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Truth and theatre
Mrázek, Jan ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis Truth and Theatre is the study of the truth by connecting the concepts of the phenomenologist Jan Patočka and the theatre director and researcher Jerzy Grotowski. The objective of this thesis is to capture the factual connection between these two concepts. This work reveals how the topic of the truth tied with the ancient abstract meaning of aletheia - "unconcealedness" is being manifested in the theatre, how it is related to the themes of myth, ritual, situation, corporality, education and why is this understanding of truth inseparable from the action, self-awareness and the moral. The aim of this work is also to map the philosophical basis for the master's thesis, which will be created at the Department of Drama in Education on DAMU. KEYWORDS Jan Patočka, Jerzy Grotowski, Martin Heidegger, truth, aletheia, phenomenology, theatre, performer, action, knowledge, myth, dramatic education, care for the soul, paratheatre
An author just for Germanists? To the reception of Thomas Bernhard in Czechia after 1989
Hrdá, Anežka ; Zelená, Alena (advisor) ; Röskau-Rydel, Isabel (referee)
The diploma thesis is concerned with reception of the Austrian novelist and playwright Thomas Bernhard in the Czech Republic after 1989. The piece of work mainly focuses on how the writer was presented to the Czech society. The thesis also responds to the statement of the Czech Germanist Milan Tvrdík who said, in 1995, that Thomas Bernhard still awaits discovery of his writings in the Czech Republic and, so far, is an author mostly for Germanists. Theoretical framework of the work is based on the reception theory of Constance school. The research is mainly focused on the Czech translations of the Bernhard's books which contain epilogues and editorial notes, then on the reviews of the Bernhard's plays introduced in the Czech theatres between 1989 and 2019. Considering the fact that some adaptations of Bernhard's plays in our country offered an interesting link between Czech and Slovakian acting scene, an insight of the Bernhard's reception in Slovakia is a part of the work. The analysis takes into consideration external factors, too. These factors are translators, editors, or individual publishing houses Prostor, Mladá Fronta, Divadelní ústav or Odeon, which have influenced the reception of Bernhard's work in the Czech Republic. The qualitative analysis infers a picture of the Austrian playwright...
Musical under the baton!(Conductor's role during the rehearsal process of The Legend Called Holmes - the musical)
Nováková, Kateřina ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Pecháček, Stanislav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the field of musical theatre and specifies all the activities and competencies of a conductor throughout the process of preparation and subsequent realization of a musical performance. The text of the thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of a musical, its brief world history and its integration into the Czech environment. It also maps the history of the Karlín Musical Theater and presents profiles of its current conductors. The aim of the theoretical part is to introduce the reader to the issues of this genre, to introduce its three basic components: music, drama and movement, and to point out the differences between classical musicals and those of a revue type. The second, practical part, focuses on the profession of conducting in the field of musical theatre. It demonstrates the specific activities of a conductor in two key genres of musical theatre: opera and musical. It also focuses on the means of expression a musical conductor works with, with a special emphasis on the tempo, which has been the subject of frequent discussions amongst members of different artistic components of the musical performance. In the following chapters, it introduces The Legend Called Holmes - The Musical, its script and its music genre. This...
Návrh centra pro námětové hry dětí v předškolním zařízení
Aujeská, Nikol
Aujeská N. Design of centre for children´s thematic games in a preschool facility. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The bachelor thesis describes design and realization of the centre for thema-tic games. Thematic centre is going to take part in children games and their evolu-tion. Information, that are listed in theoretical part are source for the work itself. Preschool children´s motoric, cognitive and emotional evolution is described in theoretical part. There are also children´s furniture safety and hygienic stan-dards and regulations described in this part. Theoretical part contains informati-on about physical proportions of preschool children and their needs, typological division of furniture in nursery school. Important expressions as stimulating envi-ronment, dramatics in nursery school and center of activity together with school surroundings are described in last chapter of theoretical part. Practical part consists of research of actual offer of theatres for preschool facilities and personal research in couple of nursery schools. Theatre was designed for Mateřská škola Skřivánek purposes, but it can be used in any other public interior with just a few modifications. The final form of the design is based on the knowledge gained in the theoretical part of the thesis and expert consultations. The design is 3D rendered in 3ds Max and completed with drawing documentation.
Critical reflection of Czech theater culture 1945 - 1948: Continuity and discontinuity
Drexler, Otto ; Ježková, Petra (advisor) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the journalistic work of the theatre critic Josef Träger in the period of the so-called Third Republic (1945-1948). It describes the process of forming attitudes of the journalist towards post-war theatre, presents a representation of the dominant discourse and its transformation during the given period. This thesis focuses on the content analysis of theatre papers, conceived as a kind of "case study", it relates to the basic themes and problems of Czech post-war theatre. It is argued that this approach enables the analyst to pose questions concerning the ideological character of theatre criticism. This thesis discusses ideas of avant-garde creators and theorists, in whose public work it identifies the main source of inspiration for the revolutionary transformation of Czech theatre in 1945. It explores the influence of the Communist Party in the given period, targeted interventions in the Czech media and theatre system and manipulative practices leading to the strengthening of its power in the post-war state. The text also deals with the manifestations of the emerging socio-political disposition in theatre journalism, the form of the reception of post-war hegemonic formation by the journalist, and to structure the results of the analysis into a broader political-media...
Documentary photography: Contemporary circus
Mikolandová, Anna ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is contemporary circus. This type of dramatic art combines elements of the traditional version of circus with performing arts like dance, music or fine arts. The thesis focuses on the Czech version of contemporary circus mainly through photography. The theoretical part analyses the photography of performing arts and how to capture them with a documentary approach. Part of the thesis is an interview with documentary photographer Bohdan Holomíček.
Public-funded cultural institutions set up by municipalities and cities in 2018
Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu - Centrum informací a statistiky
Údaje zjišťované NIPOS na základě zákona o státní statistické službě čís. 89/1995 Sb. popisují podporu vybraných kulturních institucí z veřejného rozpočtu.
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Public-funded cultural institutions set up by municipalities and cities in 2017
Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu - Centrum informací a statistik kultury
Údaje zjišťované NIPOS na základě zákona o státní statistické službě čís. 89/1995 Sb. popisují podporu vybraných kulturních institucí z veřejného rozpočtu.
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Theatre Stage Technology Control System
Melo, Damián ; Ševcovic, Jiří (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is control of theatre stage devices. The basic types of control, methods for description and identification of systems and properties of regulators are discussed. Project includes description of theatre technogy and proposal for an appropriate control system. Also, a axis controller was implemented and tested on a real stage device.

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