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Savings and loan cooperative as a business corporation
Urbanová, Diana ; Liška, Petr (advisor) ; Josková, Lucie (referee)
Savings and loan cooperative as a business corporation Abstract This thesis deals with typical features of the savings and loan cooperative as a business corporation. The aim of the thesis is to compare the specific legal regulation of savings and loan cooperatives with the general legal regulation of business corporations and, especially, with the legal regulation of cooperatives. As a follow-up of the performed comparison, the thesis identifies features identical and, in the first place, features different, specific for the savings and loan cooperative. Such specific legal regulation is a matter of a more in-depth analysis of particular provisions and mutual relations thereof. The thesis is organised in three chapters. The first chapter includes classification of business corporations and their particular typical features, some of which are present in savings and loan cooperatives, too. The second chapter deals with historical development and importance of savings and loan cooperatives, while putting accent on the basic cooperative principles, such as cooperative democracy or an emphasize on the membership principle. Then it explains the origin of numerous restraining measures applicable to savings and loan cooperatives and making them similar to banks. The third, crucial chapter contains an analysis of...
Vývoj zemědělství na Orlickoústecku s důrazem na vybraný zemědělský podnik
Vaňous, Jaroslav
Bachelor`s thesis dwells on the origin of agriculture in the world and advancing expansion of agriculture into Europe and the Czech Lands. The goal of the thesis was to study professional literature on agriculture, its origin in connection with social situation in Orlickoústecko in the context of Pardubice Region and the Czech Republic. Next, the development of farming, technologies and employment in agriculture in Orlickoústecko are dealt with. Essential moments influencing the development of agriculture in the Czech Lands notably in the area of the Cooperative in Sloupnice are mentioned. The practical part is formed by initial information about the region and the district where ZD (Farm Cooperative) Sloupnice is located, and by elaborate description of the origin and functioning of the enterprise chosen. In the 1950s under the socialist regime small cooperatives were set up in every village, and most villagers were employed there. In the 1980s those cooperatives unified into one with the headquarters in Sloupnice, and since the 1990s the whole cooperative has been called ZD Sloupnice. The unified enterprises were described in the thesis from the historical point of view, and the cooperatives in question are: JZD Řetůvka, JZD Přívrat, JZD Němčice, JZD Vlčkov, JZD Řetová, JZD Sloupnice. The data obtained were analysed in the form of graphs, tables and organization diagrams. It follows from the data from annual reports, yearbooks and information provided by the management of the cooperative that despite harder work in submontane conditions, the yields are competitive with climatically better areas owing to constantly improving procedures and technologies. The history and affiliation of the subsidiary Řeznictví Sloupnice s.r.o. (The Butchery Sloupnice Ltd.), which follows up with livestock production of the cooperative perfectly, are described in the thesis.
Analysis Of the Acquisition of a Housing Unit and Tax Impacts
Franc, Štěpán ; Bartušek, Oldřich (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's work is an analysis of the acquisition of the housing unit and the tax impacts. It describes ways of acquiring housing units and explains tax concepts related to acquisition. The practical part includes models of ways of acquiring a housing unit and a tax burden when the purchase method is chosen.
Cooperative as one of the possible tools of the economic concept of Steady-State
Dekastello, Petr ; Hájek, Jan (advisor) ; Vejchodská, Eliška (referee)
The thesis analyzes the theory of Steady-State Economy based on a research of literature as well as principles and starting points for its application in practice. The central question revolves around the viability of the theory. First, however, the thesis focuses on the context, i.e. the background and needs for the emergence of this theory. Thus, the research begins at a time of industrial revolution and the rise of modern economies. In the course of the research, the analysis also points out the phenomenon of cooperatives, which arise in the early days of industrialization, as examined at the start of the work. Later, after a comprehensive introduction of the steady-state economy theory, the thesis returns to cooperatives, as during the research certain parallels in both of the phenomena emerge. Consequently, the conclusion recapitulates and examines whether steady state economy has been proven to be viable, what could support its functioning and whether one of the answers might be cooperatives - considered they have been shown to realize certain assumptions of this economic theory in practice. After a review of criticism of both of the phenomena, a final evaluation and decision may be reached, i.e. the research questions may be answered.
The analysis of the age structure of floorball teams at the World Championship and at the Czech elite league
HOLUB, Kryštof
The aim of the thesis is to perform a content analysis of professional literature dealing with floorball, sports training and age of top performance of athletes. Furthermore, to find out and analyze the age structure of teams at the World Floorball Championship and Czech elite league. Team roasters of the three best foreign teams and the Czech national team at the World Championships and three best teams of Czech elite league were collected for this objective. A lower age of male and female players of the Czech team was found in comparison with the best placed foreign teams in the World Championship. In the male category, the average age of the three best foreign teams is 26.7 years, the Czech national team is 25.1 years and the three best teams of Czech elite league is 24.8 years. The increasing value of the average age of the teams at the World Championships was observed, but not in Czech elite league. In the female category, the average age of the three best foreign teams is 25.3 years, the Czech national team is 23.6 years and the three best teams of Czech elite league is 23.4 years. The increasing average age over the years has not been observed.
