the birth process. It studies how well educated about the birth process after attending childbirth education classes selected group of pregnant women actually is. The primary aim of this bachelor's thesis was to describe and analyse efficiency of Czech antenatal classes in the field of preparedness for birth of selected group of pregnant women and to find out if these pregnant women were subsequently able to use their new skills during their birth process and if the given education was in their opinion sufficient and comprehensible. Thanks to this bachelor's thesis we have found out that the efficiency of education in the antenatal classes in the Czech Republic is not sufficient. The rate of well educated women is 75 %, the given education was in their opinion very well comprehensible and sufficient. However the ability to use the skills during their birth process wasn't satisfactory. Therefore we have arrived at a conclusion that antenatal classes lecturers should turn their attention to improvement of efficiency of the antenatal classes and educate pregnant women in a...
Yoga as a tool for the conscious body from the point of view of the phenomenological concept of corporeality
Pulda Nagy, Sophia Jaroslava ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Diploma thesis "Yoga as a tool for the conscious body from the perspective of the phenomenological concept of corporeality" deals with corporeality, the phenomenology of the body and yoga as a tool for finding the harmony of the conscious body. The introduction of the thesis explains the importance of this topic from the perspective of the society-wide concept and also explains the motivation of the author to its processing. The historical background dealing with the Cartesian conception of the body based on Descartes' dualism was described in the theoretical part. The next chapter in the theoretical part was devoted to the comparison of concepts from Cartesian and yoga meditation, and description of the phenomenology of corporeality in Merleau-Ponty. The chapters dealing with the issue of increasing psychic tension in children and youth and the resulting need to deal with the care of the soul were emphasized. The importance of yoga as a meaning of restoring stability was explained in a separate chapter. Individual types of asanas and their effect on the human body were described there as well. The effects of yoga on health in selected research publications were discussed in the practical part along with foreign researches by contemporary scientists and researchers from the ranks of psychologists,...
Education of Patients Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 2
Herentinová, Marie ; Kordulová, Pavla (advisor) ; Bohuslavová, Monika (referee)
An Introduction to the Topic and Why it is Significant: The numbers of patients with second type of diabetes mellitus is every year increasing. Whether is genetic predisposition for this kind of disease important, for increasing trend is provably crucial unhealthy life style. Imbalanced nutrition with domination of carbohydrates, absence of regular movement and finally gaining weight are the main factors. Diabetes is potentially very serious disease, in case is not properly treated, can caused serious results even rising of disability, for example kidney malfunction and than dialysis dependency, limb amputation or blindness. The treatment of this disease is based on non-pharmacological procurement as nutrition precautions and increasing of sport activities but also pharmacological treatment. Very important part of treatment is consistent, repetitive and effective education (Karen & Svačina, 2020). Methodology: For the elaboration of the bachelor's thesis, I chose a case study of a patient who was diagnosed with type 2 DM. Educational procedures are presented in a specific case. The aim of the work: Conducting basic education at the beginning of diagnosis. Implementation of a comprehensive education, which already deepens the acquired knowledge and skills from the basic. And the implementation of...
Education of patients with obesity
Horáková, Věra ; Kordulová, Pavla (advisor) ; Chvojková, Kateřina (referee)
Introduction to the subject matter: Experts find obesity one of the most serious health issues of the 21st century. It increases the risks connected with both the physical and mental health (In: World Health Organization [WHO], 2020). The symptoms that most frequently accompany obesity manifest themselves in the form of metabolic syndrome which includes diabetes mellitus type 2, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high level of triglycerides. Although obesity used to be considered problematic mostly in countries with high average economic income, it is gradually starting to include the developing countries as well (Pichlerová, 2013). Methodology: In my bachelor thesis, I developed a theoretical case study about the stated subject. Objektive: The thesis aims at the education of an obese patient in context of the nursing process. Result: Education of patients in the health-care institutions based on didactic methods and the patients' individual educational needs. Conclusion: Obesity has not yet been widely acknowledged as an illness. The number of obese people is rising globally. The education of obese people is a crucial factor in the fight against obesity. Contribution: The thesis will serve as a material helping the patinets in this area. An educational pamphlet for patients treated...
Childern´s Sanatorium Ostrov u Macochy
Mezník, Lukáš ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a new building for a children's sanatorium with speleotherapy in Ostrov u Macochy. Site is located in the valuable landscape of the Moravský kras nearby Císařská jeskyně, which is used in the healing process. The sloping plot is oriented to the southeast and offers optimal sun conditions. The designed building enters the existing terrain with respect and uses its natural slope. The sanatorium has three receding floors, their green roofs smoothly merge into the terrain. The building includes all required facilities - clinic, education, catering, speleology locker room, accommodation, administration, technical facilities, club rooms and games rooms. The construction system of the building is a combined brick and monolithic skeleton. The basic idea was playfulness and dynamism, simplicity of shapes, easy orientation in space and a terraced solution with ecological aspects of the design.
Dance school Brno
Belousova, Anastasiia ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The theme of The Bachelor's thesis is a design of the dance school in Brno-Zabrdovice area. The project focuses on a contrstruction of a buildingless gap on the crossing of the Milady Horakove and Prikop streets. The goal is to cover up two large areas of adjacent buildings with a new building. The object is divided into two parts. The first one has a better access for the public. Inside there is a large dance hall that can be rented for various events, music school for adults and a cafe with a terrace on the third floor. The second part is a major eight-story building, which includes dance halls of various sizes, locker rooms with their own sanitation facilities and spaces designed either for rent or as the offices of teachers of the dance school. The upper floors are reserved for students‘ accommodation. Each accommodation unit includes a bedroom, a small kitchen, a dressing room and sanitary facilities. The roomes are suited for one or two students. The entire underground floor is used to park cars and store bicycles. There are also technical rooms and a Boiler Room. For the convenience of residents, the building wis designed as a pass-through. There is a small park with leveling staircases located at the back yard. During the summer season, the lawn can be used as a recreation place for students or residents of the city. The entire structure is designed in accordance with the requirements for Immobile use of structures. The multifunctionality of the new building ideally complements the existing educational facilities of the city, such as kindergartens, high schools, grammar schools and universities.

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