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Parental care of drug-dependent mothers
Burgrová, Kristýna ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Mašková, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesis named Parenthood of drug addicted mothers focuses on the relationship between drug addicted mother and her child. It explains the nature of parenthood, children rights, needs, difficulties and specific issues of drug addiction in motherhood. Legal background of child protection has briefly been outlined and the main obligations of social authorities introduced. The drug dependence of mothers has been identified as a fundamental problem in child care with the use of some examples based on an on-site experience from The Therapeutic community Karlov. A complex system of social services available to drug addicted mothers and their children existing in the Czech Republic has been presented. Keywords drug addiction, drug addicted mothers, maternity, family, therapeutic community, endangered children, addiction treatment, children's rights, services for drug addicts
The role of women in streetework team
Kaprasová, Kateřina ; Matoušek, Petr (advisor) ; Brenza, Jiří (referee)
The work focuses on the different approaches, theories, trends, and specifics of women's motivation and reasons to join social field work. In the empirical part of the work, we focused on finding out the paths of women to field work, their initial motivation and explore the topics of sexual and bullying behaviour, safety, and the importance of supervision. The research was carried out to prepare this diploma thesis. In this context, the aim of the research was to describe the execution of social field work from the perspective of women and analyse their path to this work, their motivation, the issue of sexual and bullying behaviour and safety in the period January-June 2020. Keywords Streetwork team, streetworker, drug addiction, security, supervision, gender, the role of women
Applications of art therapy in the dual disorders treatment
Vítková, Eva
This bachelor thesis deals with possibilities and use of art therapeutic techniques on clients with dual diagnosis in therapeutic community Sejřek. It is focused on therapeutic methods which are used in treatment for drug addicts. The main goal of this thesis is the use of art therapy influence on self-knowledge development, self-worth awareness and communication development among clients in community. Theoretical part explains meaning of terms art therapy and dual diagnosis. Moreover, there is used art therapy on drug addicts and clients who use non-alcoholic drugs in Sejřek community. Thesis is focused on colour perception, art therapeutic relation and communication with clients. Also is focused on prevalence of dual disorders in Europe. Practical part deals with creative work, verbal and non-verbal communication with clients.
Zkušenosti žáků SOŠ s užíváním marihuany
Pisarčíková, Veronika
Bachelor thesis is focused on College student experience with marijuana. The the-sis has two parts - theory and practice. Theory describes addictive substances. This part of thesis is mainly about relationship of teenagers to marijuana as ad-dictive substance. Theory includes addiction, prevention. Practice contains an ex-ploratory investigation at chosen college. A survey is focused on college students, their attitude to marijuana and experience with it.
Sport jako součást programu léčby drogové závislosti: případová studie centra Takiwasi v Peru
Šelong, Vojtěch
This diploma thesis examines the influence of sport activity on human drug addiction, as well as the influence of coaching on the quality and benefits of sport exercises in the group and community. Sport is currently not being used as a part of the drug addiction treatment, although it has been a topic in many researches and studies. For a purpose of application of the acquired findings the case study is used to examine options of inclusion of guided sport activities in a drug addiction treatment program. In order of the application, a development project is created to enhance efficiency of drug addiction treatment in Takiwasi centre, Peru, which uses traditional Amazonian medicine to treat drug addiction. In view of the faint use of sport activities in Takiwasi centre, this thesis presents development project proposal to increase the effectiveness of drug treatment in the community of the centre, located in San Martín region.
Impact of using adictive substances on the functioning of the family
Knor, Tomáš ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Kolomoiets, Maksym (referee)
This bachelor thesis studies impacts of children drug addiction on family. Family, as a subject of my research, is represented as social unit that is negatively influenced by individual drug addiction of one of its child. On the basis of the change in essential family functions, all of possible impacts on family's wellbeing, which are resulting from the drug addiction, are being researched. This is for example issues relating to social isolation of the family, resocialization of the addicted member, change in the education style, impact on emotional household background or creation of security measurments due to dangerous and unpredictable behaviour. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining the fundamental terminology about drugs and about family. The next part of the theory is focused directly on connection of drug addiction in family due to easier understanding of the issue and simpler interpretation of methodological part. To obtain profound and detailed data, which will help me to understand the causalities, I have chosen the method of semistructured interviews with a biographical aspect. The interview was carried out with a member of a family who has been sharing the same household with an addicted member. Thanks to the data analysis and following data interpretation I have...
Socially Pathological Phenomena Occuring in Exkluded Localities
This bachelor thesis discusses socially pathological phenomena that occur in excluded localities in the town of Slaný and its environs. There are serious social problems in socially excluded localities. For these localities, a higher occurrence of socially pathological phenomena is typical. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis discusses socially excluded localities in Slaný and its environs, at present, there are six such localities. This thesis also describes the bad living conditions of people who live in these places. My opinion is that other citizens of the town of Slaný have no idea how people in these localities live. This thesis aims to raise awareness not only among the citizens of Slaný. The thesis further focuses on the difference between social pathology and deviation, it explains the terminology of social exclusion and a socially excluded locality. It also discusses drug abuse, criminality, aggression, and gambling. These are serious social problems that occur in today's society. The thesis also talks about the cause of the above mentioned pathological phenomena. The aim of this thesis is to chart the socially pathological phenomena that are located in excluded localities. Two research questions were chosen: Vo1: How does the unemployment of the socially excluded locality citizens influence the occurrence of socially pathologically phenomena? Vo2: What is the influence of the education of the socially excluded locality citizens on the occurrence of socially pathologically phenomena? For the practical part of this thesis, a quantitative method was used. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument with inhabitants of the above socially excluded locality as respondents. The data which were obtained were processed using descriptive statistics in MS Excel and hypothesis testing took place in the program SPSS, using t-test and chí-kvadrát test. The questions in the questionnaire survey were elected the way that they could tell which socially pathologically phenomena occur in the excluded locality of Slaný and its environs. In my research, fourteen hypotheses were dealt with. Some hypotheses assumed that the occurrence of socially pathologically phenomena is influenced by the unemployment of socially excluded locality inhabitants. The next hypotheses assumed that the education of the inhabitants of socially excluded localities influences the occurrence of socially pathological phenomena. Research results showed that the unemployment in this area is influenced by alcohol and drug abuse as well as smoking and the occurrence of execution in these localities. It also proved that education is also influenced by alcohol and drug abuse together with smoking and the occurrence of execution. According to this research unemployment and education have no influence on gambling and criminal record.
Analysis of drug addiction experience and the possibility of its use in preventive process
The goal of this work is to analyse the life stories of individual with experience in drug addiction. Based on the information find out, which way they interpret their experience of drug addiction and what significance they have in their lives. The secondary goal is to try to find key moments in life, where there was space for change and to these moments focus the prevention. Therefore, the target group is individuals with experience in grug addiction. In the theoretical part, drug addiction is comprehensively developed, from onset to treatment. The practical part consists of qualitative research, which is carried out by a method of narrative analysis of four respondents, who have experience of drug addiction. The information was obtained using half-structured conversation. Research shows that the experience of drug addiction has a significant role in the lives of the investigated individuals. Although we can find some similarities in people in relation to drug addiction, it is not possible to generalize the importance of drug addiction in the life of a person, because the processing of this experiance is subjective. A major influence on the interpretation of the relationship to drug experince is whether it is still a drug user or abstinent. Not least, research shows that prevention can not target only on one source of the problem, so it is necessary to apply non-specific prevention in this respect.

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