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Monetization of digital content in Czech media
Pavlović, Martin ; Klimeš, David (advisor) ; Shavit, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the trend of direct monetization of digital newspaper content. At the beggining, it examines the development of monetizing and puts it in the context of media market transformations after the mass expansion of internet connection. Subsequently it explores other reasons that lead to the surge of paywalls, analyses particular approaches to direct monetization and discusses some aspects which affect the overall success of imposing fees. The theoretical part is concluded with a discussion about several problematic sides of direct monetization and defining some elemental techniques which publishers use to attract new subscribers. The practical part provides an analysis of digital subscription offers in selected Czech media and marketing activities which they use to support sales. Followingly, the work elaborates on its own survey which focused on attitudes of Czech readers towards paid internet content and their preferences regarding particular offers, such as price level or periodicity of subscription payments. As a part of the practical section, three interviews with media representatives were conducted and the acquired findings are used throughout the thesis.
Framing of Industry 4.0 in the Czech media in the period 2013-2018
El Bournová, Hana ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
1 Annotation Industry 4.0, also known as "the fourth industrial revolution" consisting of the digitization and automation of industry, is a relatively new topic in the Czech media field. Not so new topic is digitization in general, which is a process of implementing digital technologies in various areas of production and society. Over time, the arguments of both academic sides, optimists and critics of digital progress were stabilized in two antagonistic paradigms, with both groups of arguments can be found in the media discourse. The work will also examine the neutral approach, which does not benefit from any of the extreme opposites. The thesis will examine the overall framing of the topic and the similarity between media presentation and academic literature. Participants in the academic debate on the digital age can be found, among others, among digital media theorists. They can in principle be divided into two main parties. Optimists (Negroponte, Jenkins, Mařík) in principle support the new possibilities that digitization brings, while critics (McChesney, Spitzer, Morozov) point out that digital progress is dangerous. On the one hand, digital progress and robotization is being showed as a benefit, but on the other hand, academics warn against the fall of society and the negative side of the digital age....
Podcasts production and consumption in the Czech Republic with a focus on marketing and business
Gregorová, Leona ; Soukeník, Štěpán (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the phenomenon of podcasting and its definition within the new media. It introduces the term in the context of its history and its current situation on foreign markets, ie the cradle of its origin. It also defines it in detail in terms of its characteristic features, form, content, and in terms of its consumption and creation. It also defines it in the context of other media types such as radio, online video and audiobooks. Attention is also paid to the possibilities of its monetization. The phenomenon is anchored in the context of new media concepts such as produsage, participatory culture and long-tail. Last, but not least, several chapters are devoted to the development of the medium and its current state in the Czech Republic. A significant part of the thesis offers and insight into the patterns of media usage by Czech listeners, as well as an insight into the current podcasting scene through the eyes of podcast creators with a focus on marketing and business. Based on quantitative survey among the listeners, the characteristics of media usage, its socio-cultural aspects, motivations to listen, opinions on the diversity of Czech offerings and the perception of advertising in podcasts were further explored. Based on qualitative analysis, the types of podcasting...
New Media and Theatre Audiences
Zavřelová, Eva ; JEŽEK, Vlastimil (advisor) ; SULŽENKO, Jiří (referee)
This diploma master thesis deals with the use of new media and implementation of current online communication trends in the czech theatre environment. The first part defines most important terms and describes the features of the main platforms in online communication. Than follows a comparative analysis of the social media communication of five czech theatres - Jihočeské divadlo in České Budějovice, Slovácké divadlo in Uherské Hradiště, Městské divadlo Zlín, Moravské divadlo in Olomouc and Klicperovo divadlo in Hradec Králové. The next part presents the results of the online survey, which was carried out in cooperation with one of the analyzed theatres, Jihočeské divadlo. This research focused on online audience and their online and offline participation. Based on the research, some recomendations for the communication strategy of Jihočeské divadlo were formulated.
The Relationship between Human Body and Technology in Dramatic Space
Jan Märcová, Sára ; ADÁMEK, Jiří (advisor) ; MAZÚCH, Branislav (referee)
This diploma thesis is an attempt to reflect the use of current digital technologies in the scenic space and their influence on the work of actors. It tries to shortly describe the development and principles of neo-media works, as well as the form of Live Cinema, mainly in the theatrical context. It examines the position of real, living objects/subjects, in contrast to immaterial and virtual images that are made up of light or sound. The possibilities of mutual influence of technologies and bodies are described on selected performances in the Czech theater context. How does technology change the actor's work? Does it affect the basic theatrical relationship between the body of the actor and the spectator's body? Are the mediative forms of theater destructing its "liveness"? How does viewer perception transforms? These and similar questions are crucial to this thesis.
