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Peat formation and peat meadow restoration
Krejčová, Jana ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Picek, Tomáš (referee)
This work aims to clarify and describe the necessary conditions of the peat soil horizon formation. The following three types of locations were compared. Drained locations that were revitalized afterwards. Locations which were drained and never revitalized. And lastly undrained localities where the original peat horizons are still presented. It has been proven that the grounwater level differs in drained and undrained areas. However, there was no significant differrence between revitalized and non-revitalized areas in drained types of locations. The results confirmed that Sphagnum spp., which is the most important species in peat formation, dominates the plant community where the groundwater level is higher than 25 cm. If the grounwater level is lower than 25 cm below the surface, Sphagnum spp. disappears very quickly and degrades peat soil horizons. The work also proved the groundwater level directly affects plant comunities that more or less promote carbon accumulation in the soil but water level and anaerobic conditions have no direct affect on soil carbon accumulation and only affect the vegetation composition of the peat soil horizon.
Use of nanomagnets treated materials in study of decomposition
Vyhnálek, Michal ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Veselá, Hana (referee)
In study of soil organic matter, many methods of carbon labeling are used, mostly using carbon isotope 13 C, which are reliable, but require expensive devices. Magnetic nanoparticles could provide low-cost alternative, which can be prepared in most laboratories with basic equipment. The upside of nanoparticles usage is the fact, that we could monitor fate of individual particles added to soil, including their chemical transformations or changes in microbial communities. The goal of this paper was to test the usage of magnetic nanoparticles and prove the reliability of carbon labeling through experiment. KEY WORDS Magnetic nanoparticles, decomposition, soil organic matter
Hydrological Time Series Analysis for Chosen Sub Catchment in Morava River Basin
Černý, Vojtěch ; Knoppová, Kateřina (referee) ; Marton, Daniel (advisor)
Current climate conditions raise questions about how climate change should affect the hydrological regime of the Czech Republic. The main questions are: I) Is climate change serious and is it already tangible in hydrological series? II) Are there significant changes in the climatic conditions, or in the flow of the river network? III) How does climate change affect hydrological conditions in the catchment? IV) Are there non-stationary tendencies in the hydrological series caused by climate change? The aim of this work was to perform a basic analysis of hydrological time series and estimated its possible changes. The analysis was done with using autocorrelation function, spectral density, moving averages methods, statistical characteristics, empirical line of probability of exceeding and last but not least by decomposing the time series. The practical application was applied on time series of average monthly flows determined in the hydrometric profile of Dalečín in the Svratka river basin.
Modules over string algebras
Löwit, Jakub ; Šťovíček, Jan (advisor) ; Žemlička, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate the categories of modules over the so called string algebras. In particular, we try to understand the cotorsion pairs in these categories, which boils down to understanding the decompositions of extensions of such modules. For string algebras with some oriented tree for the underlying quiver, we describe some classes given by these cotorsion pairs in terms of purely combinatorial closure properties. For any string algebras, the combinatorics appears to be similar, althought more complicated.
The lowest-mortality countries: their specifics and trends of development
Stýblová, Julie ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Maláková, Kateřina (referee)
The lowest-mortality countries: their specifics and trends of development Abstract The main objective of this work is to analyze mortality rates in countries with the lowest mortality rates between 1990 and 2013 for each gender separately. The life expectancy at birth indicator was used to assess the developmental trends of overall mortality, followed by the probability of death, which allowed for the expression of age-related mortality changes, and the contribution of individual age groups to the change in life expectancy at birth was determined by one-dimensional decomposition. For a more detailed look, the mortality rate of selected group of death causes was assessed using a standardized mortality rate. The two-dimensional decomposition allowed to quantify the contribution of age groups and the main causes of death and thus to evaluate how the age group and cause of death contributed to the change in life expectancy at birth. In all countries, the overall mortality rate is decreasing and no interruption of this trend is observed. The results show that the states are getting closer to each other and do not show much differences. All selected countries are characterized by a decline in mortality, mainly in older age groups. The states also change the order of the most important causes of death, when a...
