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Career workload challenges of selected principals
Pařík, David ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
The thesis Vocational Workload of Headmasters at Randomly Selected Primary Schools deals with the structure of headmasters` vocational activities at fully organized public primary schools. In its theoretical part the thesis concerns with the institution of headteacher from the legislation`s perspective, further it describes individual occupational roles of a headmaster - a leader, a manager and a practitioner. The main aim of the theoretical part is to map the structure of headmasters` vocational activities and match them with individual occupational roles held by a headmaster. The empirical part focuses on investigation based on the data gained from half-structured interviews that we held with individual headmasters of randomly selected fully organized public primary schools in Prague 8. Analyzing the interviews, we were detecting the structure of the headmasters` vocational activities: Which vocational activities match with particular occupational roles of a headmaster, if the roles are equally divided and whether the workload of the headmasters is appropriate in its amount. The structure of headmasters` vocational activities at fully organized public primary schools is in large measure related to the stretch of time considered - the setting of headmasters` daily vocational routines is different...
Delegating secondary school headmaster's activities to senior executive of youth home.
Žigová, Jarmila ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
Delegating secondary school headmaster's activities to senior executive of youth home Bc. JARMILA ŽIGOVÁ ABSTRACT This diploma thesis deals with the management of education in the school facility. The main focus is put on the middle management, more precisely on senior executives of secondary schools' youth homes. It studies their role, it defines activities and competencies delegated by secondary school headmasters. The topic of this thesis is based on the fact, that although youth centres are run by school headmasters, activities and order of this education institution is guaranteed by senior executives of youth centres who create important mediators between top management and school establishment staff. The thesis has been made by means of specialized literature and available internet resources. It is based on the applicable legal standards and on the specific laws that modify the area of education and training. In theoretical part the definition of senior executive of youth centre and delegation term is made. Competencies taken over by a senior executive from a headmaster are objects of research part of the thesis. Quantitative research has been carried out by interview survey, content analysis of documents and personal interview. Selected respondents are chief executives of youth centres. It has been...
School director's agenda on the preparatory week
Doubravský, Petr ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Trunda, Jiří (referee)
The final thesis deals with the preparatory week at school. This is a very important period for the start of the school year and subsequent operation of the school. This thesis is focused on the directors of elementary schools and their activities in the preparatory week. It is based on the theoretical part which deals with the principles of the weekly planning, organization, delegation and time management. The second part of the thesis research which is about a multiple case study. The research part focuses on the analysis and findings composition and scope of individual activities of directors at elementary schools of different sizes during the preparatory week. This thesis presents an analysis based on the daily time schedule, an analysis of documents, interviews and analysis activities of director of elementary school in the preparatory week, respectively, and which activities are further delegated to other persons. Finally, the thesis also provides recommendations on how to effectively plan and lay out a preparatory week from the perspective of the director of elementary school.
Selfmanagement of headmaster of art school
Egermaierová, Kateřina ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of school manager's self-management in the art schools area. Thesis aim was to ascertain what the art schools' headmasters in Pilsen and South Bohemia region reckon as part of self management, what influences their self management and how is this influence displayed in their professional and personal lives. Partial aim of this work was to find out if the headmasters educate themselves in the self management area and if yes in what way. In the theoretical part the work comes out of the human resource management and working performance area. It deals with the headmasters' competences and roles, self management, time management, delegation, burnout syndrome, stress techniques and life balance. It elaborately deals with the emotional intelligence and headmaster's career stages in connection with the self management area is influenced by them. The practise brings research results, which was realized by research and additional interviews. The research found out very interesting discoveries from the pedagogical-art schooling, from the working and personal lives of crucial persons in this educational sphere - art schools headmasters. The experiences and in some cases statements about serious consequences of not asserting the self management mechanisms are recorded...
Management activities of charge nurse in the intensive care unit
Nováková, Alena ; Marková, Eva (advisor) ; Lišková, Iveta (referee)
This thesis focuses on the work of charge nurses in intensive care units (ICUs) as first-line managers. The practical part of the thesis aims at assessing the experience with nursing management in day-to-day routine, especially with the management of change introduction, conflict resolution and motivation of employees. It further compares different charge nurses' career beginnings. The second part of the research deals with personal typology of charge nurses. Twenty six ICU charge nurses were included into the study. The results indicate that charge nurses are not being specifically prepared for their job and that they particularly lack any special education in management. They usually solve conflicts either by compromise or via a directive. Most charge nurses intend to introduce changes into daily practice and they perceive changes as positive. Conversely, they describe the attitude of their subordinates towards changes as negative. Charge nurses generally know the motivators of their employees; however, they excessively and inappropriately use praising as motivation tool. Although not standardized and not used generally, a formal evaluation of employees is considered by charge nurses as a possible way to improve motivation. Allover, the study shows the need for a more thorough management training...
Delegation of Activities at Elementary School Central Management
Zralá, Lucie ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
This bachelor thesis - Delegation of Activities at Elementary School Central Management - deals with school management. It is based on the model of company management, which divides management into three levels. The main attention is paid to middle management, particularly to the methodical authorities at elementary school, respectively to its senior executives; this work traces their status, roles, performed activities, required competencies. The theme of the work is based on the belief that although nowadays headmasters are overburdened with administrative tasks and have difficulty in fulfilling all the aspects and roles that are given to them by the leading functions, delegation of their powers and thus the potential of their teaching staff is not used effectively for various reasons.

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