Transformation of the usage of social network Facebook during the period of 200*9 - 2017
Divišová, Alice ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The aim of Master's Degree Thesis "Transformation of the usage of social network Facebook during the period of 2009-2017" is to reveal changes in user behavior on the social network Facebook during the period 2009-2017 and to explain causes of those changes. The research part of this thesis is supported by several theoretical backgrounds describing the development of online media and social media and focusing on their technological, historical and social evolution. The research itself has two methods - quantitative content analysis and qualitative analysis of an audience. The main research question of quantitative content analysis "Has user behavior on social network Facebook changed in time?" is supported by four hypotheses that are built on main ideas of the theoretical framework. The main research question of qualitative analysis of an audience "Why the user behavior on social network Facebook has changed in time according to users?" builds on quantitative content analysis and explains causes and motivations of changes in user behavior on social media Facebook.
Procedurally generated video games as a humanistic platform of the future
Salaba, Petr ; Miesenböck, Julia (advisor) ; Krejčová, Kateřina (referee)
An intermedia analysis of "art video games" in the perspective of humanistic values inspired by the theory of neorealism. Italian screenwriter and film theoretician Cesare Zavattini argues that a truly humanistic and socially conscious film would not be based on a dramatic plot, but that it would rather come from a factual depiction of every individual value inherent to the filmed topic. In my work, I propose that such a non-narrative approach can be well executed in the context on the new interactive media, concretely in video games that are based on procedurally generated environment rather than on a linear script.
Temporality of videogames
Sýkora, Andrej ; BENDOVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; Švelch, Jan (referee)
The thesis is primarily focused on researching the ways of feeling and perceiving time in videogames through analysis and interpretation of chosen works. Secondly, it uses existing research from a broad spectrum of areas from game studies to social aspects of new media to help its analysis. Every chapter presents a certain temporal phenomenon or multiple temporal phenomena. It tries to find how we can, in the context of player experience and videogame interpretation, perceive unique effects of the selected phenomenon, if we are confronted with it in a videogame. The main question being asked by the work is whether videogames as a medium bring any new, unique factors to the existing debate on temporality, or just extend those already known from other types of media.
Theatre and New Media
Haplová, Barbora ; KAPLICKÝ, Martin (advisor) ; ETLÍK, Jaroslav (referee)
The Master Thesis Theatre and New Media, New Media in the Components of Theatre Performance explores ways in which new media technology are able to integrate to theatre performances on particular examples. It investigates the type of theatre performances where new media have a major influence. The first part of this thesis aims to grasp the terminology of new media, in order to subsequently apply it in theatre context. This part draws mainly from The Principles of New Media of Lev Manovich, Notes on Study of New Media from Jakub Macek and Remediation from J. David Bolter and Richard Grusin. The second part introduces the Czech theatre theory perspective on the components of theatre performance. The starting point of this part is Estetika dramatického umění (The Esthetics of dramatic art) by Otakar Zich. Zich’s theory is continuously commented with following essays: Člověk a předmět na divadle (Man and an Object in Theatre) by Jiří Veltruský, Pohyb divadelního znaku (Movement of the Theatre Sign) by Jindřich Honzl and K dnešnímu stavu teorie divadla (On State of Theatre Theory Nowadays) by Jan Mukařovský. Consequently the theoretical part aims to outline the theme of integration of new media to the components of theatre performance using the term ‚components‘ in the meaning suggested in Jaroslav Etlík’s essay Termíny k dohodnutí (Terms to negotiation). Building up on these theoretical contexts, the third part of this theses analyses three theatre performances: NICK (Petra Tejnorová a kol.); Eleusis (Handa Gote Research & Development) a The Game (Almeida Theatre). It aims to describe ways of integration of the new media to the components of particular theatre performances. Consequently it focuses on verifying the assumption, that the level of integration is connected with participation of the new media on the overall meaning of the theatre performance. In the Conclusion the attempt of creating a ‚scale of integration of new media to theatre performance‘ is summed up.
What Does Today's Image Record.
Yu, Xiang ; DVOŘÁK, Tomáš (advisor) ; ŠIMŮNEK, Michal (referee)
The thesis describes and analyses post-documentary photography with emphasis on contemporary Chinese theory and practice. The traditionally defined documentary function of photography has been challenged on many sides and the technology growth of the new media has caused the structural change of photographic language. Documentary function, the core characteristics of photographic language, is rapidly falling apart in this change. As an imported tool, photography has taken a special road in its growth in China. For well known ideology reasons, the documentary function of photography has displayed some very peculiar changes in its traditional past as well as in globalized China today. This paper will try to analyze various causes that influence the documentary function of photography, compare political and cultural differences and show the post-documentary characteristics of contemporary Chinese photography. 

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