Three essays in energy and environmental economics
Rečka, Lukáš ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Knápek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Van Koten, Silvester (referee) ; Muchapondwa, Edwin (referee)
Three Essays in Energy and Environmental Economics Author: Mgr. Lukáš Rečka Supervisor: Mgr. Milan Ščasný, Ph.D. Academic Year: 2018/2019 Abstract This thesis consists of three articles that share the main theme - energy and environment. The dissertation aims mainly at the Czech energy system and analyses it development after the Velvet Revolution and its possible future development. The first article applies Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index decomposition to analyses the main driving forces of significant reduction in air quality pollutants during the transition of the Czech economy towards market economy in the 1990s. It continues then to investigate how the driving forces affected the emissions volumes during succeeding the post-transition period up to 2016. The second article reacts on the 2015 governmental decision to lift brown coal mining limits in the North Bohemia coal basin. The paper analyses the impacts of maintaining the ban on mining coal reserves and compares them with three alternative options that would each weaken the environmental protections of the ban. The impacts of each of these alternative governmental propostions are analysed on the Czech energy system, the fuel- and the technology-mix, the costs of generating energy, related emissions and external costs associated with the emissions....
Verification And Adjustment Of Hf-Ecg Preprocessing In Experimental Cardiology
Novotna, Petra
The aim of this article is to propose an approach to High-Frequency ECG (HF-ECG) preprocessing with an intention to verify the settled methods of signal preprocessing in the perspective of the new requirements and possibilities in the area of signal processing. The method using Butterworth filters is often used. Nevertheless, for the presented type of analysis is not suitable. FIR filtering alongside with clustering and signal averaging were used for preprocessing of data from isolated rabbit hearts. Frequency bands for further analysis were chosen according to the estimated SNR (signal-to-noise ratio).
Structure and function of microbial communities of montane spruce forest
Štursová, Martina ; Baldrian, Petr (advisor) ; Uhlík, Ondřej (referee) ; Slaninová Kyselková, Martina (referee)
Structure and function of soil microbial communities in montane spruce forest Martina Štursová Abstract Coniferous forests are spatially heterogeneous environments and represent an important ecosystem that acts as carbon sink under current climate storing large amounts of carbon in standing biomass or as soil organic matter. The formation of organic matter via decomposition of dead biomass and transformation of rhizodeposited organic compounds is primarily mediated by microbial community of forest topsoil. Despite growing insight into the composition of these soil communities, little is known about the microbes actually responsible for those transformation processes, about the drivers shaping these communities or their response to increasing numbers of severe disturbances. Studies presented in this thesis contribute to filling the information. The studies were carried out in unmanaged spruce forests in the highest elevations of Bohemian Forest, in both, the undisturbed areas as well as those affected by bark beetle outbreaks at different time periods. Combination of methods including culturing of fungi, enzymatic activity measurements or high throughput sequencing were used to describe the microbial communities, their distribution in space and time, and factors involved in shaping these communities in those...
The lowest-mortality countries: their specifics and trends of development
Stýblová, Julie ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Kurtinová, Olga (referee)
The lowest-mortality countries: their specifics and trends of development Abstract The main objective of this work is to analyze mortality rates in the countries with the lowest mortality rates in the world between 1990 and 2013 for males and females separately. In order to assess development trends, indicators of life expectancy at birth, probability of death, which served to assess the mortality by age and using one-dimensional decomposition, the contributions of different age groups to the change in life expectancy at birth were determined. For a more detailed analysis, mortality was assessed for selected groups of death causes using standardized mortality rates and the view was complemented by a two-dimensional decomposition, which determined the contributions of age groups and major cause classes to assess how age group and cause of death has contributed to the change in life expectancy at birth. All countries have increased their life expectancy at birth and no signs of slowing are observed. The results show that each country is approaching and there are not too many differences. Selected countries have similar trends in decreasing mortality rates in older age groups and changing the order of the most important causes of death. Key words: Mortality, age and gender, causes of death, life expectancy,...
Study of catalytic decomposition of silica
Štubian, Martin ; Kolíbal, Miroslav (referee) ; Bábor, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with catalytic decomposition of silica using electron microscopy and Auger spectroscopy. The thesis is primarily focused on the Au-Si phase, which is created during in the reaction. In the theoretical part, the principle of used methods is described and recherche on the catalytic decomposition of silica is presented. The practical part contains the results of the measurements and their interpretation.

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