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International impact of Catalonia independence efforts
Zamlar, Patrick ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Knutelská, Viera (referee)
The master's thesis International impact of Catalonia independence efforts aims to analyze what is the international impact caused by Catalonia's efforts to separate from Spain. It does so by establishing theoretical framework of Conflict theory and internationalized conflicts. Within this framework, the Catalonia's case is examined. The thesis provides wide and extensive background on Catalan independence in order to understand how independence efforts in Catalonia emerged and evolved. The thesis also explains the means which are used by Catalan representatives in order to promote the independence internationally. Brief comparative examples of other regions within Europe are provided (with one notable mention outside of European continent) which seek for independence, as some of the features are common for all of them. Later on, the thesis features analytical part in which international impacts of Catalonia's strive for independence are examined. Those include e.g. effects on the European Union, other separatist regions, and more. Important explanation is offered about possible economic consequences with the usage of quantitative data. The thesis in its final stage applies conflict theory on Catalonia's case. It also uses all the before explained historical background. It concludes with assessment...
Plausible Effects of the Adoption of the Euro on the Czech economy: Comparison with the case of the Slovac Republic
Goralková, Nikola ; Dědek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Hedbávný, Petr (referee)
This master thesis deals with the euro adoption in the Czech Republic, comparing the possible effects of the euro adoption on the Czech economy and consequences of currency changeover after the Slovak Republic joined the eurozone in 2009. After introducing the theoretical concepts inevitable for the euro adoption, the process of preparation for the currency changeover in the Slovak Republic and the currency changeover itself will be described. Subsequently, the work focuses on the conditions which the Czech government has already met in the process of preparation for the euro adoption and which still need to be fulfilled. In addition, the Czech Republic's economic alignment with euro area countries is analyzed, especially focusing on particular areas. A significant part of this work deals with the comparison of positive and negative effects of the euro adoption in the Slovak Republic with possible impacts of euro on the Czech Republic. In the end, the emphasis is put on the strength of the Czech economy to deal with the possible future financial crisis.
The displacement of the German population from the Šternberk area and its impact on the regional economy
Zajíc, Marek ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Nigrin, Tomáš (referee)
Abstract/Annotation The theme of this bachelor thesis is the influence of the displacement of German population from Šternberk on the local economy after 1945. The thesis deals with the state of Šternberk's economy before displacement and its development after the above mentioned year. The thesis contains statistical data on the original composition of the population and the number of trades and crafts. Furthermore, the largest employers in the city and the region are introduced. It is also stated in the individual chapters that the transformation of economy was not an exclusive issue in 1945, but was gradually taking place in different sectors. The sources I have worked with when writing the text prove that the character of the Šternberk region has been completely different from the present day for several decades. Through archival materials currently stored in Olomouc, it is possible to create a comprehensive picture of how the displacement of Šternberk Germans took place at the end of World War II. It is also evident from some of the selected sources that Šternberk and the North Moravian region were subsequently settled also by repatriates. The aim of this work is to acquaint the public with the preserved sources that provide insight into what was then happening in the North Moravian region.
Slovenia while struggling to leave Sicialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Houška, Daniel ; Pikal, Kamil (advisor) ; Šístek, František (referee)
The Bachelor's Thesis will explore the economic arguments used by Slovenia while struggling to leave Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFR Yugoslavia). The breakup of SFR Yugoslavia started in the second half of 80's of the 20th century due to political destabilisation and economic crisis. Slovenia was dissatisfied with federal government in Belgrade, which started to pursue aggressive Serbian nationalism and ignored Slovenian demands for a wider autonomy and saw a problem in redistribution of federal finance from taxes. Continuous Slovenian feeling that its economy is misused without adequate options of self-government and obvious lack of motivation of Serbia to debate about changes in the federation led to declaration of independence by Slovenia in 1991. Economic arguments ought to be tested after a brief war between Slovenia and Serbia in the new era of an independent Slovenia. Slovenia faced challenge in the form of a transformation into a market economy, which could have been used in their position at the border of Western Europe. At the same time Slovenia's effort to join European and International economic structures meant a test if it had truly achieved a better economic situation by declaring independence. The second part of Thesis compares Slovenian independence with Catalonian separatism,...
Dehumanization as a risk factor for the use of digital technologies in the context of social work
Brezina, Lukáš ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Müller, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with the threat of dehumanization when applying digital technologies and robotics into social work. The work focuses on the history and origin of digital technologies within the context of social changes. It explores the basic rules governing elementary functioning and development of digital technologies and robotics. The thesis describes and summarizes basic information about the possibilities and risks of using digital technologies and robotics within social work. Towards the end it also includes opinions of several professional and political authorities who are active in this topic. This thesis aims to trigger the debate over the possible threats connected to dehumanization of social work and the use of digital technologies and robotics, respectively make it more intensive.
Ekonomické vyhodnocení reprodukce u populace masného plemene Aberdeen Angus
The aim of the thesis was to evaluate the influence of reproductive indicators on the economy of cows depending on the 1st calving of heifers. In the set of cows were comapred the costs of heifers rearing up to 1st calving, longevity costs, sales and costs of weaned calves, and complete result of economy in the groups.
Development Activities of Town of Lomnice nad Lužnicí
The theme of my diploma thesis is Development Activities of Town of Lomnice nad Lužnicí. The main gain of my thesis is to evaluate activities of the selected period and to elaborate the development activities for the future according the variability of financial resources. I choose the period between 2011- 2018. Conclusions of this diploma thesis can also serve the current management of the town. It could provide them with an overview of the town´s economics situation and its development.
Obce Plzeňského kraje v roce 2016
Krajská správa Českého statistického úřadu v Plzni
Publikace obsahuje dostupná statistická data za obce Plzeňského kraje. Údaje jsou zpracovány za tyto úseky: výměra půdy, demografie, trh práce, organizační statistika a bytová výstavba zpravidla v časové řadě 2008 až 2016. Kromě zdrojů Českého statistického úřadu jsou využita data Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí a Českého zeměměřického a katastrálního úřadu. Publikace je doplněna abecedním seznamem a číselníkem obcí, částí obcí a územně technických jednotek.
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Ethical Context of Social Business
ŠAMATOVÁ, Gabriela
The bachelor thesis deals with social business. It is described as a relatively timeless business direction that reflects the ethical foundation of society. It looks at the phenomenon of meaningful work at a deeper scale of general well-being and underlines the trend of globalization in contrast to the ever-increasing need for the community dimension of human life. It focuses on the question of motivation of entrepreneurs in the social business territory and the direction towards reflection in the level of the current "labor dialogue". I deal with the context of the value of work for a person who is in a difficult life situation. The goal of the thesis is to introduce social business as a dynamic tension going beyond the earnings to ethical values and social well-being.
Analysis of economic development in 2017
Český statistický úřad
Analýza ekonomického vývoje pro tuzemský trh za rok 2017 v porovnání s ostatními státy EU.
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