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E-learning process focused on Project Management
Paprčiaková, Karin ; Kubálková, Markéta (advisor) ; Topolová, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on e-learning process in project management. Theoretical parts expound a basic definition of e-learning and its historic evolution, the most frequent e-learning tools and a summary of pros and cons of mentioned type of education. The thesis contains an analysis of available e-learning materials aimed to project management in national and international market. The main objective of this thesis was to create effective process of making educational videos and to estimate time-consuming nature of this process. The method selected in the research was an empirical study of processes related to the created videos, followed by generalization of effective process and formulation of time-consuming scheme for further educational videos.
Self-assessment and peer assessment in interpreter self-training
Navrátilová, Kateřina ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Mraček, David (referee)
The theoretical-empirical thesis deals with the importance of self-assessment and peer assessment for interpreter self-training. The first part is focused on the theoretical foundations of the thesis. First, the thesis covers the question of interpreting quality, its definition, and the assessment of interpreting in interpreter training. The thesis then presents the expertise theory, both in general and in the field of interpreting studies specifically, and provides recommendations by several theoreticians as to how to apply this theory in interpreter training. The next chapter clarifies certain concepts from learning theory that often appear in literature on interpreting didactics. The theoretical part concludes with a presentation of two types of tools that can be used in interpreter self-training, namely e-learning tools and reflective diaries. The empirical part then analyses data collected in two pieces of research. The first of these is a questionnaire research that aims to map the self-training habits of MA interpreting students at the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and to find out whether the students, while self-training, act in line with the expertise theory. The second piece of research is focused on peer feedback that interpreting students give to...