Possibilities to increase competitiveness of consumer co-operatives
This thesis deals with the increasing competitiveness of consumer cooperative stores with growing Vietnamese convenience stores. The theoretical part focuses on cooperatives, competitiveness, shopping atmosphere and consumer behavior. The practical part is based on my own observation and a questionnaire survey. For this part of the thesis, I chose four specific business units, of which two are consumer cooperative stores and two are convenience stores. One of the consumer cooperative stores and one of the convenience stores are located close to each other in České Budějovice. The second consumer cooperative store and the nearby standing second convenience store are located in Chvalšiny. In the first part I compared prices, assortment, shopping atmosphere and additional services of all four selected stores. The second part is based on a questionnaire survey. I distributed the questionnaire to 200 respondents in České Budějovice and Chvalšiny. The questionnaire concerns shopping and satisfaction with selected factors in the relevant consumer cooperative store and the competing convenience store. It also concerns the ranking of these stores based on their importance to the consumers. The aim of the thesis is to assess the potential of the increasing competitiveness of consumer cooperatives in the context of the growing number of so called "Vietnamese conveniences".
The transfer of membership rights and obligations in cooperatives
Brostík, Ondřej ; Oehm, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Štenglová, Ivanka (referee)
The Transfer of Membership Rights and Obligations in Cooperatives The aim of the thesis is to analyse legal relations arising from the transfer of membership rights and obligations in cooperatives. I chose this topic, because Czech legal regulations of the transfer are very often ambiguous and inaccurate. In the thesis I have summed up the current Czech legislation, pointed out some practical problems and tried to solve them. The thesis is composed of three chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of the subject to be analyzed. The first chapter defines general terminology concerning the transfer of membership rights and obligations in cooperatives. I have tried to explain the different terms used in the Czech Commercial Code and to describe their mutual relations. Chapter two focuses on detailed description of the transfer in all types of cooperatives in the Czech Republic. The first part of this chapter describes the legislative evolution of the transfer as a legal institute. Next parts of this chapter investigate the contract of transfer and its constituent elements. To reach the self-contained description, the final part describes how by-laws of the cooperatives deal with this juridical institute. Chapter three concentrates on chosen topics referring to the transfer of membership...
The Influence of the Tax and Accounting Aspects for the Formation of the Cooperative and Its Business Activities
Bartoš, Ivo ; Leták, Miroslav (referee) ; Svirák, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is the revelation of the advantages and disadvantages of circumstances of cooperatives and their impact on its business performance. The final output of the thesis will be the expression of opinion, whether the influence of legal, tax and accounting aspects relating to the creation and activities of the cooperative creates business advantage, or rather not.
The Assessment of the Financial Health of Jednota Tábor
Sechovcová, Veronika ; Kozáková, Petra (advisor) ; Novotný, Martin (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the financial health of the Jednota Tábor business cooperative from 2011 to 2015 using methods of financial analysis and inter-comparison comparison and possible recommendations for improvement of its financial situation. The thesis is classically divided into two basic parts, theoretical-methodological and practical. The first part of the thesis explains the basic concepts related to the topic of financial analysis and describes the basic methods of assessing the financial situation. At the end of this part of the thesis are presented the methods of intercompany comparison. In the second part of the thesis, the theoretical and methodological points are applied on a practical example, namely the trade union Jednota Tábor. For better information ability, the results are compared with the results of the Jednota Jindřichův Hradec consumer association and the results of the industry. The conclusion of the work is summary of the results, evaluation of financial health and suggestion of recommendations for possible improvement.
Transfers of ownership of flats from the cooperative to its members
Strouhalová Javorková, Zuzana ; Štenglová, Ivanka (advisor) ; Zahradníčková, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with transfers of flats from housing cooperative to their members. The thesis tries to describe the process of tranfers of cooperative owneship especially regarding is specific aspects which feature and follow these transfers. The thesis is devided into seven chapters. First chapter summarizes basic periods of historical development of flat cooperative. This historical excursion, particularly period after 1945, is important also due to using of some of the terms in following chapters and it is also important for its infuence on following property relationships. Sources of law reflecting issue of transfers of flats from housing cooperative is listed in second chapter. It is not a complete list. It mentiones only the most important ones that regard to flat ownership, rights and obligations necessary fort he transfers, relationship between previous and present legulation. Chapter three contents characteristic of individual subjects of this civil relationship. Most of this chapter dedicated to a member - tenant of housing kooperative. Also this chapter compares previous and present regislation. Specification of housing cooperatives is given in the forth chapter. As well as two previous chapters also this one gives comparison between previous and present legislation. It says the...

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